under my skin…..

I read A’s post and decided to do that same:

It’s the little things that annoy me the most. Including:

Mass work emails that do not involve me nor do I know the people involved. Example: PROMOTION CEREMONY FOR LT COL JOHN HANCOCK (UNCLASSIFIED)

Dripping salad dressing down my shirt – and, it stains too. So much for the low cal oil and vinegar dressing…..at least you can get ranch out.

Getting into the shower at the gym and realizing that I forgot my brush. Yes, if Kurt Cobain had a twin sister I’d look like her right now.

Let’s pause for a Little Teen Spirit, shall we?

Ah, that’s better. Where were we?

My boss texting me at 9:00 last night asking if I will come in at 6:30 a.m. to help him set up his class and having to run out today and buy more cokes for his class. The class that’s putting him up in a 5-star hotel and getting a federal per diem. Yeah, I really hate him right now and I will find some way to throw him and Noel under the bus without it coming back on me. Let’s pause for another message:


Women in the gym locker room. Just that -that they’re even in there. I want a woman-free locker room when I go to shower. I hate changing in front of strangers.

Paying a fee for every gun I rent on the firing range. It should be one fee to shoot many guns.

The lack of ammo because of all the political craziness. (And, NOTHING passed so all of that B.S. was for nothing anyway.) And, as far as I’m concerned they can have the law against sub-machine guns (AR 15’s, etc) just let me have my pistols and ammo to put in it.

Like A said, the alarm clock. I hate to hear that beeping in the morning. I hate even more getting up. I got up earlier this morning because of boss but I wanted to run on the trails this a.m. and feeling that cool morning air while I was running was worth it.

The cleaning people having to come in to my office twice a day to dump trash and sweep. I know they’re just trying to do their job but why does it have to be twice a day?

People who are late, take forever to put their gear on or in general I have to wait on.

People who have to keep commenting on EVERYTHING my gf puts on FB.

Sometimes just FB in general. Like Danielle said, people who are constantly posting pictures of tropical places [and I wish Charlie and I were there]. People who whine “I’m so broke.” And the next day post a picture of their new car, gun, them in front of a palm tree, on a m-f*ng boat, straddling a motorcycle, showing off a new watch, a piece of jewelry or being seen checking into a 5-star restaurant.

“I’m so broke I’m ordering the prime rib!”

Let’s pause for a Hank Moody moment…..

-and, that goes out to one of my friends who STILL sends me emails asking what I did last weekend and says, “I had so much fun – a huge group of us were at [restaurant in Decatur] having drinks [when Charlie and I so happened to be right next door] on Sunday. Never an invitation but that’s ok. I will never invite them anywhere again.

People who constantly come in asking where the people who sit around me are. “I don’t f*cking know!!!!” is what I really want to say.

Commercials on You Tube.

I need vacation. One.more.day. And, it will be this with Charlie:


One thought on “under my skin…..

  1. Ooh, its so tempting to do a post like this, but I think I would end up writing a book!!

    The Facebook thing gets me! I stopped checking it for a while, but then I got pulled in with a certain “group” I “liked” and was participating in, and it got its evil claws in me again! I seriously don’t know how all these people are taking vacations, as if the economy isn’t in the toilet. Even worse, some of these people work retail, when I’m supposed to have a “good job” with the feds!

    Then again, maybe these people are the ones on assistance when the going gets rough, but that’s a whole other rant.


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