friday shorts

This is kind of a post on snippets since I don’t really have any one particular thing I want to focus on. “Let’s call it Friday afternoon shorts”.

Last Thursday I took Charlie out dancing at Country Bar. I haven’t been there in probably over a year. I remember the last time I was there I was smoking – or at least trying not to. I can’t believe how I don’t even have a craving for it now and I can’t believe the same ol’ women are still going there hoping to hook up with someone. I think I mentioned before that there are two types of people who go to Country Bar and they are the dancers and the posers. The dancers show up to do just that –DANCE. The posers show up in their flippy-floppies, high heels and POSE. Some of them are “femmy” who most times are straight and are out “slumming it” with their girlfriends or being fag hags hanging with their boys. The other bunch of posers are just looking at the dancers hoping to hook up. Despite being a less familiar face in there my favorite bartender still plunked a Corona on the bar with a lime in it for me. He has never forgotten me and for that I always get all my drinks from him instead of Sheila the mean-tempered dyke at the end of the bar. Several heads turned when Charlie and I walked in – especially, after we kissed. We were having fun that night and she’d never been there before. It was the first night of our vacation and we were celebrating. I was thankful this time I had a ring on my finger from her. (And, I’m sure if it wasn’t there people would have hit on her or asked her to dance.) We danced some slow songs together – I haven’t really worked with her on fast two-stepping although, I did teach her a waltz the other day.

I read a lot of blogs. I read a lot in general and appreciate every one of you that I have linked on the side —-. I’m always looking for new blogs, too. Sometimes I will pull up my Reader on WordPress and click on a theme. Some of the themes may be gay or lesbian. I’m always exhausted when I see certain things come up. Like for the words “gay or lesbian” I get a lot of pictures of naked people, heavy sex topics, porn even and/or topics such as gay marriage, this athlete came out, and gays in the boy scouts, or equality for everyone. I realize that these topics are very important, however, being a gay person I feel like I’ve been hit over the head with activist-like topics for years. And, if I read one more blog about someone’s coming out story I will DIE! Seriously, straight people don’t write about when they realized they were STRAIGHT. Whether a person is straight or gay I want to read about what’s going on with them. Their daily stuff. Not “I won this (100 various) blogger award and now I’m going to list 100 things about me starting off with my favorite color and link 10 other blogs I like. Seriously, what’s with the lists? I want to know how your job’s going, did you get into an argument with anyone recently and why. I want to know the little things that make you tick – like me – licorice bears and coke cherry 0 are making me very happy right now. I’m thinking about my night with Charlie and that’s also making me happy. I’m not happy with my job right now and I am praying hard for a new one. I wanna know that kind of sh*t, you know? If anyone has any favorite blogs they want to recommend then please comment with a link.

As I said, I’m looking for a new job. It’s just that everything at my current would be fabulous if a. I made more money (no possibility for a raise – EVER) and b. my boss would go away. Far, far away. It’s not that he’s a mean guy – it’s quite the opposite. He trying to be everyone’s best friend and I don’t want him as a best friend. Plus, he talks non-stop all day long and I can’t concentrate. He also says outrageous things. He never shuts up and it’s hard to work. I often times feel like I’m going crazy listening to him all day and sometimes I even have headphones in with no music going so he will leave me alone. I’ve been applying to jobs. I am hoping and praying something comes up. I figure if Goddess wants me to do this particular job then she will find a way for me to stay here. So, it’s really in her hands.

Mid-June I’m taking Charlie to her first baseball game. I’m looking forward to that as well as going to see Augusten Burroughs lecture next week at SCAD. When I went to the SCAD site to see if I could buy tickets in advance I saw that he gave a one-day writing workshop early May. Had I known about that I would have killed to have gone. Charlie and I are making it a date night and going down to hear the lecture and then a late dinner in midtown somewhere.

I’m [of course] working this weekend. It’s supposed to be nice until Sunday and then rain. I realized that Season 7 Dexter is out on Amazon and downloaded the whole season onto my Kindle. I can’t wait to watch it! I also downloaded book three “Best Kept Secret” by Jeffery Archer.

Well, I’m out of shorts – have a great weekend everyone!


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