friday shorts

This is kind of a post on snippets since I don’t really have any one particular thing I want to focus on. “Let’s call it Friday afternoon shorts”.

Last Thursday I took Charlie out dancing at Country Bar. I haven’t been there in probably over a year. I remember the last time I was there I was smoking – or at least trying not to. I can’t believe how I don’t even have a craving for it now and I can’t believe the same ol’ women are still going there hoping to hook up with someone. I think I mentioned before that there are two types of people who go to Country Bar and they are the dancers and the posers. The dancers show up to do just that –DANCE. The posers show up in their flippy-floppies, high heels and POSE. Some of them are “femmy” who most times are straight and are out “slumming it” with their girlfriends or being fag hags hanging with their boys. The other bunch of posers are just looking at the dancers hoping to hook up. Despite being a less familiar face in there my favorite bartender still plunked a Corona on the bar with a lime in it for me. He has never forgotten me and for that I always get all my drinks from him instead of Sheila the mean-tempered dyke at the end of the bar. Several heads turned when Charlie and I walked in – especially, after we kissed. We were having fun that night and she’d never been there before. It was the first night of our vacation and we were celebrating. I was thankful this time I had a ring on my finger from her. (And, I’m sure if it wasn’t there people would have hit on her or asked her to dance.) We danced some slow songs together – I haven’t really worked with her on fast two-stepping although, I did teach her a waltz the other day.

I read a lot of blogs. I read a lot in general and appreciate every one of you that I have linked on the side —-. I’m always looking for new blogs, too. Sometimes I will pull up my Reader on WordPress and click on a theme. Some of the themes may be gay or lesbian. I’m always exhausted when I see certain things come up. Like for the words “gay or lesbian” I get a lot of pictures of naked people, heavy sex topics, porn even and/or topics such as gay marriage, this athlete came out, and gays in the boy scouts, or equality for everyone. I realize that these topics are very important, however, being a gay person I feel like I’ve been hit over the head with activist-like topics for years. And, if I read one more blog about someone’s coming out story I will DIE! Seriously, straight people don’t write about when they realized they were STRAIGHT. Whether a person is straight or gay I want to read about what’s going on with them. Their daily stuff. Not “I won this (100 various) blogger award and now I’m going to list 100 things about me starting off with my favorite color and link 10 other blogs I like. Seriously, what’s with the lists? I want to know how your job’s going, did you get into an argument with anyone recently and why. I want to know the little things that make you tick – like me – licorice bears and coke cherry 0 are making me very happy right now. I’m thinking about my night with Charlie and that’s also making me happy. I’m not happy with my job right now and I am praying hard for a new one. I wanna know that kind of sh*t, you know? If anyone has any favorite blogs they want to recommend then please comment with a link.

As I said, I’m looking for a new job. It’s just that everything at my current would be fabulous if a. I made more money (no possibility for a raise – EVER) and b. my boss would go away. Far, far away. It’s not that he’s a mean guy – it’s quite the opposite. He trying to be everyone’s best friend and I don’t want him as a best friend. Plus, he talks non-stop all day long and I can’t concentrate. He also says outrageous things. He never shuts up and it’s hard to work. I often times feel like I’m going crazy listening to him all day and sometimes I even have headphones in with no music going so he will leave me alone. I’ve been applying to jobs. I am hoping and praying something comes up. I figure if Goddess wants me to do this particular job then she will find a way for me to stay here. So, it’s really in her hands.

Mid-June I’m taking Charlie to her first baseball game. I’m looking forward to that as well as going to see Augusten Burroughs lecture next week at SCAD. When I went to the SCAD site to see if I could buy tickets in advance I saw that he gave a one-day writing workshop early May. Had I known about that I would have killed to have gone. Charlie and I are making it a date night and going down to hear the lecture and then a late dinner in midtown somewhere.

I’m [of course] working this weekend. It’s supposed to be nice until Sunday and then rain. I realized that Season 7 Dexter is out on Amazon and downloaded the whole season onto my Kindle. I can’t wait to watch it! I also downloaded book three “Best Kept Secret” by Jeffery Archer.

Well, I’m out of shorts – have a great weekend everyone!



After working non-stop for the past month I took last Thursday through Monday off from work. Charlie and I had a bunch of things on our list of things to do but first, we had to do a major landscape clean up for our friends Val and Sean up the street. They [unfortunately] are moving to New Mexico and were putting their house on the market. They promised us their stainless steel refrigerator if we overhauled their front and back yard.

So, Thursday Charlie and I were up at the crack of dawn going to Lowe’s to load up pinestraw. After dropping it off at the boys house we went home and loaded up equipment. We worked all morning and I finally needed a lunch break before I fell out. We went home for a quick lunch and then back.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Because I was wondering how much more weed-eating and clipping you were going to do.”

I was getting impatient. We had been at it all day and my mouth was watering for a beer. We finally finished up – not without getting poked in the head, arm and @ss by their cactus’s up front and headed to the pizza joint in the neighborhood. It reminded me of another time we went there. Even drinking our cold beers I knew our work wasn’t over. Because the next day we somehow had to find a way to get the refrigerator home. We ended up renting a refridgerator dolly and pushing it all the way home from their house. It was crazy, I know. (Sean had put a video up on FB of us moving it up the street but I can’t figure out how to embed the thing in this post so you’ll just have to use your imaginations.) I seriously thought one of us was going to be crushed in the process of getting it home. Especially, when we were on the hill and Charlie was pulling on one end and I was pushing on the other.

We got it home and called Cindy for reinforcement. She came over and coached us as we moved the old fridge out of the house and the new one in. (we had to take the sliders off to get it into the house). Once it was inside we plugged it in and……….nothing. This was the part that I thought Charlie would have a meltdown. Cindy handed her a beer and told her to go outside and relax. She was holding her own beer like she didn’t know what to do with it and I reached over and screwed the cap off and said, “I know it’s out of your realm but it’s a screw off.”

We could hear Charlie moving things around outside. Never one to sit still that girl. Finally, the fridge kicked on and things started to cool off. Afterwards, we decided to go out and meet up with some friends. We ended up at the Growler up the street trying beers and meeting K & K. They had this woman, Laura whose-last-name-is-a-synonym-to-dry (how appropriate), in tow who I had met one time through Ellen who I thought was the biggest curmudgeon.

“Do me the biggest favor.”


“Can you and Charlie come over to Laura Dry’s house to hang out and drink a beer and then we’ll leave and go out to dinner.”

“Oh my Goddess, Cindy – NO! She’s the biggest drag ever!”

Just then Laura took a sip of one of the beers we were tasting and said, “Whatever that is I won’t drink it.” Like we were forcing cough syrup on her or something.

“See what I mean?”

“Come one. Please? One drink.”

“It can’t hurt to go, hon.”

“Well, if Charlie’s ok with it then ‘sure’.”

So, we headed to Dry’s house. We all pulled up at the same time and walked in. Dry led us into the kitchen and K & K promptly got out beer steins and started pouring. I pondered why two cool girls like them were friends with Dry. It was mystifying. I took at beer from Cindy and we all went out on the deck. It was nice out there. The house was stuffy and immaculately clean. I immediately thought of an ex I dated who kept her house that way and how in the two years we dated I had never done #2 in her bathroom.

Out the deck, we all chatted for awhile and then K & K & Dry went downstairs to watch Star Trek while Charlie, Cindy and I remained on the deck drinking and talking. At one point Dry stuck her head out and announced, “There will be no leaving the door open here because I have an old cat that cannot be let out.”

I had no idea where this came from because one of us was only going back in to pour more beer and we hadn’t propped the door open. I felt like I was in Kindergarten being told not to eat my crayon.

“Wow, is she always like that?”

“She’s just wound a little tight.”

We ended up hanging out until the movie was over and going out to dinner with K & K. Dry, thankfully, bagged out of dinner.

The next day we took the dogs to the river for a hike and then a romp in the water.


Afterwards, we got ready to go out to see our friend, Hannah, play. We had decided to take the train down and walk to the park from the station. It turned into a fiasco at 5-points station. I swear we were standing in front of the Northbound train sign but when we got on the train took us south. Before I realized it we were at West End. We got off and waited for a northbound train. We waited, we waited and waited.

“It would have been quicker to just drive.”

The train finally came and we got on and went north to Midtown and got off. I immediately got turned around and started walking the wrong way until I realized it and turned us around to head in the correct direction of the park. It was then I realized that the jazz festival was still going on in the park and there were a sea of people walking the pace of wounded elephants, elephants with broken legs, even, on the sidewalk going in the same direction as we.

“We’re never going to get there now!”

Both Charlie and I jumped off the curb and started running alongside the cars waiting at the stop light. We had to do this all the way to Park Tavern, too. Once we breezed in we headed for the bathroom. Waiting in line we saw Hannah.

“Hey, did we miss you?”

“No, I go on at 9.”

“Thank Goddess. Ok, I’m going to get drinks.” Kissing Charlie and leaving her to contend with the bathroom line.

We ran into Mick and Naomi and ended up sitting at their table. They are getting married in a few weeks and we heard all about the ceremony and their plans.  It seemed like just yesterday they got engaged) Both Charlie and I wished we could go but it just wasn’t feasible. Hannah took the stage and started to play when Charlie saw on her FB that Bird was at a bar up the road because she couldn’t find parking at the park. I made a comment, “sucks for you.” I was glad. I hadn’t really seen her and her jerkoff sidekick since this time and wasn’t looking forward to it.

The next day, Charlie and I threw together a cookout for a few friends. Paulette and TC (who I teach motorcycle classes with) came by along with Opie, Cindy and both Ellen and Louise.  We hadn’t had any kind of party since this time so it was good people showed up.



under my skin…..

I read A’s post and decided to do that same:

It’s the little things that annoy me the most. Including:

Mass work emails that do not involve me nor do I know the people involved. Example: PROMOTION CEREMONY FOR LT COL JOHN HANCOCK (UNCLASSIFIED)

Dripping salad dressing down my shirt – and, it stains too. So much for the low cal oil and vinegar dressing… least you can get ranch out.

Getting into the shower at the gym and realizing that I forgot my brush. Yes, if Kurt Cobain had a twin sister I’d look like her right now.

Let’s pause for a Little Teen Spirit, shall we?

Ah, that’s better. Where were we?

My boss texting me at 9:00 last night asking if I will come in at 6:30 a.m. to help him set up his class and having to run out today and buy more cokes for his class. The class that’s putting him up in a 5-star hotel and getting a federal per diem. Yeah, I really hate him right now and I will find some way to throw him and Noel under the bus without it coming back on me. Let’s pause for another message:


Women in the gym locker room. Just that -that they’re even in there. I want a woman-free locker room when I go to shower. I hate changing in front of strangers.

Paying a fee for every gun I rent on the firing range. It should be one fee to shoot many guns.

The lack of ammo because of all the political craziness. (And, NOTHING passed so all of that B.S. was for nothing anyway.) And, as far as I’m concerned they can have the law against sub-machine guns (AR 15’s, etc) just let me have my pistols and ammo to put in it.

Like A said, the alarm clock. I hate to hear that beeping in the morning. I hate even more getting up. I got up earlier this morning because of boss but I wanted to run on the trails this a.m. and feeling that cool morning air while I was running was worth it.

The cleaning people having to come in to my office twice a day to dump trash and sweep. I know they’re just trying to do their job but why does it have to be twice a day?

People who are late, take forever to put their gear on or in general I have to wait on.

People who have to keep commenting on EVERYTHING my gf puts on FB.

Sometimes just FB in general. Like Danielle said, people who are constantly posting pictures of tropical places [and I wish Charlie and I were there]. People who whine “I’m so broke.” And the next day post a picture of their new car, gun, them in front of a palm tree, on a m-f*ng boat, straddling a motorcycle, showing off a new watch, a piece of jewelry or being seen checking into a 5-star restaurant.

“I’m so broke I’m ordering the prime rib!”

Let’s pause for a Hank Moody moment…..

-and, that goes out to one of my friends who STILL sends me emails asking what I did last weekend and says, “I had so much fun – a huge group of us were at [restaurant in Decatur] having drinks [when Charlie and I so happened to be right next door] on Sunday. Never an invitation but that’s ok. I will never invite them anywhere again.

People who constantly come in asking where the people who sit around me are. “I don’t f*cking know!!!!” is what I really want to say.

Commercials on You Tube.

I need vacation. And, it will be this with Charlie:

working and off the grid

I apologize that I’ve been off the grid lately. Some of you have made comments that I wanted to get back to you about, etc. I’ve been working so much lately. Right after that last weekend class I went into teaching a weekday class with buddy K. It was thankfully a good class. I hate to say it – all guys that knew how to ride pretty well, low maintenance (no crying or taking two years to put on ponytail band or gloves) and easy. Just easy. I wish they could all be like that. K kept telling me to slow down a little because we only had 7 riders and I wanted to fly through it. Normally, when I work a weekend class the schedule is very hectic. It’s like bam, bam, bam or ooops, we’re behind. A weekday class is like “We have 3 days to stretch this thing out, people!”

“We have to run this until at least 3:30.”


I didn’t relish the rush hour traffic on the way home both evenings but I loved getting out of class Thursday morning and being able to ride my motorcycle on traffic-free highways on the way home. I’ve missed riding. I had the Triumph fired up and running great. Charlie had washed it and polished it for me the other night along with the Ducati. My mistake when I got home was to f*ck mess around with it. We had recently powder coated the manifold and it has a loose nut that needed to be tightened but we didn’t have the tool to do it. I got frustrated with it then I had to take Sadie to the vet to get her yearly shots and checkup. Since both dogs cannot be separated I took both of them with me. When I got there it was pure pandemonium. It looked like a very bad day for some animals and the vets were slammed. The waiting room was packed full and here came a lady with a white kitten in a carrier. I felt a pang – both of my former cats were white. Sadie remembered, too, because she started to whine.

I sang, “There’s a kitty-kat.” She whined some more. “No, we can’t take a kitty-kat home today.” More whining. Before I could stop them both dogs put their noses up to the carrier and the kitten scratched them (minor just enough to scare the be-jesus out of them). They both jumped back like they’d been shocked. We laughed. After that both the dogs sat on the scale next to the bench I was on and didn’t move.

We didn’t get into a room until an hour after the appointment and didn’t get out of there for another hour. By the time we left my mouth was watering for a beer. I was supposed to meet Opie for a drink but she called to say that dogs were no longer allowed on the patio due to the Health Department visiting. I freaking HATE that. In Europe dogs can go everywhere. I think they should be here. So, I went home and pulled on a pair of shorts, slid into some flip flops and plopped down and cracked a beer. When Charlie came home we went out to eat nachos and have margs. It was a lovely night! (thank you, baby!)

I’m teaching again this weekend. I see it as being tough already. I’m working with a guy who is a pain-in-the-@ss and we have a full roster. However, he tends to fly through things and is Mr. Schedule so I won’t have to worry about him lagging behind. I just have to get through this weekend, three days of work at my regular job next week and I’m FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE! We’re both taking off Thursday through Monday and plan on just relaxing and making it a continuous date. We’re also thinking of taking the dogs somewhere to hike. Perhaps Amicalola Falls State Park. I can’t recall ever going there and Charlie’s wanted to go.



the little train that could….


-get through this week.

Last week I went out of town on a work trip and drove straight back on Friday and right in to a motorcycle class. Friday night I didn’t get home until almost 10:00. I will never do that again, plus, I am so over my boss right now I don’t want to hear a word that comes out of his mouth for at least a week. Which, I won’t because I took off vacation this week – to go teach another class. This time I get to work with K which, I hope won’t be too bad. I mean, I hope the class isn’t too bad.

Last weekend I had a class of young people and I felt like I was the motorcycle mother saying “If you can’t get your gear on in time of our 10 minute break then leave it on.” and, “Don’t disapear forever on our breaks. If I have to come FIND you then you know I won’t be happy.” MY. GAWD. They don’t pay me enough for this. Then, I had a 65 year old woman in the class with her son. She followed me around all weekend and started long conversations. I knew she was trouble when she walked in and started talking about motorcycle crashes. I wanted to say, “Lady, I’m not here to hear gore, ok? I’m here to teach.” and by the end of the weekend I knew she had no business on a motorcycle and was a danger to herself and others. But, what was scary was that she didn’t. She thought she was the perfect rider. Oh, well it took her 30 feet to stop on the “quick stop” but that’s no big deal is it? I mean, she stopped, right? She was surprised when I told her she didn’t pass the skill evaluation. Shocked, even. Again, I thought, MY. GAWD.what-planet-you-living-on-lady?

I came home Saturday after class and Charlie had a Mother’s Day gift for me from the dogs. It was two Growlers and a Stone Brewing Company T-shirt.
(I not only collect beers to drink but also beer t-shirts, signs, costers, anything beer, really) It was thoughtful and what I needed after that day. B y Sunday I was worn out and practically racing through the course wrap-up so I could get out the door. This morning, I came in to work at the regular job and had to listen to my boss go on and on about stuff. I put my headphones on. I have learned that I can only take him in small doses and going away on a trip with him just about put me over the edge. I was so p*ssed at him by the time we got back – but, that’s another story. I pulled out my leave request form for this week. I was taking off Tues – Thurs to teach the midweek. I scribbled out Thurs and marked Friday. There, I was going to take the whole week off and Friday sleep in, spend the day with the dogs and go in to teach later in the afternoon. Rested.

After this weekend I will be off for Memorial Day weekend. Charlie and I originally was going up to NC to camp but we both decided to stay around home and save $$ (maybe I can get that much needed brake job) and do little things like take the dogs out to Sweetwater creek for the day or the ‘hootch. I’m sure we’ll figure out something to do. I’m also going to apply for jobs. Because I’m so over my regular job these days. I either want my boss to get a better job and go away or I want to go away. I want to make more money and have a shorter commute. (I’m sure like everyone out there) Today, when I drove in the gate I saw a boat over in the parking lot. It was almost like someone saying, Ha, ha look at me – I have a boat. 

I want a boat.

Both the big bosses have boats – in fact, they are parked next to each other in slips at a lake just an hour from the office. I see one of the bosses with his cooler in the back of his ’13 Ford putting ice in it and know he’s heading to the lake for a long weekend on the water. I want that to be us. I want us to have a boat. Or at least a camper. Maybe it’s just this month of May – I was off two weekends before and my sister was here. I was sooooo over her by the time she left. I called our step mother for mother’s day and to commiserate, Yeah, she complains about food all the time. We laughed.

I apologize if this post is so random. I’m just writing about things that come to mind. I decided that I may go up to Indy in August for a motorcycle training thing. Originally, I thought I could go stay with her or my cousin (although, I cannot even imagine trying to get either of my motorcycles up his 1/2 mile gravel driveway) but I’m going to play that by ear. I may not tell any of them and stay with one of my instructor buddies who’s going and party. But, I want to do a long motorcycle trip. Last year I was envious of another instructor telling me about riding the Bourbon trail on the way to the last one. I want to see if he’s going again this year and see if we can do that – but, we’ll be stuffing bourbon in our saddlebags until we get to Inday. There’s also the GP races at the track that I’ve been told is worth seeing. So, we’ll see. I figure why the hell not? I know for a fact the woman I taught with last weekend is going, her boyfriend and Pete.

Anyway, that’s all I got. How was your weekend/week?

mother’s day loathing

Sigh –

One of my most loathed holidays is coming up – mother’s day (although, if the dogs go buy me a growler for Mother’s day then maybe it won’t be so bad).

I hate how every commercial on the radio harps on mother’s day. See my mother has been passed since ’99. My father remarried almost a year to date after she died. While I don’t despise my STEP mother I don’t really think of her as my mother, as my REAL mother. I just think of her as a fill-in to take care of my father. Who’s a tyrant doesn’t deserve her. (I often feel sorry for her but it was her stupid decision to marry him)

One of the first mother’s days that occurred after she died I didn’t send my step mother a card. She got all upset about it.

Too bad, I thought. You’re not my mother don’t expect me to acknowledge this holiday.

Years later I have come to grips with it. In fact, Charlie mailed out the card I got for her. (Thank you, baby!) I can count on one hand how many years I’ve mailed her a mother’s day card. When I call home (because no one from there will think to call me) I always call her cell phone because I know she will be the one who will answer. I only want to talk to her because I can’t stand listening to my father go on and on about these three topics:

1. The last time he had to pass a kidney stone (which, seems to occur every three months)

2. Fixing the combine (he’s a farmer) or depending on what time of year it is –

3. Fixing the planter, disk, cultivator, some junk tractor, etc.

My grandmother before she died had dementia. At least she asked questions and let you talk. (I made it interesting and changed the answers each time) but my father just talks on and on. I can lay the phone down and go do a load of laundry and he will keep talking. And, he’s the reason I wish they made Father’s day cards with a sarcastic slant. Like “You were a crappy father and thank you for staying out of my life” or “Live each day as if it were your last day of freedom because I will put you in a nursing home.”

Gosh, I could think of a million of them. But, this post is about Mother’s day. I could say something like “Hug your mother hard because at least you’ve got one.” But, maybe some people out there feel the same way about their mother as I do about my father. Maybe I will say this: “If you got ‘em and love ‘em then celebrate.” If not – then go have a drink.

I will.

the monday blahs

I’ve had my sister in town for the last 7 days and like our usual visits I was counting the hours by the end. She was here to take a facilitation class which, I found hilarious considering all she ever does is tell people what to do in the first place. I was completely saturated by the topic of fences and front door colors by the end that I wanted to scream. Thankfully, Charlie loves the topic of home improvement so she was a lovely distraction (Always is).

We went to see Iron Man III. I didn’t really want to see it – I saw II and thought all Robert Downy Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow did was argue and I found it so annoying. (They didn’t argue as much in this one but I still think she’s a c*nt.) It also proved to be a nice distraction from talking about home improvements. I texted Charlie that I was ooooover it before getting up to get a 24 oz Red Stripe to split with her (I did grudgingly give my sister a small cup of it). I love that movie theater because you can buy beer and I needed one. (I’m sure my sister also thought I was an alcoholic the time she was here. I’m going to try to be good this week.)

Fortunately, after she left on Sunday the weather cleared up (we’ve been having rain in biblical amounts) and we were able to take the dogs to the park. Afterwards, we had drinks on the patio of the gay bar near the park and then took them home and went out for Cinco de Mayo. So, the weekend wasn’t a total loss.

The next three weeks are going to be crazy. I have to go out of town for work this week and the moment I get back I have to teach a class. Next week I’m taking time off from my regular gig to teach another class and will roll right into another weekend of teaching. It’s a very busy time of year for me teaching-wise.

I’ve been itching to do something – like a hobby. I need a hobby. I was exploring screenwriting classes. Recently, at work I’ve had to push some documents through to get permission for a film company to film a movie on one of our sites. They initially sent over the script and I got to read it. I thought the format and length were interesting. It was only 89 pages and they didn’t really tie up everything in a nice, neat bow like you have to writing a novel. After reading it I thought, “Hell, I could do this.”  Other hobbies include guitar lessons (I’ve wanted to do that for so long but I can’t seem to find any that are cost effective) and shooting (I’ve recently purchased a handgun that I’d like to get to know better but I know this is an expensive hobby as well.)

I’m really bored with work right now. It seems like I do the same things over and over again. The film was the only interesting thing lately I’ve been working on. I’m still job hunting but positions in the field I’m applying for are not out there at the moment. There were tons last fall and over the winter (that I applied for) but now nothing. The county positions I’ve applied for are trickling in with emails of they found me qualified and have forwarded my app to the hiring department but that doesn’t mean d*ck. So, I’m a little disgruntled with my career right now. I’m really tired of having to work my part time job all the time in order to make ends meet. I’m tired of seeing FB updates of all these tropical places my friends are able to go to and we’re not. I know I’m venting here and I should be happy that I have a job but I’m getting worn down by it. Yeah, I’m sick and tired of people complaining that they’re broke and next thing you know there’s a picture of their new car on FB or them in front of some palm tree. Shut up about it, will ya? I want to unfriend them. Really, I do.

So, that’s my venting. Thanks for listening. I have to think that after working nonstop for the next two months that I will have some money in my pocket and maybe a job interview. I put in for work to send me to real estate school (since I’m doing practically all their real estate transactions and I’m not even a licensed agent) I hope they send me. If they reject it them I’m going to be really p*ssed. But, I think it will be a go. Keep your fingers crossed.

Anyway, that’s my Monday. Hope yours is good!

should I stay or should I go now? No, you need to go

There’s been a lot going on drama-wise. Nothing that Charlie and I can’t handle but I just wish people would mind their own business. Plus, they don’t realize that Karma has a funny way of coming back around and biting them in the @ss and when it happens it will be all their doing. Certain people just have an immense amount of jealousy over other people’s happiness. I feel sure that Charlie and I will have people in our lives who are supposed to be in our lives and that the rest will just fade away.

It’s funny how when you’re going through both good and bad times you find out who your friends really are. Why is that, anyway? I mean, if you’re just chugging along and things are so-so just getting by then it seems to be on an even keel. But, when you go over that mid-level either way then things happen. I guess people sense emotions – good or bad and have a reaction to it.

I think about the friends I lost when I was unemployed and going through a hard time. I also gained and maintained friendships during that time.  Some clang to me in my misery because they were miserable too. Others have gone off into the distance in times of great happiness. I believe friends come and go with the tides of the ocean. People walk into your life for a reason and you either grow with them or they go away.

My sister’s in town visiting and she occasionally asks about friends of mine she knows. I say, “Oh, I haven’t seen them in awhile but I think they’re down to 5 dogs now.” My friend’s who, no joke, used to have 12 dogs. I said, “It’s hard to do things with other people during the week because of my work schedule and the weekends are just as impossible. I either work or we want to take the dogs out to the park and spend the day together.”

Friends who hang out are ones we usually bump in to doing our usual things [Dog Park, Favorite Joint(s), etc.] Other’s we make a definite plan with the come down and stay with us, like, C and G. Regardless I feel that things are the way they are supposed to be. People will either grow or they will go away. There’s a few I want to grow with us but others –

-yeah, I just want them to go away. Namely ex’s. They can go far, far away – like up on Saturn.