the monday blahs

I’ve had my sister in town for the last 7 days and like our usual visits I was counting the hours by the end. She was here to take a facilitation class which, I found hilarious considering all she ever does is tell people what to do in the first place. I was completely saturated by the topic of fences and front door colors by the end that I wanted to scream. Thankfully, Charlie loves the topic of home improvement so she was a lovely distraction (Always is).

We went to see Iron Man III. I didn’t really want to see it – I saw II and thought all Robert Downy Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow did was argue and I found it so annoying. (They didn’t argue as much in this one but I still think she’s a c*nt.) It also proved to be a nice distraction from talking about home improvements. I texted Charlie that I was ooooover it before getting up to get a 24 oz Red Stripe to split with her (I did grudgingly give my sister a small cup of it). I love that movie theater because you can buy beer and I needed one. (I’m sure my sister also thought I was an alcoholic the time she was here. I’m going to try to be good this week.)

Fortunately, after she left on Sunday the weather cleared up (we’ve been having rain in biblical amounts) and we were able to take the dogs to the park. Afterwards, we had drinks on the patio of the gay bar near the park and then took them home and went out for Cinco de Mayo. So, the weekend wasn’t a total loss.

The next three weeks are going to be crazy. I have to go out of town for work this week and the moment I get back I have to teach a class. Next week I’m taking time off from my regular gig to teach another class and will roll right into another weekend of teaching. It’s a very busy time of year for me teaching-wise.

I’ve been itching to do something – like a hobby. I need a hobby. I was exploring screenwriting classes. Recently, at work I’ve had to push some documents through to get permission for a film company to film a movie on one of our sites. They initially sent over the script and I got to read it. I thought the format and length were interesting. It was only 89 pages and they didn’t really tie up everything in a nice, neat bow like you have to writing a novel. After reading it I thought, “Hell, I could do this.”  Other hobbies include guitar lessons (I’ve wanted to do that for so long but I can’t seem to find any that are cost effective) and shooting (I’ve recently purchased a handgun that I’d like to get to know better but I know this is an expensive hobby as well.)

I’m really bored with work right now. It seems like I do the same things over and over again. The film was the only interesting thing lately I’ve been working on. I’m still job hunting but positions in the field I’m applying for are not out there at the moment. There were tons last fall and over the winter (that I applied for) but now nothing. The county positions I’ve applied for are trickling in with emails of they found me qualified and have forwarded my app to the hiring department but that doesn’t mean d*ck. So, I’m a little disgruntled with my career right now. I’m really tired of having to work my part time job all the time in order to make ends meet. I’m tired of seeing FB updates of all these tropical places my friends are able to go to and we’re not. I know I’m venting here and I should be happy that I have a job but I’m getting worn down by it. Yeah, I’m sick and tired of people complaining that they’re broke and next thing you know there’s a picture of their new car on FB or them in front of some palm tree. Shut up about it, will ya? I want to unfriend them. Really, I do.

So, that’s my venting. Thanks for listening. I have to think that after working nonstop for the next two months that I will have some money in my pocket and maybe a job interview. I put in for work to send me to real estate school (since I’m doing practically all their real estate transactions and I’m not even a licensed agent) I hope they send me. If they reject it them I’m going to be really p*ssed. But, I think it will be a go. Keep your fingers crossed.

Anyway, that’s my Monday. Hope yours is good!


One thought on “the monday blahs

  1. I love my family, but week long trips really wane on me.

    County jobs take forever to get, out here the turn around time is something like 6-9 months. But once you got it, you got it. So there’s the upside.

    I so hear you on the Facebook thing!! Ugh, how the F are these people affording to take vacations?! A good friend of mine just went to Hawaii for a week and my brother just bought a new car. Oh well, I guess the fact that I don’t have a massive car debt should keep me happy.

    I don’t really care for Paltrow either. I have no idea why she was People’s most beautiful woman alive (perhaps Iron Man exec’s paid for it as Iron Man promotion or something?)


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