monday chex mix

This past weekend, Charlie and I had some friends down to visit. They rolled in around 2:30 on Saturday.  We went out and shot pool and  another friend joined us. Later, we all ended up back at the house for a cookout and late night party. It’s been awhile since I stayed up that late. (well, healthily stayed up not coughing or retching). Sunday, Charlie made breakfast of eggs, bacon and biscuts and they took off after that. My sister was coming in that night for a week long class and weekend visit. We  ran around the house cleaning up, doing laundry and getting the guest room ready for her and after that we decided to go out and to the range and shoot the new pistol I got on Saturday. (I wasn’t going to bring up to my sister I’d purchased one and didn’t want to wait a week in order to shoot it.)

Later, it was pouring rain and we decided to just lay around and watch movies until my sister rolled in. So, that was our weekend in a nutshell. The poor dogs didn’t really get to do much because of the rain. One of these days they’ll get to go to the park again…..perhaps we’ll take them to the dog park tonight and let them run around if the weather ever looks up.

Both Charlie and I are taking Friday off to do something with my sis. Her class gets out on Thursday so we’ll have Friday and the weekend to do stuff. We already have plans to go out to eat, of course. I know the weather is supposed to get stupid again but I’m hoping that the 30% chance won’t go anywhere.


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