I’m ready –

-for a beer, to get out of town, have some fun, eat a pizza or –

-all of the above.

This week has been a grind simply because I decided to try to go through a beer fast until Saturday and work out every day. I’ve had it with my pants being tight and hearing “oh, you’ve gained the honeymoon weight.” F******ck that. I don’t want to be fat and happy. I want to be thin and happy.

Plus, I work the next two weeks/weekends. My first break is when Charlie and I go see Jason Aldean in Athens, GA mid April. I can’t wait to get out of town and go! Everyone around me is taking vacations and I’m ready for one, too. By the end of May I will be even more ready for one. I’m also ready for some nice weather. It’s been b*tching cold here and I’m so over it! I know I will be taking this back in August but I’m ready for shorts, T-shirt and flip flop weather.

So, ready for all of the above. I know Danielle mentioned the Spartacus workout – I’ve been trying to do that at least twice – three times a week. Here’s a link of one of these workouts in case anyone is interested (This one is a different one than the one I posted previously. I personally haven’t tried this one yet but I’m sure it’s going to kick my @ss.) Also, I’ve always been told it’s 10% physical and 90% diet when it comes to losing weight. Here’s a good place I go to look up healthy recipes. Also, if you happen to check it out also look at their workouts, too. I like to mix it up and never stay on one particular workout regime. I need variety and flexibility or else it gets stale and I get lazy.

That’s all I’ve got for now, peeps. Happy Friday eve!


2 thoughts on “I’m ready –

  1. I found a single page print out somewhere on the net and have that to look off of. Also, if you Google “the spartacus workout” there is a second version from Men’s Health, and another version off Bodybuilding.com. Yeah, I went a little far into it. I like the other workout though because you can mish-mash V1 and V2 during the week.

    Its totally about nutrition. 80/20 balance, I try to stick to low carb/natural eating as much as possible.

    I actually have a post about this coming up, but I downloaded an app called “SecondsPro” and you can program your circuit workout in it with music and rest periods and everything. Its my favorite thing right now!


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