jazz ritz

I all the time sometimes don’t know what to write until I open a blank document and start writing. So, I’ve been thinking about writing a post all day after writing several official letters for the grand po-ba to sign. That’s what I do – I draft letters for very important people on the matters of real estate or property. I’d really not a bad gig but it could pay a lot more.

I no more recovered from my near death experience last week that landed me in the ER when my allergies hit big time (the pollen has been off the charts here) and I spent the first part of the week sneezing my head off and being a huge snot bag. Instead of waking Charlie and the dogs up in the middle of the night heaving I was coughing. Great. I even called the doctor and made and appointment to come in. I was tired of feeling like dog doo-doo and wanted to sleep through the night for a change. (I think Charlie and the dogs felt the same).

Finally, this morning I woke up and had slept the night through (for the most part) and felt better (Mucinex DM is a godsend!). This is April and supposedly jazz but we have yet to go because the last two Thursdays the weather has been bad. So, today is a nice, sunny day, short wearing weather and we’re going. I already ran to the store at lunch and got stuff to nosh on. After I get home and let the dogs out we’re going to ride up to The Growler and pick out a growler. (They love going there because the owner lets them come into the store) Then, once Charlie’s home we’re heading out to jazz. The dogs know about it, too, and have already requested Ritz crackers.


“Did someone say Ritz?”


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