trail run with the dogs & meeting Ke$ha


Yesterday, after getting home and letting the dogs out I decided I would take them on a run out to the trail that Ellen and I walked ran last Sunday.

I threw on a pair of running shorts and a coolmax shirt, grabbed my sandals, running shoes, some water and we loaded up. Once we got to the trial head I parked and we got out. It was a hot day and I was looking forward to the shady trail.

I leashed them up and we started on the trial. They immediately took to the run both running beside each other in front. This was the first time I’d taken them on a true trail run and they seemed to enjoy it. We bounded over logs and when we got to muddy patches Bailey would run straight through while Sadie and I would try to find the least- muddiest way around it. The leashes would get tangled in these places and have to be sorted out and then reset into our running positions – both in front and me bounding behind in the back. They got really good at directions like when we came to a wooden ramp I said, “Up the ramp” and they bounded up that. When we came to another patch of mud I said, “Left.” Some logs we could either go over or under and I shouted which and they did. At one point I felt a little like we were all on an agility course together.

After the first couple of miles we slowed down a bit and jogged. We got to a point where it was a paved road and walked a bit. It was sunnier here than on the muddy trail. At one point we circled around and I tried to keep us on the paved road because of the muddy trail and that’s when we got lost – really lost. I took us back on a trail into the woods hoping that would lead us back. We got to a suspension bridge. I decided that we’d cross it to see if we could get out on the other side. By this point we’d gone at least three miles if not four. We started across the bridge and Sadie dug her nails in. She hates water, along with anything that goes over water. I tugged her along. “Come on Sadie, let’s go.”

Poor thing, it was one of those suspension ones that sag a bit in the middle with your weight and swing back and forth -the worst bridge of a kind to drag a scared dog across. She walked it and I kept saying, “You’re doing good, keep going, don’t look down.” while Bailey was like, “Oh, this is FUN!” and bounded ahead pulling us all across it rapidly. Maybe that was the way to go. We finally got to the other side (it was a long bridge) and started on this trail that left us behind the Veteran’s Hospital. We turned back and went back to the bridge. I paused wondering if I should push our luck and make Sadie go over it again. Then, I saw this couple walking towards me. The woman looked like Ke$ha and was wearing a bikini top and shortie-shorts and a guy in board shorts that matched the cup he was drinking out of.  I wondered why people would be wandering around in the swampy, mosquito infested woods in beachwear when they could be at some pool somewhere.

“ scuse me, if I take this trail back will I get anywhere near Hahn Park off Houston Mill Road?”

“Oh, yeah well I think you’ll get back to the highway that way. If you go that way you’ll come to a pipe that you’ll have to cross that’s about a foot above the ground and after that I think you’ll come to a road.”

“What happens if I cross the bridge again? Will I get to the same place?”

“I think so – I mean, I’ve only been down here a few times, I’m a grad student and he’s here just visiting so he doesn’t know.” gesturing to the guy who seemed to be a mute.

The girl didn’t seem like the grad school type, although, what did I know. I wondered if she’d been out there a few times with other boys…..or professors.

I was about ready to chance the bridge again because I didn’t want to get more lost but just then a very large lady on the other side shouted “Is this bridge safe?”

I wanted to shout back, “Probably not.” Ok, I don’t want to deal with this.

“Hey, thanks.” I said to Ke$ha and started down the trail we were on. I could almost hear Sadie sigh in relief that she didn’t have go on the bridge again. “Don’t get too comfortable, Sadie, we have to walk over a pipe.”

Ironically, Ke$ha came on my ipod just then and I sang and whistled along:

  ….Ke$ha don’t give two f*cks
I cam to start the ruckus
And ya wanna party with us
Cause we crazy m-therf-ck-rs

We jogged it down the path because she said it was “about a mile to the highway.” I still didn’t know what the hale she meant by highway. I hoped we weren’t near I-85 or else we’d never get home. We finally came to the pipe and I laughed. It was about 10 feet long about 3 feet above a stream.

Great, how are we going to get over this?

As you know, one dog loves water and the other loathes it. So, of course, Bailey goes right into the stream and Sadie pauses and considers the pipe that I’m already half way across. She starts after me across, somehow passes me on the pipe and just when I was going to reach down and shove her little butt the rest of the way across she looks down at Bailey in the stream, realizes that she’s on a pipe and proceeds to fall off of it into the river beside Bailey. I was cracking up. She surfaced and had this sour look on her face.

I realized then that I wasn’t going to get her on that pipe again. I waded into the river with them and directed Bailey to jump the bank to the other side but Sadie wasn’t tall enough to make it and it was steep so I picked her up and shoved her butt up it and then clawed my way up after them. We were all wet and muddy at that point -so much for trying to keep my running shoes clean. We started on the trail and did come out to what Ke$ha called the highway which, was the road we took to the park and the park entrance was right across the street. I sighed with relief and we ran across to the car.

“I’m home, where are you guys?” text from Charlie.

“Just came out of the woods heading home.”

I put Ke$ha on in the car for us and we started home.

Hello, wherever you are
Are you dancing on the dance floor or drinking by the bar?
Tonight we do it big, and shine like stars
We don’t give a fuck cause that’s just who we are
And we are, we are we are, we are we are
The crazy kids, them crazy, them crazy kids
And we are, we are we are, we are we are
The crazy kids, we are the
We are the crazy people

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