rare friday chex

I don’t have really that much to say so I will make it a Friday chex mix snippets. The rare thing about today is that I’m not rushing off to my second job to teach, sitting here in my office (which, I don’t think I’ve sat here for any length of time for the past month), writing this and actually typing it on the blog instead of transferring it from a Word document.

  • It’s been cool the last few days and it’s made me feel all nostalgic over it being fall and football season starting. I always feel a bit hopeful for fall – that it’s going to be beautiful with the leaves and crisp air. Getting out that sweatshirt I’ve had in the closet and revisiting long sleeves again.
  • Charlie and I don’t have any big plans this weekend since we’re both broke. We do have to go over to Ellen’s house and help (along with 6 others – not sure if 8 lesbians over 40 is going to be the same as 4 young, strong men bringing it in initially) set the hot tub. I just hope if it falls it’s not me who gets pinned under it. There’s a ton more drama information about all that I’m dying to share but I’d better not. (Just remember free doesn’t always EQUAL free. Yes, that means you, Ellen, if you still read this blog……)
  • Remember Creed? You do? Remind me who she is? She got a girlfriend and disappeared. At least it’s not Nancy, though.
  • I want to ride bicycles very badly this weekend [Charlie, hint, hint] made we can do that after we move the hot tub and if we don’t get pinned under it.
  • I’ve sold about $50 worth of articles since I first started. I’ve written about a wide range of things, although, I realize it’s much easier to get to your word count if you’re writing about something you’re interested in (for me that’s running shoes, heart rate monitors and white water rafting places in NC).
  • I’m dying to get out of town with Charlie to NC in a few weeks! We’re dragging out the camping gear this weekend and deciding what all we’re taking and making lists. Sadie has already requested Italian sausage [Charlie, just so you know that] Bailey said something rubber [she ate a tennis ball this week – she had just finished passing Charlie’s sandal].
  • I hope I have some very good news in a few weeks. I can’t say any more right now because I don’t want to jinx it. Just say a little prayer or keep your fingers crossed for me.
  • The dogs wanted me to let you know that they are in the office today and will be your canine psychologists  (no offense Savannah) – they charge $.50 per hour and will receive unlimited pets, ear scratches and belly rubs.
  • photo
  • Maybe I should also say I’m in rare form today. Let the weekend begin!

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