onna boat

The next day I felt Charlie get up and go let the dogs out. I laid there for awhile hoping to catch a few more zzzz’s but instead I was greeted with, “Hon, get up!”

She wasn’t kidding when she said we had an early day.

When I stumbled into the kitchen she was already packing the cooler. She handed me a cup of coffee and told me to go find my bathing suit and board shorts. Later, in the truck, coffee in hand and dogs in the back we headed west towards Lake Jackson. I knew we were going on a lake but wasn’t sure which one until later we passed some signs.

The dogs were hanging out of the windows and we had the radio turned up. Finally, we passed the road we were supposed to turn down and had to double back. Turning on to a a very narrow paved road that took us back into the woods and finally brought us to some houses overlooking the lake. Charlie hopped out of the truck and went inside one of the houses.

Finally, a guy in swimming trunks came out and I got out of the truck and shook his hand. He directed me to park next to another car and said he’d be back with the gator to get our stuff. Charlie had rented us a pontoon boat. The day was perfect for it, too. Sunny, with a slight breeze and the lake was smooth as glass. Back with the gator I helped Barry load up and took the dogs down to the dock. Bailey eagerly walked towards the boats but Sadie dug in to the dock.

“Com’mon, Sadie.”

Finally, after much contemplation of the crack between the dock and the boat I lifted her butt and pushed her onboard. After that she was fine. Barry got onboard and showed us the basics and both Charlie and I nodded as we both grew up on boats. Moments later we pushed off and headed off. The dogs were at the bow, ears flapping in the wind and enjoying the views. Every once in a while a fish would jump up out of the water and they would cock their heads to the side.

We went towards Bear Creek Marina.  Once there we tied up and let the dogs out to go. They had been cooped up all morning in the truck. It was still early and after a few rounds of fetch the stick in the water we got back on board to go back the other way. Later, after riding around we went back to the Marina and tied up and played with the dogs a bit and ate lunch. We were trying to get them to jump off the end of the dock by leading them down the dock to the end and throwing a stick into the water.

The first time, they both plunked off the side barely missing the dock – pathetic but funny. (At least Sadie went into the water) We tried again and they both ran off the dock and into the water via the boat ramp completely cheating. It was great fun all the same!


Next up more birthday fun!


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