should I stay or should I go now? No, you need to go

There’s been a lot going on drama-wise. Nothing that Charlie and I can’t handle but I just wish people would mind their own business. Plus, they don’t realize that Karma has a funny way of coming back around and biting them in the @ss and when it happens it will be all their doing. Certain people just have an immense amount of jealousy over other people’s happiness. I feel sure that Charlie and I will have people in our lives who are supposed to be in our lives and that the rest will just fade away.

It’s funny how when you’re going through both good and bad times you find out who your friends really are. Why is that, anyway? I mean, if you’re just chugging along and things are so-so just getting by then it seems to be on an even keel. But, when you go over that mid-level either way then things happen. I guess people sense emotions – good or bad and have a reaction to it.

I think about the friends I lost when I was unemployed and going through a hard time. I also gained and maintained friendships during that time.  Some clang to me in my misery because they were miserable too. Others have gone off into the distance in times of great happiness. I believe friends come and go with the tides of the ocean. People walk into your life for a reason and you either grow with them or they go away.

My sister’s in town visiting and she occasionally asks about friends of mine she knows. I say, “Oh, I haven’t seen them in awhile but I think they’re down to 5 dogs now.” My friend’s who, no joke, used to have 12 dogs. I said, “It’s hard to do things with other people during the week because of my work schedule and the weekends are just as impossible. I either work or we want to take the dogs out to the park and spend the day together.”

Friends who hang out are ones we usually bump in to doing our usual things [Dog Park, Favorite Joint(s), etc.] Other’s we make a definite plan with the come down and stay with us, like, C and G. Regardless I feel that things are the way they are supposed to be. People will either grow or they will go away. There’s a few I want to grow with us but others –

-yeah, I just want them to go away. Namely ex’s. They can go far, far away – like up on Saturn.





One thought on “should I stay or should I go now? No, you need to go

  1. I have to agree with the mid level thing. I know that I am guilty of pulling back a bit when a friend goes too up or down. Down because I don’t want to br brought down, and up because sometimes it just makes me jealous. If I want to wallow, I tend to do it alone, and not bring friends into it, same when I’m up now that I think about it.

    Friendship is a two way street, and a lot of people don’t seem to think so, which really bothers me. Those that don’t want to put in the effort, forget them.


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