monday chex mix

As always after a long weekend working I was dragging this morning. Charlie had to go in to work early so I went in a little late so I could walk the dogs. Normally, she walks them in the mornings since she doesn’t go in to work until noon and I walk them at night. They noticed as when she walked out the door they looked at me like “WTF?”

“Want to go for a walk?”

Tails wagged in response. It was still dark out when I hooked up their leashes. We walked down our street and heard an owl hooting. Every time it hooted Sadie would stop and look up. I loved hearing the owl. After the walk I left to go to work. Charlie would be home around 10 from her early gig. Her job hours are weird these days.

Since both dogs have been pukey lately we’ve decided to change out their food. Upon much research and discussion we decided on Diamond Lamb/Rice grain free. I went to the feed and seed near work and paid $35 for a 40lb bag which I thought was a deal. The guy loaded it into my truck for me, too. I will let you know how they do on it. Keep your fingers crossed because I’ve been sleep depraved waking up in the middle of the night to puking dogs.

I’m working sooooo much lately and there’s no break until mid Oct. I could give up my class this weekend but I remember how it always slows down December and January so I’m going to push through and work them all and take off in December. Charlie and I are chomping at the bit to get the camper going but we still have a lot to do on it like figuring out the lights wiring (either the adapter we bought doesnt work, we blew a fuse or theres a short somewhere), getting the tag and a mini fridge. But, sure enough we’ll have it out before Christmas. Who knows, we could be sitting out on Tybee eating seafood and listening to the waves.

I got a second interview for one of the jobs I interviewed for a few weeks back. This was the one that is the second department of the same agency I’ve been interviewing with. I was a  bit surprised I made the cut because the job is a tech position and they asked me some very technical questions in the interview that I thought I didn’t answer very well. [The little Indian and Chinese computer geeks were hammering me with conversion questions] This second interview is with their department director – also a woman and they called it my final “technical” interview so I know this lady is going to hammer me, too. So, I’m studying up on my lingo before then. Again, who knows what will happen but at least I made the cut.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep digging out those shamrock undies – thankfully, Charlie’s washed them for me.


2 thoughts on “monday chex mix

  1. I have been reading through an email feed, and I just figured out how to log into my dormant wordpress acct. All the best for the new job. Sending vibes your way. Also sorry to hear about puking dogs. We feed our dog a product that is manufactured locally, and purchased at our local feed n needs co op shop. He has done really well on it. take care~ poet.


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