Camping and Asheville

Charlie and I took off for NC on Friday morning with the dogs. We had spent all day on Thursday packing up and making food to take (which, we still have a ton leftover). That afternoon we got to the campsite around 1:30 and set up. After putting up the tent and picnic shelter and setting everything up we headed for NOC to let the dogs play in the water.

photo-1 photo-2

We hung out there for a while before heading back to camp to make a wonderful dinner on the grill. We enjoyed a great campfire and settled into the tent and was woken in the middle of the night by a rainstorm. We flew out of the tent and made sure everything that needed to be kept dry was either under the shelter or in the car.

The next morning we woke up to a soggy tent. My gymbag had gotten soaked (it was sitting in the spot where later it would develop a river) so the clothes I pulled on the next morning were damp. Fortunately, the campsite had a washer/dryer and we ran the bedding up the hill to throw in the dryer. We had a leisurely breakfast and then headed up to Asheville to meet blog friends Lina and Liz.


We met them at Asheville Brewing Company for beers, lunch and conversation. It was great meeting a blogger friend I’d never met before. Both of their blogs have been so inspirational to me and it meant to much to meet them both. After lunch we wandered a bit around downtown.

1236589_10201195821032086_1908184731_n 1236387_10201195819632051_6294330_n

We ended up at the famous Jack of the Wood Pub for the local Green Man Ales. The dogs managed to grab us a seat outside while Charlie and I ran inside to get drinks.


The only thing about this place is that I recommend sitting inside as we were “hounded” by some street peeps sitting out there. We were both a little surprised by this – neither having much trouble with peeps coming up to us in the past. Two women later came out holding beers and we asked them if they wanted to share the table with us and they sat down. One was a hairdresser – really cool lady and we let her shoo them off after that.


photo-3 1185611_10201190595741457_180831731_n

Back at the campsite we started making dinner. I ran up to see when the game was coming on (UGA vs Clemsom) and was practically ran off by the SC/NC people rooting for the tigers. The dogs were sacked out from their trip to Asheville and decided to take a nap before the game started.


We no more got dinner eaten and a lovely fire made when we heard a clap of lighting. Suddenly, there was alot of activity in the campground. Charlie and I secured everything right before it cut loose and poured all night. This time we has put our clothes and towels in the car and it was a good thing because a river was developing in the tent. Charlie had to punch a hole in the tent to let it out. We weathered the storm and the next morning when we got up it had finally stopped. We decided we’d had enough and started packing up. Just as we’d gotten the truck loaded and ready to go it started raining again so it was a good call.

Once home we unloaded the truck and grilled out sitting in the carport drinking beers – glad we’d left early. Yeah, I was disappointed that it rained the entire weekend it seemed but we had some great moments (above). Next time – there will be no tent camping but camper camping and hopefully next Jekyll Island.

One thought on “Camping and Asheville

  1. Pop up camping!! Wish we could join y’all at Jekyll Island. So sorry it was such as wash-out at the campground, but it was really, really great fun to get to meet up with you two. Looking forward already to the next time we get together! Say hi to Charlie! (and those adorable pups!) xx


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