30 days/30 things

Last week was just very stressful for both Charlie and I. It was mostly stress we were just putting on ourselves about work stuff and probably a little bit of that was indulgence that leads to being tired and more stress.

So, I want to do a 30 day fast and challenge. Tomorrow is October 1 and I thought it would be perfect to do this the entire month of October. The things I want to do and not do are as follows:


1.       Running – both trail and street running.

2.      Smoothies – protein shakes, smoothies with spinach and fruit

3.      Fruit, vegetable intake

4.      Vitamins – vitamin C, B, iron, too

5.      Flax seed, Fish oil

6.      Walking, riding bikes, activities

7.      Sex – that’s physical, too 😉 (I know you’re liking this, Charlie)

8.     Reading

9.  Writing – I have a new book idea (no, it’s not the sequil to Blue Ice – sorry)

10.  Visiting with people, correspondence and communication

11.   Sit ups, ab work, maybe even some Spartacus workouts

12.  Water – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

13.  Spirituality, meditation

14.  Laughter

15.   New recipes – Charlie and I love making cold salads as sides, also we want to make a rack of lamb (if anyone out there has a good recipe for that please send it along)

16.  Journaling – writing down daily food, exercise, thoughts, etc. It’s important to keep track of things

17.   Stretching

18.  Learn one new thing – whether it’s an activity or about someone or something (I suspect this will be the real estate class I will be taking)

19.  Learn to tune out the b.s. more and not internalize it

20.  See more movies – that’s something I always like to do is watch movies. There’s several I have wanted to see. We watched World War Z this past weekend. It was pretty good – something I never would have chosen to see prior to my Walking Dead obsession.

21.  Join a club, organization that helps things or volunteer

Less or None:

1.       Drinking. I’ve been talking all the time about cutting back on the alcohol and never do it. I would like to not drink at all during the week and cut way back on the weekends. (like if any -two drinks per weekend day and only if I’ve worked out that day)

2.      Caffeine  – cutting back to one cup of coffee per day (caffeinated, decaf is ok) and no cokes

3.      No junk food such as French fries, nachos, wings and pizza – everything needs to be salads, plain meats, vegetables, fruit made at home

4.      Weight – I want to at least drop 5 pounds

5.      Applying for jobs – I’ve applied for so many and taken so much time out to interview that I just need  a break. The only exception is if I interview for the ones I’ve already applied for. If nothing comes out of this month then it’s just not meant to be and I just need to give it a break.

6.      Less stress, worrying about stuff I cannot control

7.      Candy Crush – what a time suckage

8.     Going out to restaurants and bars – Charlie and I have done well cutting back on that but socially we need to do other things that don’t involve going out to a bar or restaurant. Some suggestions are going to the shooting range, playing basketball (try not to roll your eyes, Charlie 😉 throwing a football, riding bikes, or a new project like making candles out of all the cool beer bottles we have collected. (We saw this at the Candlier Park festival this past weekend and now I’m all “fired up” to do it.

9.      Less negativity at work

 I’ve talked Charlie in to doing this with me. I’m also going to take you through each day of my journey so that goes along with more writing (9). Anyone else want to join me or is doing something similar please share.







It just seems such a conundrum of things going on lately -work being annoying, job interviews (or impending ones that haven’t been set up yet – I mean, come.on.people.), jobs interviewed for that after a month they still don’t know yet, ones I haven’t ever heard from that I assume I didn’t get, etc. So – there’s several things I do to escape all this shit stuff from time to time.

At work, I unplug – meaning, put my headphones in and listen to music. Sometimes iTunes radio (loving the Katy Perry station). Today, on the way in I decided to skip the dj b.s. and plug in Rush greatest hits. I swear the drum riff in Tom Sawyer  is probably one of the greatest riff’s out there along with the greats of Led Zeppelin’s Dazed and Confused.  (I could give Tommy Lee some credit……….I just discoved whole Motley Crue albums on youtube – wow – another escape). I just can’t bear listening to either the almost-retiree talking, breathing humming polka music, or Noel ordering people around or s*cking up to the boss. Thankfully, BABS is out until November jumping out of helicopters so I don’t have to listen to him.

Today, I made myself get up from my desk and leave for a little while at lunch even though I’d eaten at my desk. I needed to decompress some more so I went to the bookstore. Despite rarely buying anything full price at this store I always browse and get ideas. Rarely can I ever stay mad or depressed in a bookstore. The wall that contains The Walking Dead comic series is Nirvana to me. I’ve read volumes 1-13 but don’t remember them because I borrowed them one at a time from a coworker and read them in one night before giving them back and getting more. So, I couldn’t backtrack. But then I found these:


I instantly wanted them but wasn’t ABOUT to pay $60 apiece for them. So, I went waltzing back to the office and looked them up on Amazon and paid $40 for both! I have several hours of reading and review when these babies come in. I’ve been wanting to write either a spin-off of this series or start my own. I wish I could draw comic book quality frames. I think if I wrote it I could find an illustrator, though. Zombies seems to be a popular theme these days.

I’m still thinking about when I can possibly take off work and Charlie and I can take the camper out. We’re getting the lights hooked up this weekend and I need to get the tag stuff next week. My class didn’t make this weekend so Charlie and I get to spend it together. We’re going to hang out with Ellen and a new friend this weekend. [if you don’t know, Louise left to move back to Ar-Kansas last weekend]. We’re going to see our postponed fireworks from the 4th of July on Saturday and Sunday go for a bike ride to a festival nearby.

Tonight, I’m going to go for a run as soon as I get home from work, that’s another decompress for me. After that, I’m running down to Midtown to meet Charlie and we’re going to have a date. So, it’s all good as long as I’m able to block out the b.s., stress and waiting. There’s plenty of things to do in the meantime. I will leave you with this because this is just how I roll today.

monday chex mix

As always after a long weekend working I was dragging this morning. Charlie had to go in to work early so I went in a little late so I could walk the dogs. Normally, she walks them in the mornings since she doesn’t go in to work until noon and I walk them at night. They noticed as when she walked out the door they looked at me like “WTF?”

“Want to go for a walk?”

Tails wagged in response. It was still dark out when I hooked up their leashes. We walked down our street and heard an owl hooting. Every time it hooted Sadie would stop and look up. I loved hearing the owl. After the walk I left to go to work. Charlie would be home around 10 from her early gig. Her job hours are weird these days.

Since both dogs have been pukey lately we’ve decided to change out their food. Upon much research and discussion we decided on Diamond Lamb/Rice grain free. I went to the feed and seed near work and paid $35 for a 40lb bag which I thought was a deal. The guy loaded it into my truck for me, too. I will let you know how they do on it. Keep your fingers crossed because I’ve been sleep depraved waking up in the middle of the night to puking dogs.

I’m working sooooo much lately and there’s no break until mid Oct. I could give up my class this weekend but I remember how it always slows down December and January so I’m going to push through and work them all and take off in December. Charlie and I are chomping at the bit to get the camper going but we still have a lot to do on it like figuring out the lights wiring (either the adapter we bought doesnt work, we blew a fuse or theres a short somewhere), getting the tag and a mini fridge. But, sure enough we’ll have it out before Christmas. Who knows, we could be sitting out on Tybee eating seafood and listening to the waves.

I got a second interview for one of the jobs I interviewed for a few weeks back. This was the one that is the second department of the same agency I’ve been interviewing with. I was a  bit surprised I made the cut because the job is a tech position and they asked me some very technical questions in the interview that I thought I didn’t answer very well. [The little Indian and Chinese computer geeks were hammering me with conversion questions] This second interview is with their department director – also a woman and they called it my final “technical” interview so I know this lady is going to hammer me, too. So, I’m studying up on my lingo before then. Again, who knows what will happen but at least I made the cut.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep digging out those shamrock undies – thankfully, Charlie’s washed them for me.

little luck

I have my lucky shamrock underwear on today because I need some luck. I told Charlie to wear hers too.

We were up all night with Sadie who was throwing up. I don’t know what was going on with her. Perhaps I’d pushed her too hard on our run or maybe she’d just eaten something that didn’t agree with her – who knows. She seemed like she was feeling considerably better this morning but we’ll see. I hate it when they’re sick and I thought cats were bad. We had taken her to the vet last weekend because she was itching so much and they put her on a steroid and antibiotics. I think both were making her feel punky so we’ve stopped the dosage today. Cross your fingers it helps!

There’s 100% chance of rain tomorrow and I have to teach so I have the Friday blahs.

I need a little luck in my day…..


waiting and……waiting

So, I’ve had two interviews in the last week. I’ve been frazzled getting ready for them, juggling my schedule and getting there, parking, finding the offices and so forth. Not to mention sitting in front of a panel of four answering questions related to my work experience. Gone are the days of a one-on-one “So, tell me a little bit about yourself.”

One agency I spoke with a few weeks back (this was the one that would be my dream job if I got it) said, “Oh, it will take awhile to hire anyone in this position. We won’t know for, like, a month. Probably the end of September, beginning of October.”

I had heard this before from interviewing with one of their other departments – they said the same thing.

Last week I’m interviewing for the same agency but in a different department and when I asked them when they would know they said in a few weeks, possibly even next week. I was floored. Then I thought, Hmm, when they say it will take, like, forever to hire into the position does that really mean it will just take forever to receive my thanks but no thanks letter in the mail? (Either way, it sounded suspicious to me.)

The job yesterday was a completely different job in the private sector -one that would be really cool if I got. I was in a room with three other men, which, is a good audience for me. They went around the table asking me questions. Most I did ok on but a couple of others I felt my answers were just ok. This was a gas company and even though I have zero experience working in that field I have extensive project/construction management experience that’s why they were interviewing me. So, some of the questions were really gas specific – like installation specific and I was thinking “F*ck, I don’t know. I’ve never installed a gas line, people. Do you see ‘Georgia Best Gas Company in the World’ on my resume? No well then what do you think?”

One of the guys was really quiet and only spoke when he had to ask a question I thought, “Ok, this guy doesn’t like me. He probably thinks there’s no way he’d want a woman in the position.”  But, later after we got through the questions he asked me about my motorcycle. I put on my resume my teaching experience simply as a talking point at the end. I always get questions from men about what I ride and it’s a great way to open up discussion. Turned out I know the instructor he had when he took the course. We chatted a bit about that. That was good – I got the difficult one to open up a little.

At the end, they walked me to the elevator and the manager rode down with me. He was talking about the job. This was my opportunity to ask him some questions without the other two guys there. I asked if I would be working for one of them who interviewed me if I got the job and he said no I would be working for another coordinator who wasn’t available right now so in the meantime I would probably be working for one of the two that was in the interview for awhile until the other guy could take over. Then, I asked him how many women they had in the position and he made a zero sign with his hand. I told him that I could be his first woman in the position.

So, anyway I won’t know anything about anything until probably next week. All the waiting is just a drag and I don’t know if I’ll get any of these jobs I’ve been sitting for. I’m over the waiting. Especially, since work has gone south. BABs left for training for 6 weeks and left Noel in charge and this really large project that I wanted to work on didn’t get approved because Noel doesn’t want me to work on it – he only wants me to work for him and be his little peon. He called me into his office and asked me just how committed I was to the job and I felt it hinged on harassment – especially since he made me close his office door and we were both in that little office together. My immediate (woman) didn’t have the balls to stand up for me to do that project – totally backed down and was a p*ssy about it. This all took place the day before BAB’s left and he did nothing to alleviate the problem. So, I’m done. I’m just putting in my time, that’s all.

The good news is my real estate class got approved so I’m going to be diving in to that soon. We’ll see – trying not to be frustrated but I am a little relieved that I’m done with the interviews for now. Plus, Charlie and I just splurged on a CAMPER! YAY!

camper3 (can you tell I’m estatic?)

Yeah, this was a present to both Charlie and I for all the hard work we’ve been doing. The dogs have no idea what this thing is yet but once we open it up and show them their own bed – they’ll get it. NO MORE TENT! We picked up this little baby [ironically] from my ex gf of mine. Her and her partner just bought a lake house and don’t need it anymore. They gave us a screaming deal on it – I think mainly because they knew us and that we’d take good care of it. Notice the bicycle and kayak racks? They completely tricked it out. Charlie’s probably going to be putting in a flat screen TV and an ice machine. So, that’s the good news. The bad news is we have no idea when we’re going to be able to get away to go use the thing. But, oh well – I still need to transfer over the title and get the tag and so forth. But, we’re excited! Jekyll island, Tybee, Amicalola Falls, Asheville, here we come!


Hey, hey….

-I can’t write much now but if you would please send out some positive vibes to Charlie tomorrow – she has a working interview for a job she wants. And, me (to be exact at 2:30 p.m.) I have an interview for another job aaaaand Monday – 4:00 have another interview. I hope to you-know-who one of these things pans out! Especially, since work has been a beeeotch this week.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! More later!



Camping and Asheville

Charlie and I took off for NC on Friday morning with the dogs. We had spent all day on Thursday packing up and making food to take (which, we still have a ton leftover). That afternoon we got to the campsite around 1:30 and set up. After putting up the tent and picnic shelter and setting everything up we headed for NOC to let the dogs play in the water.

photo-1 photo-2

We hung out there for a while before heading back to camp to make a wonderful dinner on the grill. We enjoyed a great campfire and settled into the tent and was woken in the middle of the night by a rainstorm. We flew out of the tent and made sure everything that needed to be kept dry was either under the shelter or in the car.

The next morning we woke up to a soggy tent. My gymbag had gotten soaked (it was sitting in the spot where later it would develop a river) so the clothes I pulled on the next morning were damp. Fortunately, the campsite had a washer/dryer and we ran the bedding up the hill to throw in the dryer. We had a leisurely breakfast and then headed up to Asheville to meet blog friends Lina and Liz.


We met them at Asheville Brewing Company for beers, lunch and conversation. It was great meeting a blogger friend I’d never met before. Both of their blogs have been so inspirational to me and it meant to much to meet them both. After lunch we wandered a bit around downtown.

1236589_10201195821032086_1908184731_n 1236387_10201195819632051_6294330_n

We ended up at the famous Jack of the Wood Pub for the local Green Man Ales. The dogs managed to grab us a seat outside while Charlie and I ran inside to get drinks.


The only thing about this place is that I recommend sitting inside as we were “hounded” by some street peeps sitting out there. We were both a little surprised by this – neither having much trouble with peeps coming up to us in the past. Two women later came out holding beers and we asked them if they wanted to share the table with us and they sat down. One was a hairdresser – really cool lady and we let her shoo them off after that.


photo-3 1185611_10201190595741457_180831731_n

Back at the campsite we started making dinner. I ran up to see when the game was coming on (UGA vs Clemsom) and was practically ran off by the SC/NC people rooting for the tigers. The dogs were sacked out from their trip to Asheville and decided to take a nap before the game started.


We no more got dinner eaten and a lovely fire made when we heard a clap of lighting. Suddenly, there was alot of activity in the campground. Charlie and I secured everything right before it cut loose and poured all night. This time we has put our clothes and towels in the car and it was a good thing because a river was developing in the tent. Charlie had to punch a hole in the tent to let it out. We weathered the storm and the next morning when we got up it had finally stopped. We decided we’d had enough and started packing up. Just as we’d gotten the truck loaded and ready to go it started raining again so it was a good call.

Once home we unloaded the truck and grilled out sitting in the carport drinking beers – glad we’d left early. Yeah, I was disappointed that it rained the entire weekend it seemed but we had some great moments (above). Next time – there will be no tent camping but camper camping and hopefully next Jekyll Island.