friday shorts

TGIF – even though I work this weekend but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel since I’m off next weekend.

Some good news is that today our friend, Cathy had some good news from the doctor. Charlie just called to tell me that. We all have our fingers crossed that she’s going to continue to do well and be on the mend.

Some news of the weird is remember Slimy? (If not I invite you to go read) It’s been almost two years since our one initial, only and last date. I remember right after we went out she friended me on FB but when I realized she was a freak  not dating material I put her on “restricted” on my FB. (Although, even restricting anyone I still think they see the same damn thing everyone else does) So, I eventually unfriended. This was probably over a year ago. So, this week I get an email from Pinterest saying she she’s now following me. All I could think  was stalker!  I went on there and blocked her. I mean, am I wrong here? It just seems weird to me that suddenly after almost two years she starts following me on another social network. Weird.

Speaking of restricted and then unfriend I unfriended my boss on FB. I’m starting to really separate him from my personal life. Although, he doesn’t seem to separate anyone else from his because we have to hear about it all the time. I’m so sick of it. I’ve applied to many jobs this week and am still hoping things shake loose on that end.

It seems that the tomato vines that Charlie planted are growing like two feet a day. Soon we’re going to have fresh tomatoes.

Charlie and I went to see Augusten Burroughs talk about his latest book; This is How. I was both excited to meet him and surprised when I did that he was not exactly as I imagined him. Photos of himself he looks like such a “butch” looking guy but his voice is slightly effeminate. But, I certainly wasn’t disappointed. His lecture me laugh and think about some things. One of the things he mentioned about his book is this: If anyone out there has been hurt by someone and is waiting for some kind of closure, apology, or even acknowledgment of their wrong doing then stop waiting. You don’t have to have any of that to move on. Create something beautiful out of the tragedy and move on. It was so insightful, I thought. It made me want to read every bit of his book. After his talk, Charlie and I raced to the table that was selling them and she bought me a copy and then got in line to have him sign it for me. We even had a picture taken together and I was so nervous – even as much as when I had my pic taken with Karin Slaughter. So, that was the highlight of the week! I met a famous person. Well, famous in my book.

Last night Charlie and I went on a double date with Paulette and TC to the shooting range. We’re still doing a break-in of the pistol we bought. Paulette just bought a really nice .380 that we shot and Charlie’s in love with. Afterwards, we went out to our fav pub on the corner for dinner and talked to a really nice bartender and went home and watched the latest season of Dexter – anyone out there watching it right now? We’re only 5 episodes in but I’m curious what your take is on it? (Comments welcome but no spoilers)

Well, that’s all I’ve got this Friday afternoon. Have a great weekend and I will catch you next week!








One thought on “friday shorts

  1. I’m a huge Augusten Burroughs fan, but I have to admit that I didn’t much like this book. I got about half way through and thought to myself that I’m just not advanced enough emotionally because I kept thinking, “I can’t be that saintly, I just can’t.”

    And thank you for your hints about navigating the Atlanta airport. I am still pissed off at Bing (who booked out flights) who only gave me a 47 min layover. She said, “It was either that or a five hour one.” I would have rather had the five hour one! This way, I’m running. With a suitcase. And a big purse. And a book. I’m just a weakling, I do know this.


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