the little train that could….


-get through this week.

Last week I went out of town on a work trip and drove straight back on Friday and right in to a motorcycle class. Friday night I didn’t get home until almost 10:00. I will never do that again, plus, I am so over my boss right now I don’t want to hear a word that comes out of his mouth for at least a week. Which, I won’t because I took off vacation this week – to go teach another class. This time I get to work with K which, I hope won’t be too bad. I mean, I hope the class isn’t too bad.

Last weekend I had a class of young people and I felt like I was the motorcycle mother saying “If you can’t get your gear on in time of our 10 minute break then leave it on.” and, “Don’t disapear forever on our breaks. If I have to come FIND you then you know I won’t be happy.” MY. GAWD. They don’t pay me enough for this. Then, I had a 65 year old woman in the class with her son. She followed me around all weekend and started long conversations. I knew she was trouble when she walked in and started talking about motorcycle crashes. I wanted to say, “Lady, I’m not here to hear gore, ok? I’m here to teach.” and by the end of the weekend I knew she had no business on a motorcycle and was a danger to herself and others. But, what was scary was that she didn’t. She thought she was the perfect rider. Oh, well it took her 30 feet to stop on the “quick stop” but that’s no big deal is it? I mean, she stopped, right? She was surprised when I told her she didn’t pass the skill evaluation. Shocked, even. Again, I thought, MY. GAWD.what-planet-you-living-on-lady?

I came home Saturday after class and Charlie had a Mother’s Day gift for me from the dogs. It was two Growlers and a Stone Brewing Company T-shirt.
(I not only collect beers to drink but also beer t-shirts, signs, costers, anything beer, really) It was thoughtful and what I needed after that day. B y Sunday I was worn out and practically racing through the course wrap-up so I could get out the door. This morning, I came in to work at the regular job and had to listen to my boss go on and on about stuff. I put my headphones on. I have learned that I can only take him in small doses and going away on a trip with him just about put me over the edge. I was so p*ssed at him by the time we got back – but, that’s another story. I pulled out my leave request form for this week. I was taking off Tues – Thurs to teach the midweek. I scribbled out Thurs and marked Friday. There, I was going to take the whole week off and Friday sleep in, spend the day with the dogs and go in to teach later in the afternoon. Rested.

After this weekend I will be off for Memorial Day weekend. Charlie and I originally was going up to NC to camp but we both decided to stay around home and save $$ (maybe I can get that much needed brake job) and do little things like take the dogs out to Sweetwater creek for the day or the ‘hootch. I’m sure we’ll figure out something to do. I’m also going to apply for jobs. Because I’m so over my regular job these days. I either want my boss to get a better job and go away or I want to go away. I want to make more money and have a shorter commute. (I’m sure like everyone out there) Today, when I drove in the gate I saw a boat over in the parking lot. It was almost like someone saying, Ha, ha look at me – I have a boat. 

I want a boat.

Both the big bosses have boats – in fact, they are parked next to each other in slips at a lake just an hour from the office. I see one of the bosses with his cooler in the back of his ’13 Ford putting ice in it and know he’s heading to the lake for a long weekend on the water. I want that to be us. I want us to have a boat. Or at least a camper. Maybe it’s just this month of May – I was off two weekends before and my sister was here. I was sooooo over her by the time she left. I called our step mother for mother’s day and to commiserate, Yeah, she complains about food all the time. We laughed.

I apologize if this post is so random. I’m just writing about things that come to mind. I decided that I may go up to Indy in August for a motorcycle training thing. Originally, I thought I could go stay with her or my cousin (although, I cannot even imagine trying to get either of my motorcycles up his 1/2 mile gravel driveway) but I’m going to play that by ear. I may not tell any of them and stay with one of my instructor buddies who’s going and party. But, I want to do a long motorcycle trip. Last year I was envious of another instructor telling me about riding the Bourbon trail on the way to the last one. I want to see if he’s going again this year and see if we can do that – but, we’ll be stuffing bourbon in our saddlebags until we get to Inday. There’s also the GP races at the track that I’ve been told is worth seeing. So, we’ll see. I figure why the hell not? I know for a fact the woman I taught with last weekend is going, her boyfriend and Pete.

Anyway, that’s all I got. How was your weekend/week?


One thought on “the little train that could….

  1. I just wanna say that you remind me of a health version of my ex-partner… The motorcycles, the boats, being over the day job. It’s nice because she doesn’t talk to me much because she is still in love with me, so I really enjoy reading your blog and hearing all the good parts of her in you. Cheers to you and Charlie!


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