weekend warriors

Well, despite the hellish week of being sick Charlie and I managed to have a great weekend going to the concert in Athens, GA.

Saturday, we left around 3 and made it to the hotel by 4:30. We took the long way there but I hate 316 and going that way. I could only find us a Microtel to stay at since all the other hotels were booked back when I got these tickets last October. We parked and got out of the truck at the same time all these other women who had on dresses and cowboy boots. We found out all too soon that dresses or daisy dukes and cowboy boots seemed to be the thing to wear to a country western music concert.

“Let’s get in there and get checked in before they do.”

There were three people at the desk and all ignored us when we came in. Finally, the woman sitting at the computer finally asked if she could help me. I gave her my last name and handed her a credit card. She checked us in and the man standing next to her handed me our room cards. We headed for the stairs and went up to our second floor suite room. When we got to the room the door was cracked. This didn’t look good. I expected to find a dead body and was disappointed to only find no sheets on the bed, one towel in the bathroom and a hair in the bathtub.

“Honey, call down there and tell them they need to make this room up.”

I did so and the man who had handed us the cards headed up with sheets in his hands. I mean, WTF? Why couldn’t they just give us a room that was already made up? Maybe none of them were. He said he was going to personally make up our room. I was like, “Have at it.” We left and went downstairs and asked the woman to call us a cab. We were headed downtown to have drinks before the show.

We went outside to wait on the cab because all the women from before who were in the parking lot were monopolizing the waiting room area. I hoped that their room wasn’t next to ours. There was a couple standing there waiting for a cab that we chatted up and decided to share with. The two women on the other side of us had also called a cab and when theirs showed we all decided to pile in. It was a party already. The drive to downtown only took about 15 minutes with traffic. Once there we bailed out of the cab paying as we left.

Charlie and I went to follow the first couple who were in the van. They said they were going to a bar called “Sideways” but we lost them and ended up at Walkers. We sat outside with beers watching people walk by. It was definitely hopping for a Saturday afternoon. We finally went in search of Sideways and found it closed. We found our friends next door but the bar was so crowded we went to Bourbon Street. This place was your typical bar where you drink Miller Light by the gallon and have fireball shots. The tables were littered with plastic cups and shot cups. I asked for two drafts and was told that they only served Miller Lite draft in a pitcher. I managed to talk her into single drafts but the next time I came back I ordered PBR tallboys and poured half into Charlie’s cup. We sat on this bench window seat and watched the sea of blondes with daisy dukes and cowboy boots come in.

“Look at her! Her @ss cheek is hanging out and it’s red!”


There was a throng of blondes in the corner with two men who were trying to get somewhere with one of them. They all looked exactly the same. All had the DD’s on, long, straight blonde hair, cowboy boots and slinky sleeveless tops.

“Was that the one with her check hanging out?”

“No hon. – that one had tassels on her shorts.”

“Oh yeah.”

“Hell, they all look the same.”

One already drunk girl dropped her glasses and the lens popped out. She started walking away and I had to chase her down to give it to her.  Finally, we’d had enough and started to do the walk to the stadium. If I’d have known that there would be no alcohol there then I would have at least snuck in a flask. As it was there was no way they were able to check every boot before letting people in. It was a sea of people. More people that I’d seen in one place since the Cher concert I went to in ’02 (the last tour, I mean, the very last tour, no this is it, no shitting we’re done after this tour). We got to our seat as Jake Owen was playing.  The sun was setting behind the stage so it was like being in an interrogation. Name, rank, serial number, I mean it was brutal. By the time he finished it had gone down behind the stage and there was a collective sigh of relief.

Luke Bryan came out and gave a really great show. Very upbeat, we stood through most of the show and clapped along with the music. Then, when he was done we sat for 45 minutes before the main headliner came out. I was tired and wanted to either drink or go to bed. It was going on 10 o’clock. Finally, he came out. The first four songs were popular upbeat ones then he went into some slow ones. He did “Night Train” off of his new album and I leaned over and told Charlie it should have been named Sleeper Car. He started to sing “Don’t you wanna stay” ,and they brought Kelly Carkson in for a virtual duet which, was really cool then Ludacris on stage to sing “Dirt Road Anthem.” When he hit the last song and went off stage to wait for an encore Charlie and I decided to lit out. We had to beat 60,000 people to the bar for drinks. I texted my friends Stacy and Nicki and we headed to Trapeze.

Once there we shoved into a circular booth and ordered craft beers and caught up. I hadn’t seen Stacy since we both worked for the awful man together. We drank beers and then Stacy took Charlie and I next door to Highwire Lounge that served whiskey. We ordered some to share and this wonderful drink called Pims. After that we all decided to go to the 80’s bar down the street. By then, two of Nicki’s friends had joined us and we all walked the block to the bar together. Inside it was packed with drunk people dancing to Footloose. I felt like we should have been in a barn with balloons swirling around. We made our way to the bar and Nicki shouted that she needed to go to the restroom and that she’d be right back. While she was gone some guy grabbed Stacy for a dance and then bought her a drink and a shot. Charlie and I were dancing near the edge of the dancefloor and we both got grabbed by one guy to dance. We shut the place down and staggered out to the street.

“I haven’t been touched by so many strangers in my life.”

We headed across the street to Stacy’s car and went to Waffle House. Both Charlie and I hadn’t eaten since noon that day and were starved. Afterwards, they dropped us off at our hotel at 3:30 and we went straight to bed not caring whether there were sheets on the bed or not. (there were but we were still left with one towel) The next morning Charlie and I headed out for home after taking showers and sharing our towel. The dogs were glad to see us but hadn’t been alone long as the sitter had just left. We spent the rest of the day sipping whiskey and ginger ale sitting in the carport and listening to the rain.









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