After working non-stop for the past month I took last Thursday through Monday off from work. Charlie and I had a bunch of things on our list of things to do but first, we had to do a major landscape clean up for our friends Val and Sean up the street. They [unfortunately] are moving to New Mexico and were putting their house on the market. They promised us their stainless steel refrigerator if we overhauled their front and back yard.

So, Thursday Charlie and I were up at the crack of dawn going to Lowe’s to load up pinestraw. After dropping it off at the boys house we went home and loaded up equipment. We worked all morning and I finally needed a lunch break before I fell out. We went home for a quick lunch and then back.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Because I was wondering how much more weed-eating and clipping you were going to do.”

I was getting impatient. We had been at it all day and my mouth was watering for a beer. We finally finished up – not without getting poked in the head, arm and @ss by their cactus’s up front and headed to the pizza joint in the neighborhood. It reminded me of another time we went there. Even drinking our cold beers I knew our work wasn’t over. Because the next day we somehow had to find a way to get the refrigerator home. We ended up renting a refridgerator dolly and pushing it all the way home from their house. It was crazy, I know. (Sean had put a video up on FB of us moving it up the street but I can’t figure out how to embed the thing in this post so you’ll just have to use your imaginations.) I seriously thought one of us was going to be crushed in the process of getting it home. Especially, when we were on the hill and Charlie was pulling on one end and I was pushing on the other.

We got it home and called Cindy for reinforcement. She came over and coached us as we moved the old fridge out of the house and the new one in. (we had to take the sliders off to get it into the house). Once it was inside we plugged it in and……….nothing. This was the part that I thought Charlie would have a meltdown. Cindy handed her a beer and told her to go outside and relax. She was holding her own beer like she didn’t know what to do with it and I reached over and screwed the cap off and said, “I know it’s out of your realm but it’s a screw off.”

We could hear Charlie moving things around outside. Never one to sit still that girl. Finally, the fridge kicked on and things started to cool off. Afterwards, we decided to go out and meet up with some friends. We ended up at the Growler up the street trying beers and meeting K & K. They had this woman, Laura whose-last-name-is-a-synonym-to-dry (how appropriate), in tow who I had met one time through Ellen who I thought was the biggest curmudgeon.

“Do me the biggest favor.”


“Can you and Charlie come over to Laura Dry’s house to hang out and drink a beer and then we’ll leave and go out to dinner.”

“Oh my Goddess, Cindy – NO! She’s the biggest drag ever!”

Just then Laura took a sip of one of the beers we were tasting and said, “Whatever that is I won’t drink it.” Like we were forcing cough syrup on her or something.

“See what I mean?”

“Come one. Please? One drink.”

“It can’t hurt to go, hon.”

“Well, if Charlie’s ok with it then ‘sure’.”

So, we headed to Dry’s house. We all pulled up at the same time and walked in. Dry led us into the kitchen and K & K promptly got out beer steins and started pouring. I pondered why two cool girls like them were friends with Dry. It was mystifying. I took at beer from Cindy and we all went out on the deck. It was nice out there. The house was stuffy and immaculately clean. I immediately thought of an ex I dated who kept her house that way and how in the two years we dated I had never done #2 in her bathroom.

Out the deck, we all chatted for awhile and then K & K & Dry went downstairs to watch Star Trek while Charlie, Cindy and I remained on the deck drinking and talking. At one point Dry stuck her head out and announced, “There will be no leaving the door open here because I have an old cat that cannot be let out.”

I had no idea where this came from because one of us was only going back in to pour more beer and we hadn’t propped the door open. I felt like I was in Kindergarten being told not to eat my crayon.

“Wow, is she always like that?”

“She’s just wound a little tight.”

We ended up hanging out until the movie was over and going out to dinner with K & K. Dry, thankfully, bagged out of dinner.

The next day we took the dogs to the river for a hike and then a romp in the water.


Afterwards, we got ready to go out to see our friend, Hannah, play. We had decided to take the train down and walk to the park from the station. It turned into a fiasco at 5-points station. I swear we were standing in front of the Northbound train sign but when we got on the train took us south. Before I realized it we were at West End. We got off and waited for a northbound train. We waited, we waited and waited.

“It would have been quicker to just drive.”

The train finally came and we got on and went north to Midtown and got off. I immediately got turned around and started walking the wrong way until I realized it and turned us around to head in the correct direction of the park. It was then I realized that the jazz festival was still going on in the park and there were a sea of people walking the pace of wounded elephants, elephants with broken legs, even, on the sidewalk going in the same direction as we.

“We’re never going to get there now!”

Both Charlie and I jumped off the curb and started running alongside the cars waiting at the stop light. We had to do this all the way to Park Tavern, too. Once we breezed in we headed for the bathroom. Waiting in line we saw Hannah.

“Hey, did we miss you?”

“No, I go on at 9.”

“Thank Goddess. Ok, I’m going to get drinks.” Kissing Charlie and leaving her to contend with the bathroom line.

We ran into Mick and Naomi and ended up sitting at their table. They are getting married in a few weeks and we heard all about the ceremony and their plans.  It seemed like just yesterday they got engaged) Both Charlie and I wished we could go but it just wasn’t feasible. Hannah took the stage and started to play when Charlie saw on her FB that Bird was at a bar up the road because she couldn’t find parking at the park. I made a comment, “sucks for you.” I was glad. I hadn’t really seen her and her jerkoff sidekick since this time and wasn’t looking forward to it.

The next day, Charlie and I threw together a cookout for a few friends. Paulette and TC (who I teach motorcycle classes with) came by along with Opie, Cindy and both Ellen and Louise.  We hadn’t had any kind of party since this time so it was good people showed up.




One thought on “stay-ca

  1. Sounds like a good weekend, and a new stainless fridge! I would much rather trade hard work than money for things like that! At least its a good story than “well, we went to Sears and…”

    Great pic of the dogs!


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