a plan

Charlie got up at 2:30 a.m. and started home. She got here around 10:30 so she made great time. It will be good to have her home. The dogs and I have been lonely without her. I’m sure they were hippin’ and a hoppin’ all over the place when she walked in. The past few evenings I’ve just hung with them and watched Netflix. I could have gone out and seen a friend but there was no one I really wanted to see. (I know that sounds bad.) I could have called Alana up and asked if she wanted to go to the joint and have a beer but I have vowed that I’m not going to do that anymore. The only time she ever asks me to go have a beer is when her gf is out of town – which, the past couple of times I’ve turned her down.

I’ve ridden to work the past few days. It’s a lot more interesting riding in to work then driving. The daily commute is about 50 miles round trip so it gets to be a drag driving all the time. (It’s also a drag filling the truck up.) After the big let down last week it hasn’t stopped me from continuing to apply to other opportunities. I told my sister that an interview in this market is like playing penny slots. You’re not losing much by going, you’re probably not going to win anything but if you do it will be a wonderful surprise. That’s how I’m going to look at it for now on.

At my job I have reached out to another department that needs help and I am hoping that I’ll get permission to help them soon. I think I’m going to go crazy if I can’t do this. I told my immediate – which, even though we work well together and she understands my predicament she really does need to grow a pair – that if I can’t help during regular hours that I will on my own time just to gain experience. I have to find some way to progress. The good news is that BAB is going to be out of the office staring on Thursday until August 4 and the entire months of Sept and Oct (I know, what kind of job allows the boss to be gone for that long?- but I’m not complaining)

“….but, after that I have nothing going on for a long time.” He said.

I have to be gone before you get back, I thought.

That’s how over this place I am.

I remember the good ol’ days when I first got hired and was allowed to do the job I was hired to do and traveled. I went to Dallas and Denver – two places I’d never been to before. I got to talk to all kinds of professionals in my field and hang out. Now, nothing – both travel and budget cuts and I’m doing a completely different job that is about as appealing as cleaning toilets. That’s exactly what it’s like – you get hired to do this really cool job you applied for and think you’re going to do it and next thing you know they hand you a toilet brush and say, “Oh, the maintenance person who does this quit and we need you to fill in.”

I know what you’re saying, too. You’re saying, Talk to BAB about it. He’s your boss.

I have – until I’m blue in the face. All he’s focused on is his mission and making himself look good. He doesn’t care about me or anyone else on his team. He is a typical man. So I have to find some way to work around this – which, I am. I am hoping that all this will get figured out while he is gone. He will come back and find me doing what I was originally hired to do, maybe even in another department -or gone.

That’s my plan. Not this one:




4 thoughts on “a plan

  1. That’s how my old manager was. Now that we have a new guy, its better. Although I still feel discriminated against, at least the new guy pretends to care. Perhaps he does, I don’t know.

    Good luck on the new job situation, it seems like there is nothing out there.


    • Danielle, in my sector there is a lot and I’m applying a lot but the interviews are few and far between. I just realized yesterday that I’ve interviewed with the two gov’mt agencies I’ve applied to twice in the past two years and have not gotten the job(s). It’s frustrating but I’m going to keep trying.


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