weird path


I’m walking such a weird path this week. I’ve been very broke since last week so Charlie and I haven’t really done much lately as far as going out. We’ve been staying in and making meals and watching Netflix which has been nice but unusual for us. I long for the Mexican place(s) though.

I’ve been writing my @ss off doing articles and have made some decent pin money so far but I’m dying to sink my teeth in a major project that pays more and/or have ongoing clients.

I need to study for Friday, which, that whole thing has had some weird anomalies. (more on that later, I can’t bring myself to write about that right now).

I originally had a class scheduled for this weekend but I found out today it didn’t make. I have mixed feelings about that, too. One, at least Charlie and I will get to spend another weekend together (I want to ride bikes again but this time not in a deluge) but at the same time I’m broke and really needed the $$.

Work is as annoying as ever. I just ignore everything now. I’m not really putting any energy into it – just doing my time, punching out my boss and going home. Hopefully soon I will have another place to go but until then – I’m walking this weird path that hopefully leads to something good.



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