working and off the grid

I apologize that I’ve been off the grid lately. Some of you have made comments that I wanted to get back to you about, etc. I’ve been working so much lately. Right after that last weekend class I went into teaching a weekday class with buddy K. It was thankfully a good class. I hate to say it – all guys that knew how to ride pretty well, low maintenance (no crying or taking two years to put on ponytail band or gloves) and easy. Just easy. I wish they could all be like that. K kept telling me to slow down a little because we only had 7 riders and I wanted to fly through it. Normally, when I work a weekend class the schedule is very hectic. It’s like bam, bam, bam or ooops, we’re behind. A weekday class is like “We have 3 days to stretch this thing out, people!”

“We have to run this until at least 3:30.”


I didn’t relish the rush hour traffic on the way home both evenings but I loved getting out of class Thursday morning and being able to ride my motorcycle on traffic-free highways on the way home. I’ve missed riding. I had the Triumph fired up and running great. Charlie had washed it and polished it for me the other night along with the Ducati. My mistake when I got home was to f*ck mess around with it. We had recently powder coated the manifold and it has a loose nut that needed to be tightened but we didn’t have the tool to do it. I got frustrated with it then I had to take Sadie to the vet to get her yearly shots and checkup. Since both dogs cannot be separated I took both of them with me. When I got there it was pure pandemonium. It looked like a very bad day for some animals and the vets were slammed. The waiting room was packed full and here came a lady with a white kitten in a carrier. I felt a pang – both of my former cats were white. Sadie remembered, too, because she started to whine.

I sang, “There’s a kitty-kat.” She whined some more. “No, we can’t take a kitty-kat home today.” More whining. Before I could stop them both dogs put their noses up to the carrier and the kitten scratched them (minor just enough to scare the be-jesus out of them). They both jumped back like they’d been shocked. We laughed. After that both the dogs sat on the scale next to the bench I was on and didn’t move.

We didn’t get into a room until an hour after the appointment and didn’t get out of there for another hour. By the time we left my mouth was watering for a beer. I was supposed to meet Opie for a drink but she called to say that dogs were no longer allowed on the patio due to the Health Department visiting. I freaking HATE that. In Europe dogs can go everywhere. I think they should be here. So, I went home and pulled on a pair of shorts, slid into some flip flops and plopped down and cracked a beer. When Charlie came home we went out to eat nachos and have margs. It was a lovely night! (thank you, baby!)

I’m teaching again this weekend. I see it as being tough already. I’m working with a guy who is a pain-in-the-@ss and we have a full roster. However, he tends to fly through things and is Mr. Schedule so I won’t have to worry about him lagging behind. I just have to get through this weekend, three days of work at my regular job next week and I’m FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE! We’re both taking off Thursday through Monday and plan on just relaxing and making it a continuous date. We’re also thinking of taking the dogs somewhere to hike. Perhaps Amicalola Falls State Park. I can’t recall ever going there and Charlie’s wanted to go.




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