30 days/30 things

Last week was just very stressful for both Charlie and I. It was mostly stress we were just putting on ourselves about work stuff and probably a little bit of that was indulgence that leads to being tired and more stress.

So, I want to do a 30 day fast and challenge. Tomorrow is October 1 and I thought it would be perfect to do this the entire month of October. The things I want to do and not do are as follows:


1.       Running – both trail and street running.

2.      Smoothies – protein shakes, smoothies with spinach and fruit

3.      Fruit, vegetable intake

4.      Vitamins – vitamin C, B, iron, too

5.      Flax seed, Fish oil

6.      Walking, riding bikes, activities

7.      Sex – that’s physical, too 😉 (I know you’re liking this, Charlie)

8.     Reading

9.  Writing – I have a new book idea (no, it’s not the sequil to Blue Ice – sorry)

10.  Visiting with people, correspondence and communication

11.   Sit ups, ab work, maybe even some Spartacus workouts

12.  Water – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

13.  Spirituality, meditation

14.  Laughter

15.   New recipes – Charlie and I love making cold salads as sides, also we want to make a rack of lamb (if anyone out there has a good recipe for that please send it along)

16.  Journaling – writing down daily food, exercise, thoughts, etc. It’s important to keep track of things

17.   Stretching

18.  Learn one new thing – whether it’s an activity or about someone or something (I suspect this will be the real estate class I will be taking)

19.  Learn to tune out the b.s. more and not internalize it

20.  See more movies – that’s something I always like to do is watch movies. There’s several I have wanted to see. We watched World War Z this past weekend. It was pretty good – something I never would have chosen to see prior to my Walking Dead obsession.

21.  Join a club, organization that helps things or volunteer

Less or None:

1.       Drinking. I’ve been talking all the time about cutting back on the alcohol and never do it. I would like to not drink at all during the week and cut way back on the weekends. (like if any -two drinks per weekend day and only if I’ve worked out that day)

2.      Caffeine  – cutting back to one cup of coffee per day (caffeinated, decaf is ok) and no cokes

3.      No junk food such as French fries, nachos, wings and pizza – everything needs to be salads, plain meats, vegetables, fruit made at home

4.      Weight – I want to at least drop 5 pounds

5.      Applying for jobs – I’ve applied for so many and taken so much time out to interview that I just need  a break. The only exception is if I interview for the ones I’ve already applied for. If nothing comes out of this month then it’s just not meant to be and I just need to give it a break.

6.      Less stress, worrying about stuff I cannot control

7.      Candy Crush – what a time suckage

8.     Going out to restaurants and bars – Charlie and I have done well cutting back on that but socially we need to do other things that don’t involve going out to a bar or restaurant. Some suggestions are going to the shooting range, playing basketball (try not to roll your eyes, Charlie 😉 throwing a football, riding bikes, or a new project like making candles out of all the cool beer bottles we have collected. (We saw this at the Candlier Park festival this past weekend and now I’m all “fired up” to do it.

9.      Less negativity at work

 I’ve talked Charlie in to doing this with me. I’m also going to take you through each day of my journey so that goes along with more writing (9). Anyone else want to join me or is doing something similar please share.






2 thoughts on “30 days/30 things

  1. I’m doing something similar to this, but mostly focus on slowing down and enjoying things offline, being content, seeing the positive light and its really hard! I am behind on a few posts of yours so I will have to catch up on how you are doing.

    Oh and I hear the only way to get off the Candy Crush is complete deletion. I never succumbed to this game and I’m so glad!


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