waiting and……waiting

So, I’ve had two interviews in the last week. I’ve been frazzled getting ready for them, juggling my schedule and getting there, parking, finding the offices and so forth. Not to mention sitting in front of a panel of four answering questions related to my work experience. Gone are the days of a one-on-one “So, tell me a little bit about yourself.”

One agency I spoke with a few weeks back (this was the one that would be my dream job if I got it) said, “Oh, it will take awhile to hire anyone in this position. We won’t know for, like, a month. Probably the end of September, beginning of October.”

I had heard this before from interviewing with one of their other departments – they said the same thing.

Last week I’m interviewing for the same agency but in a different department and when I asked them when they would know they said in a few weeks, possibly even next week. I was floored. Then I thought, Hmm, when they say it will take, like, forever to hire into the position does that really mean it will just take forever to receive my thanks but no thanks letter in the mail? (Either way, it sounded suspicious to me.)

The job yesterday was a completely different job in the private sector -one that would be really cool if I got. I was in a room with three other men, which, is a good audience for me. They went around the table asking me questions. Most I did ok on but a couple of others I felt my answers were just ok. This was a gas company and even though I have zero experience working in that field I have extensive project/construction management experience that’s why they were interviewing me. So, some of the questions were really gas specific – like installation specific and I was thinking “F*ck, I don’t know. I’ve never installed a gas line, people. Do you see ‘Georgia Best Gas Company in the World’ on my resume? No well then what do you think?”

One of the guys was really quiet and only spoke when he had to ask a question I thought, “Ok, this guy doesn’t like me. He probably thinks there’s no way he’d want a woman in the position.”  But, later after we got through the questions he asked me about my motorcycle. I put on my resume my teaching experience simply as a talking point at the end. I always get questions from men about what I ride and it’s a great way to open up discussion. Turned out I know the instructor he had when he took the course. We chatted a bit about that. That was good – I got the difficult one to open up a little.

At the end, they walked me to the elevator and the manager rode down with me. He was talking about the job. This was my opportunity to ask him some questions without the other two guys there. I asked if I would be working for one of them who interviewed me if I got the job and he said no I would be working for another coordinator who wasn’t available right now so in the meantime I would probably be working for one of the two that was in the interview for awhile until the other guy could take over. Then, I asked him how many women they had in the position and he made a zero sign with his hand. I told him that I could be his first woman in the position.

So, anyway I won’t know anything about anything until probably next week. All the waiting is just a drag and I don’t know if I’ll get any of these jobs I’ve been sitting for. I’m over the waiting. Especially, since work has gone south. BABs left for training for 6 weeks and left Noel in charge and this really large project that I wanted to work on didn’t get approved because Noel doesn’t want me to work on it – he only wants me to work for him and be his little peon. He called me into his office and asked me just how committed I was to the job and I felt it hinged on harassment – especially since he made me close his office door and we were both in that little office together. My immediate (woman) didn’t have the balls to stand up for me to do that project – totally backed down and was a p*ssy about it. This all took place the day before BAB’s left and he did nothing to alleviate the problem. So, I’m done. I’m just putting in my time, that’s all.

The good news is my real estate class got approved so I’m going to be diving in to that soon. We’ll see – trying not to be frustrated but I am a little relieved that I’m done with the interviews for now. Plus, Charlie and I just splurged on a CAMPER! YAY!

camper3 (can you tell I’m estatic?)

Yeah, this was a present to both Charlie and I for all the hard work we’ve been doing. The dogs have no idea what this thing is yet but once we open it up and show them their own bed – they’ll get it. NO MORE TENT! We picked up this little baby [ironically] from my ex gf of mine. Her and her partner just bought a lake house and don’t need it anymore. They gave us a screaming deal on it – I think mainly because they knew us and that we’d take good care of it. Notice the bicycle and kayak racks? They completely tricked it out. Charlie’s probably going to be putting in a flat screen TV and an ice machine. So, that’s the good news. The bad news is we have no idea when we’re going to be able to get away to go use the thing. But, oh well – I still need to transfer over the title and get the tag and so forth. But, we’re excited! Jekyll island, Tybee, Amicalola Falls, Asheville, here we come!



4 thoughts on “waiting and……waiting

  1. We are totally keeping our fingers crossed for you and Charlie! Everything will work out for the best, but the waiting suuuuucks.

    On a positive note, I see Asheville on your list!! And that makes me super happy! The leaves will be changing soon… just sayin’. 🙂


  2. That camper looks really nice! You’ll have to take photos when you open it up and trick it out on the inside too!

    I hate interviews. I haven’t had one since 2005, and I didn’t need one for the job I have now. Its all about knowing someone, maybe you can try networking in the job field you are trying to break into? Fingers crossed!


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