dot, dot, dot

Well, I had a fairly good class this past weekend. Looking at the roster at the beginning I wasn’t too sure. We had a bunch of older gentlemen (one being 72) who despite surprising me with their abilities to pick up riding in just a short weekend they were probably the most directionally challenged people I’d ever had in a class. I wondered how they navigated their cars to the grocery store but maybe their wives did that.

Saturday night Charlie and I went out to our favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant. Both our favorite bartender and server were working and after awhile we texted Opie and she came out and joined us. It ended up being a wild night – I won’t tell you what the next morning was like when I woke up but I downed a 5 hour energy shot while straggling in to work. Paulette was working the other range and said, “So, you get into the tequila last night?”

“Oh my Goddess, yes.”

But, we’d been really good lately and had stayed in most nights making dinner. We both decided we need to cut back on the alcohol during the week and exercise more. I’m hoping to run the Peachtree Road race on the 4th and really need to train.  But – the weekend wasn’t over just yet. That night when I got home from work we texted Cindy to see if she wanted to join us for a drink. Cindy kept going back and forth, back and forth. We were like “Come on, already!” and she finally met up with us in Lil’ 5 points. We were at Front Page news sitting on the covered patio by the bar. It was an overcast night and we could feel the cool breeze coming in. We were laughing about crazy texts – why do some people put “…” after everything? I was reading and saying “dot, dot, dot” and the women at the next table were even laughing.

“I just had to say you are cracking me up.” The woman said.

“Oh yeah, she’s very funny. She’s a writer and is always coming up with stuff like this.” Charlie

“Well, it’s funny as sh*t.”

We had drinks and then walked down to the Wrecking Bar. This place is owned by a woman I used to do bootcamp with and I’d never been there. Walking in, I took in the stone walls in the basement of this huge mansion. The bartender was a bit rude when we first sat down. We had asked if they had any flights and how many beers came on it and he replied six. Cindy said oh most of the beers on the menu then.

“No, there’s ten.” He replied, walking away and not taking our order.

 I sighed – I’m so weary of rude men. I have to work with two of them during the week and I’m just so over it. I almost suggested that we leave.

“Well, that wasn’t a good start.” Cindy

“I know – that guy’s being a d*ck.” Me

Finally, another guy came over to wait on us. He had a gravelly voice and was helpful and nice. The other guy, Brian, must have told him he couldn’t deal with the three old lesbians and sent him over. We finally decided on a stout, amber and pilsner and I got an IPA after I finished an awesome amber. I totally recommend this place to try their specialty brews – just don’t sit in Brian’s area.

Cindy was talking about her ex – one of the K’s from K&K who we hung out with a few weeks ago when we went to Dry’s house.

“They never invite me anywhere. I know of two instances they all went somewhere together and never invited me. I found out from [name of a stupid flower] – who got invited to go as well.” Cindy

I knew who [stupid flower] was from a past relationship (when I dated B for you Fruit on the Bottom readers) and couldn’t stand her. Like Dry she’s a crotchety old woman.

“You know – I just do not get that. Why they want to hang out with them?”  [I mean, really – Stupid Flower and Dry – what a combo]

“I don’t know but I’m so over hearing about all these parties or things they’ve done with other people and I was never invited.”

“Gosh – I know exactly what you mean. That’s what I went through with Alana and I finally said, ‘F-it’. Me

“Yeah, Lanie always tried to get together with her and I met her and she seemed nice at first then I started to see a pattern where she’d only text Lanie when her gf was out of town, she was bored and wanted to meet up at the joint for a beer. “ Charlie

Alana had just texted me an hour earlier when we were up the street saying she was at the joint trying to watch the Braves game and they didn’t have sports south. I had read it, looked up at the TV above the bar and saw the score was 8-0, Braves. I almost texted it back to her and then thought, “Nah, she’s not worth the time it takes to text that.”

I’m done with trying to figure out why people do the things they do – chose to spend time with people that don’t seem very nice, be rude to some obviously new customers or just don’t invite, reply, email, fb message, call or text anymore. I’m done carrying the ball alone. I kicked it off to the other team and if they don’t catch it and run with it then game over. Which, reminds me – I had an Atlanta Falcon in my class this past weekend who didn’t show up for class on Saturday -must be nice to be able to burn $250 on a whim. The dirty bird flew the coop.



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