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This photo was taken shortly after Charlie moved to Atlanta from Florida. I added the black stripes up at the top to symbolize Equality. Yesterday, was a big day with the Supreme Court ruling. Yeah, it’s a step forward but still it doesn’t affect Charlie and me because we live in a State that doesn’t allow same-sex marriage. (We’re still going to elope to New York City and get married) But, I’m looking on the bright side of things – things are changing. Change is good. We’re both happy that this came about right before our official one-year anniversary. Yep, one year and how it flew on by!

On another note, we’ve been cooking a lot lately. We practically eat spinach on everything and the amount of raw veggies that we consume in a week is pretty good. (I would hope the veggies would offset the beer consumption but we’re working on that) Some of the staples I constantly try to keep in the fridge are the following:

Red and Green peppers

Fresh jalapeno


Spinach – a sea of it

Red Onions

Limes – bags of them

Fresh Garlic

Spinach and Sun dried tomato wraps

In the cabinet I like to keep cans of sweet corn, black beans, garbonzo beans, kidney beans and cannellini beans. These all go very well on salads as well as this bean salad we like to make:

Mexican Bean Salad

We make a batch of this salad weekly to put in veggie wraps, on top of a spinach salad and just to eat by itself. It’s a refreshing summer salad. I don’t use quite that amount of olive oil it calls for – I cut the oil in half and add just 1/4 cup instead of the 1/2 cup.

Charlie planted three tomato vines and they are going gonzo crazy producing right now. I’ve been making fresh Pico de Gallo every day since they have been growing. Some of the tomatoes fell off the vine while they were still green so I’m going to try to make this Baked Green Tomato recipe. 

Right now I’m thawing chicken for the grill tonight. One of the things we’ve been doing is making up our own marinade with stale beer. (I know it’s shocking that we would have stale beer) We had this growler we didn’t drink all the way down and the lady at the growler place said to take old beer and make marinade out of it. I think the beer was a stout (think the dark beers would be the best for marinade) I took the leftover beer and poured some of it in a ziplock bag with the chicken and added a touch of vinegar and BBQ sauce. Oh my – it was good!

These are some of my top favorite things right now. Fresh tomatoes you just can’t beat. In the summertime all I want to eat are salads. Next week, Charlie’s son and daughters-in-law are coming up and staying through the 4th. We’re going to throw a pork butt in the slow cooker, make that bean salad, I make a spicy cold slaw salad (let me know if you want the recipe for that – it’s really killer) and potato salad. I’m running the race while they are hopefully not blowing up the house putting in the new hot water heater.

The week is almost over and on to the weekend! Have a good rest of the week! If anyone out there has their favorite summertime recipes please share!

One thought on “equality & recipes

  1. Happy 1 year baby!! its been an amazing year with you,, and many more to come in our life!! its gone by so fast! I look forward to much more life with you, you are the most loving amazing giving person i know,,i love you so much an could never imagine life without you! je’ taime baby


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