sandal relief & pre-birthday

Wednesday evening I came home from work and was greeted at the door by the dogs. Normally, we have been keeping them relegated to only the livingroom and my back office. For some reason the doors had been left open and they had been freely roaming the house.

Uh oh.

There were black pieces of rubber on the floor. I took a picture of it and sent it to Charlie with a, “I’m not sure what this is but it doesn’t look good”, text.

Upon further investigation I discovered the top portion of her sandal. Even worse the same sandal had been replaced when Bailey had chewed the former pair. (There must be something about these particular pair of sandals that’s she finds delightfully edible). This and the rubber pieces appeared to be the only things left of the sandal.

Let me back up – this was the day of my last rant so you can imagine the type of day I was already having.

My phone rang, it was Charlie. When I picked up she was cursing then asked me where the leather piece was. I told her to let me look around and I would call her back. I did and no, no leather piece meaning that it was probably in her stomach. I was told to watch her closely to see if she passed it.

The dog seemed fine to me. Her and Sadie went outside and played. I fed them and she ate just as robustly as ever. Poor Charlie was almost in tears with worry when she came home.

“She’s going to be ok. Let’s go get some Mexican food.”

(She was fine but pooped out bits of leather for three days)

This kicked off our week of fun (the Mexican restaurant not the sandal poop). We were headed for a three day weekend to celebrate an early birthday for me. Charlie had a slew of plans and surprises for me (even after Tattoo’s rant to her on FB for giving it away). Thursday evening we went shooting with Paulette and TC and afterwards went dancing at Country bar.  TC was celebrating her new job and I was getting started early on the birthday celebration. We danced and let loose. I had never seen my friends so laid back.

Friday night both Charlie and I needed a rest and she was still worried about Bailey so we stayed in and grilled out.

Saturday was Lanie spa day. Charlie colored my hair, plucked my eyebrows and gave me a full body massage and sugar scrub. (I think I fell asleep a couple of times). After that we got up and went to the grocery store to get things for our picnic the next day.

We ended up at Frogs so we could use our free beer coupons we had gotten running the pride race and it so happened that our favorite bartender, Cie, was there. There were two women sitting at the bar waiting on blind dates that they’d met on an online dating site. They were kind of annoying but yet funny in a way – definitely entertaining nonetheless. Cie was asking them about how they met the guys who were supposedly showing up. One girl said she’d been talking to one of the guys on match dot com and that he said he’d bring a friend if she did so she had asked blonde woman to my right to come with her. 

“What time were they supposed to be here?” Cie.

“Two-o’clock.” Brunette who set the date up.

“Girl, that was two hours ago. They probably won’t come now.”

“No, I just texted him and he said he’d just gotten up and needed to get in the shower.”

“He just now got out of bed? I don’t think I’d say that to someone I hadn’t even met yet. In fact, I don’t think I’d be late. Never keep a woman waiting for anything.”

Charlie and I were nodding at this. The guy already sounded like a pig to me.  Cia poured us another beer and we settled in for the wait. Finally, two guys came in and sat down (not even noticing that Charlie and I had moved over quickly to allow them seats). They were both in cargo shorts and t-shirts. Very uneven since both the women were in dresses. One of the guys held up two fingers and said, “Two Bud Lights.” Not even asking the women if they cared for anything.

Cie went around the corner to get the Buds. Only Charlie could see her when she mouthed “Douchebags” with a Bud Light in each hand. We covered our mouths laughing silently. They guys sucked down their Buds in record time and they all got up and left. The minute the door shut behind them we started talking.

“I can’t believe they’re leaving with them. Wonder where they’re going?”

“Looks like they’re heading off to one of the other bars.”

“Nope they’re standing there on the corner. Wait there’s brunette guy with a bottle in his hand leaving.”

We saw him pull around with the car and everyone got in.

“I can’t believe they’re leaving with those guys. I mean, they don’t even know them and they’re getting into a car with them? They could be serial rapists.” Me

“Well, if they’re here next week I will be sure to fill you in. You’re coming back to see me Thursday night, right?”

“We’ll try!”

More birthday stuff to be continued.



trail run with the dogs & meeting Ke$ha


Yesterday, after getting home and letting the dogs out I decided I would take them on a run out to the trail that Ellen and I walked ran last Sunday.

I threw on a pair of running shorts and a coolmax shirt, grabbed my sandals, running shoes, some water and we loaded up. Once we got to the trial head I parked and we got out. It was a hot day and I was looking forward to the shady trail.

I leashed them up and we started on the trial. They immediately took to the run both running beside each other in front. This was the first time I’d taken them on a true trail run and they seemed to enjoy it. We bounded over logs and when we got to muddy patches Bailey would run straight through while Sadie and I would try to find the least- muddiest way around it. The leashes would get tangled in these places and have to be sorted out and then reset into our running positions – both in front and me bounding behind in the back. They got really good at directions like when we came to a wooden ramp I said, “Up the ramp” and they bounded up that. When we came to another patch of mud I said, “Left.” Some logs we could either go over or under and I shouted which and they did. At one point I felt a little like we were all on an agility course together.

After the first couple of miles we slowed down a bit and jogged. We got to a point where it was a paved road and walked a bit. It was sunnier here than on the muddy trail. At one point we circled around and I tried to keep us on the paved road because of the muddy trail and that’s when we got lost – really lost. I took us back on a trail into the woods hoping that would lead us back. We got to a suspension bridge. I decided that we’d cross it to see if we could get out on the other side. By this point we’d gone at least three miles if not four. We started across the bridge and Sadie dug her nails in. She hates water, along with anything that goes over water. I tugged her along. “Come on Sadie, let’s go.”

Poor thing, it was one of those suspension ones that sag a bit in the middle with your weight and swing back and forth -the worst bridge of a kind to drag a scared dog across. She walked it and I kept saying, “You’re doing good, keep going, don’t look down.” while Bailey was like, “Oh, this is FUN!” and bounded ahead pulling us all across it rapidly. Maybe that was the way to go. We finally got to the other side (it was a long bridge) and started on this trail that left us behind the Veteran’s Hospital. We turned back and went back to the bridge. I paused wondering if I should push our luck and make Sadie go over it again. Then, I saw this couple walking towards me. The woman looked like Ke$ha and was wearing a bikini top and shortie-shorts and a guy in board shorts that matched the cup he was drinking out of.  I wondered why people would be wandering around in the swampy, mosquito infested woods in beachwear when they could be at some pool somewhere.

“ scuse me, if I take this trail back will I get anywhere near Hahn Park off Houston Mill Road?”

“Oh, yeah well I think you’ll get back to the highway that way. If you go that way you’ll come to a pipe that you’ll have to cross that’s about a foot above the ground and after that I think you’ll come to a road.”

“What happens if I cross the bridge again? Will I get to the same place?”

“I think so – I mean, I’ve only been down here a few times, I’m a grad student and he’s here just visiting so he doesn’t know.” gesturing to the guy who seemed to be a mute.

The girl didn’t seem like the grad school type, although, what did I know. I wondered if she’d been out there a few times with other boys…..or professors.

I was about ready to chance the bridge again because I didn’t want to get more lost but just then a very large lady on the other side shouted “Is this bridge safe?”

I wanted to shout back, “Probably not.” Ok, I don’t want to deal with this.

“Hey, thanks.” I said to Ke$ha and started down the trail we were on. I could almost hear Sadie sigh in relief that she didn’t have go on the bridge again. “Don’t get too comfortable, Sadie, we have to walk over a pipe.”

Ironically, Ke$ha came on my ipod just then and I sang and whistled along:

  ….Ke$ha don’t give two f*cks
I cam to start the ruckus
And ya wanna party with us
Cause we crazy m-therf-ck-rs

We jogged it down the path because she said it was “about a mile to the highway.” I still didn’t know what the hale she meant by highway. I hoped we weren’t near I-85 or else we’d never get home. We finally came to the pipe and I laughed. It was about 10 feet long about 3 feet above a stream.

Great, how are we going to get over this?

As you know, one dog loves water and the other loathes it. So, of course, Bailey goes right into the stream and Sadie pauses and considers the pipe that I’m already half way across. She starts after me across, somehow passes me on the pipe and just when I was going to reach down and shove her little butt the rest of the way across she looks down at Bailey in the stream, realizes that she’s on a pipe and proceeds to fall off of it into the river beside Bailey. I was cracking up. She surfaced and had this sour look on her face.

I realized then that I wasn’t going to get her on that pipe again. I waded into the river with them and directed Bailey to jump the bank to the other side but Sadie wasn’t tall enough to make it and it was steep so I picked her up and shoved her butt up it and then clawed my way up after them. We were all wet and muddy at that point -so much for trying to keep my running shoes clean. We started on the trail and did come out to what Ke$ha called the highway which, was the road we took to the park and the park entrance was right across the street. I sighed with relief and we ran across to the car.

“I’m home, where are you guys?” text from Charlie.

“Just came out of the woods heading home.”

I put Ke$ha on in the car for us and we started home.

Hello, wherever you are
Are you dancing on the dance floor or drinking by the bar?
Tonight we do it big, and shine like stars
We don’t give a fuck cause that’s just who we are
And we are, we are we are, we are we are
The crazy kids, them crazy, them crazy kids
And we are, we are we are, we are we are
The crazy kids, we are the
We are the crazy people

a plan

Charlie got up at 2:30 a.m. and started home. She got here around 10:30 so she made great time. It will be good to have her home. The dogs and I have been lonely without her. I’m sure they were hippin’ and a hoppin’ all over the place when she walked in. The past few evenings I’ve just hung with them and watched Netflix. I could have gone out and seen a friend but there was no one I really wanted to see. (I know that sounds bad.) I could have called Alana up and asked if she wanted to go to the joint and have a beer but I have vowed that I’m not going to do that anymore. The only time she ever asks me to go have a beer is when her gf is out of town – which, the past couple of times I’ve turned her down.

I’ve ridden to work the past few days. It’s a lot more interesting riding in to work then driving. The daily commute is about 50 miles round trip so it gets to be a drag driving all the time. (It’s also a drag filling the truck up.) After the big let down last week it hasn’t stopped me from continuing to apply to other opportunities. I told my sister that an interview in this market is like playing penny slots. You’re not losing much by going, you’re probably not going to win anything but if you do it will be a wonderful surprise. That’s how I’m going to look at it for now on.

At my job I have reached out to another department that needs help and I am hoping that I’ll get permission to help them soon. I think I’m going to go crazy if I can’t do this. I told my immediate – which, even though we work well together and she understands my predicament she really does need to grow a pair – that if I can’t help during regular hours that I will on my own time just to gain experience. I have to find some way to progress. The good news is that BAB is going to be out of the office staring on Thursday until August 4 and the entire months of Sept and Oct (I know, what kind of job allows the boss to be gone for that long?- but I’m not complaining)

“….but, after that I have nothing going on for a long time.” He said.

I have to be gone before you get back, I thought.

That’s how over this place I am.

I remember the good ol’ days when I first got hired and was allowed to do the job I was hired to do and traveled. I went to Dallas and Denver – two places I’d never been to before. I got to talk to all kinds of professionals in my field and hang out. Now, nothing – both travel and budget cuts and I’m doing a completely different job that is about as appealing as cleaning toilets. That’s exactly what it’s like – you get hired to do this really cool job you applied for and think you’re going to do it and next thing you know they hand you a toilet brush and say, “Oh, the maintenance person who does this quit and we need you to fill in.”

I know what you’re saying, too. You’re saying, Talk to BAB about it. He’s your boss.

I have – until I’m blue in the face. All he’s focused on is his mission and making himself look good. He doesn’t care about me or anyone else on his team. He is a typical man. So I have to find some way to work around this – which, I am. I am hoping that all this will get figured out while he is gone. He will come back and find me doing what I was originally hired to do, maybe even in another department -or gone.

That’s my plan. Not this one:




weekend in a [small] nutshell – like a pine nut…

I was off this past weekend but it was mostly uneventful.

As you know, last week was kind of a b*tch and bummer all wrapped up into one. [I also forgot to tell y’all that my sister’s dog passed] When Charlie got home from work on Thursday we sat in the carport drinking beers the chicken staying warm on the grill we’d turned off. Opie had decided to come over at the last minute and sit with us and talk. That night we ate salads at 9 and tried to get through Game of Thrones. (I had to watch the first episode again sober and I’m still not following all that well – please tell me this picks up…)

The next day I called in sick and stayed in with the dogs. Charlie had gotten up at 3 a.m. to get ready to make the long drive down to Florida. It was just me and the dogs that weekend. I went for a hot late morning run and that night I did run up to the favorite Mexican place in the neighborhood for a beer and some nachos. I had waited for a huge storm to move through before going.

The next day, I got up and walked the dogs and then Ellen came over and picked me up to go run a 4 mile race that we’d signed up to do. (That race put me at logging 20 miles that week.) Afterwards I ran to the store to pick up some things for the dinner party I was having that night. Cindy and her dad and Ellen and Louise were coming over. That afternoon, I made all the food and threw them into the fridge and everyone showed up around 7 that night.

Yesterday, Ellen came back over to pick me up to go do a trail run. The soft mud felt good on my aching joints from all the running I’d been doing. Charlie says she’s learning all this new stuff in her massage continuing ed class that she wants to try out on me – I say, “Ok, baby!”

That evening it was so beautiful it was almost surreal. There was a cool breeze and hardly anyone at the lake. I wondered if we were the only ones there. Charlie had called a few times. She was having fun in Florida but ready to come home.




This week has been such a bummer.

Last week, we had the 4th and all the festivities with that. I had to work going in to the weekend and by the end of it, I was worn out. Monday, brought my monthly cycle (there should be a rule somewhere that it never starts on a Monday). That day I got a rejection letter in the mail about that job I interviewed for a few weeks back. I’d kind of figured that I hadn’t but the news still stung all the same. I wadded up the envelope and then tore off one corner of it to write my grocery list on. This is what I think of you now, I thought. I wrote down toilet paper and tampons. Yeah, kiss my ass.  If I didn’t think it would be so rough I would have wiped my @ss with the envelope, too. But, why inconvenience myself – I’d already been inconvenienced to go all the way down there in the middle of the day to waste my time interviewing. And, a panel interview, too. Those things are brutal. Fuuuuuuuuuck them. F*ck.Them!

Wednesday, Charlie had interview. This was part of a process, too. She had taken a test the previous week to be qualified for the job and then had to go through an orientation and one-on-one interview. We were all sure she had it until she called me sobbing that she’d just gotten an email saying she didn’t pass the PTA (whatever the f*ck that stands for Potential Turd @ss? Professional Tit Assessor? Pre-engineered Twat Accessory? What?). Talk about disappointment. Fuuuuuck them, too!

That night I met her in the driveway with cold beer in hand and the dogs running around greeting her as they always do when she drives up. (There’s nothing to cheer you up more than a cold beer and dogs who are glad to see you, in my book)  She changed clothes and we sat in the carport sipping beers. She started to tear up and I said, “Let’s go on down to Jacks and have some pizza and wings.” That seemed to do it and off we went.

I mean, there are different degrees and situations of cheering up.

On a nice day, on a weekend I’m off there’s Piedmont Park, Joe’s on Juniper and the dog park. A family affair.

Nights where we just are in the mood for tacos there’s our fav Mexican joint in the neighborhood. I did note that last night was margarita Wednesday and thought it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to go there. I still texted bartender, Ashley to ask if she was working and got a reply back of “Nooooo, NO!” Hmm, even Ashley wouldn’t go near there on Wednesday nights. All I needed was for this night to happen again.

But, I digress. Saturday nights we like to go to the edgier neighborhood to the Graveyard Tavern and then Mary’s. We hadn’t had a Saturday night like that in awhile which needs to be in the near future again.

But, real emergencies we go to Jacks Pizza and Wings. It’s cheap and good and an interesting crowd. Despite Charlie and I being the only lesbians in there no one seems to bat an eye – even when we decide to make out a little bit at the table. There’s Denny – an old man in overalls and a straw cowboy hat who looks like one of the farmers that my father eats breakfast with at the truck stop every morning sitting at the bar with his big mug of something they always keep filled. Even Denny doesn’t stare and he should because we’re two hot blondes and we’d be, like, the start of a porno to him but he nods, acknowledging us.

We sat at a high top and had honey bourbon wings, slices of pizza that we both could only eat half of and draft high life’s. The wounds of the week licked and the pain dulled – until another day.

The Peachtree – Memory Lane

On the morning of the 4th, I got out of bed at dark-thirty. I poured a cup of cold coffee and put it in the microwave and slipped on my running clothes. I kissed Charlie goodbye and we each said “Good luck.” Me for the race – her that her son would figure the water heater out. (Which, they did beautifully – thank you, baby!)

I drove and parked at the train station. I would catch the westbound into 5 points and north from there. I knew by the time the north line reached midtown it would be packed with runners and it was. I was reminded of the ’96 Olympics when the train would pull into the station and no one could get on it was so full. The train let us off at Buckhead station (not the original destination – gotta love MARTA) and we started walking. My starting group was “W” and located on the other side of the mall by Dicks. I followed a large group through the mall parking lot, down a side street to get to my group.

I was a bit p*ssed about starting in the “W’s” to be honest. This was the last year I was going to buy a number off someone. I remembered the year I was in a “seeded” category. In “C”, I thought.

 Then, it started to become memory lane of the Peachtree……

The year I was in “C” it was fenced off and you had to show your number to get into the secured area. There would be no one sneaking in to “C”, by gawd. Once inside, I looked around and saw two of my ex girlfriends. Great. Then, Wait, how did they get seeded in C?  Both were marathon runners and while they smoked me in ½ marathon times (I refused to do a full marathon and still do – I like my knees too much) both their 10k times sucked. They always got angry with me when I blew by them at both 5 and 10k races. (At the time I had a 26 minute 5k.) Well, I’ll just blow by and smoke them again. And, I did. That year they published the times and I clearly beat both of them by at least 10 minutes. I wondered if either of them looked my time up or saw me pass them even before we got out of Buckhead.

I decided to move forward. I pulled my shirt down over my number and casually moved up to the M’s. A “W” is just an “M” up-side-down. If someone asks me I’ll just feign having a blonde moment and looking at it backwards. Yeah, really stupid blonde.  We moved forward a little as each group before us took off. We finally reached the starting line and I was sure I’d be busted and we started. Yay, I’m free. I thought as I ran down Peachtree Street the crowd thinning and hitting their strides.

The hardest thing about the Peachtree in my book is getting out of Buckhead. The first mile always feels like I’m a turtle running through mud before I catch my pace and get in to it. By the time we got to Garden Hills I was ok. I even stopped for a pit stop. I remembered going to the pizza place across the street with co-workers. Further down, I saw the building that crazy girl handcuffed me to her futon and barely getting out of the garage before they shut the gate. Wondered where that girl was now. She’s either CEO of a company or a crackhead. It could have gone either way.

We came up to Houston’s and I remembered taking my Mom there. She loved that place and Mick’s across the parking lot– no longer there. People were handing out full beers. I was tempted but –

-we were approaching cardiac hill. I pulled over to hydrate. I remembered one year a man dropped dead of a heart attack there. Even after getting through Buckhead the second hardest thing about the race is that hill. I drank some water, changed the music to Queer as Folk soundtrack since I was about to round a corner and see midtown which should be called gaytropolis.

Up the hill and in front of Piedmont Hospital I ran close to the curb to slap hands with the spectators that were patients in wheelchairs. That was me in ’96 in a wheelchair in front of the hospital. I was supposed to run it that year and had a collapsed lung. I had talked my nurse in to wheeling me out there to watch.

Down the street I ran past RJ’s and remembered bloody mary’s there one year. I was glad I didn’t take in that beer. I reached Peachtree and West Peachtree intersection and saw the building I used to work in when I worked for an engineer then past another engineering company I moonlit for.

 I could see midtown and knew the park was near. I approached the High Museum and 14th street. Finally, turning onto 10th street I ran to the right and looked for Ellen and waved. Down 10th and finally seeing the finish line.


Finishing and turning into the park and into a huge mud bog.  


Yuck! Our shoes were literally sticking in the mud. We sounded like a bunch of cows slogging across a muddy field. I headed for my bag, grabbed it and headed for high ground getting yelled at by a race photographer because I staggered in between a picture trying to get to the hill. I gave her such a look that she shut up immediately.

Don’t f*ck with me, bitch. I just ran the Peachtree.

I eventually found Ellen and we had a celebratory drinks at Blakes on the park. We had a window seat and watched  and cheered the other racers go by.

“There goes a “W!”

“Wow, I would have just now been finishing.”


Finally, Sadie wanted me to tell y’all that she hoped you had a wonderful 4th of July. She did cuz her owners didn’t blow up the house.



happy 4th

My class went well last weekend and Saturday it was me and Charlie’s 1-year. I took her out to Edie’s Attic to see Michelle Malone play. We hit the Irish pub next door both before and after the show. The next morning I was a bit hungover and had to go to work. Paulette had seen our many postings on FB the night before and asked how I was feeling.

“How do you think I’m feeling?” I replied as I filled up the cooler of ice water wanting to stick my head in it. It was already hot outside and it wasn’t even 8:00 yet.

The class all passed – some, by the skin of their teeth. Monday, I got up early and came in to work and ran 2-1/2 miles. Just a small, easy run and then I hit the showers. (The main reason I run at work now is to get in a hot shower.)

Yesterday, after work Charlie and I went to Lowe’s and got a new water heater (we’ve been told about a thousand times it’s not a hot.water.heater cuz if it was then it can’t heat water that’s already hot. YUK YUK YUK people, soooooo funny! Jk I think I will have more of a sense of humor when I can take a hot shower at home again.)

I’m so ready to be off this week, can you tell?

I hope everything goes ok on the 4th. The race, the hot water heater install, everything. Pray for a smooth day. I’ll keep you informed.


Sadie says, “Happy 4th, y’all!”