Halloween chex mix

Last week just s*cked. I didn’t get the job and two friends passed away. Not a good week.

This week I’m just trying go day to day, one foot in front of the other. When I walk the dogs and pass Bob’s house and see all the cars parked out front from mourning Nina then I think life cannot be as bad as what he’s going through. Everything’s always relative. I’ve been taking the dogs on long walks after work. It’s good for them and they enjoy it. I took them to the dog park the other day and we jogged the trails though the woods a bit.

At work they decided to give us our back pay and then pat themselves on the backs for being so great in figuring this out. We should bow down and kiss their feet for being such champs in getting us paid. Meanwhile, we won’t get our back pay until the middle of November. I have bills that are late because of it. No one thought to take into account us having late payments from not getting paid the middle of October, no, of course not.

I left the office yesterday to drive up to north Georgia to try and settle a property line dispute we’re having on one of our sites. It was nice getting out of the office for the day. I drove the company car which is a Dodge Challenger that hauls @ss. I rolled down the window and took in the air. It was a warm, fall day and the leaves have just turned. I turned off I-85 and flew down a winding, country road past pastures full of cows and fields with John Deer’s running.

After circling the downtown three times I pulled up directions to the tax assessor’s office. Surely I couldn’t get lost in such a small town. I finally had to take a road off the square and ended up turning in between a 25 cents carwash and urgent care clinic. I went into a building built in the 50’s era and pushed a bell on the desk. A woman came out with a heavier southern accent than my own. [must be a Georgia native] I asked for Missy.

“Let me go get Mee-sy.” And she left to find her.

Just then another woman came out with an even deeper accent and said, “Hi, I’m Mee-sy.” I had to take a double look at her business card to verify her name was spelled Missy and not Meesy.

I followed her down the hall to her office and we started pulling up old deeds. While she was doing so her phone rang and she picked up.

“Hi, yes can I call you back I’m beesy right now with a customer.”

The oldest of the deeds we were looking for wasn’t in the system. “You’ll have to go down to the courthouse to the clerk of court and pull the old deed. Do you know how to find it?”

“Uh, yeah, I think I circled it about 3 times.”

“Yes, it’s downtown on the square. You know how to get there? You turn right out of here and go up a ways and turn right again and go past the church…..”

You would have thought I was going to the next city over with her directions. The downtown was practically spitting distance from there. But, it’s all relative. I found my way to the clerk and when I got there I found who I presumed to be “Frankie” who was in charge of the court’s old deeds and plats passing out computer monitors to three elderly women who I presumed must have worked there since before I was born. They were Betty, Connie and Myrtle.

“Yes, what can I do for you?” Frankie

“I just was talking to Miss – er – Meesy down at the tax assessor’s office and she sent me here for some old deeds.”

“Ok, Connie can help you. CONNIE! Can you help her out? Meesy sent her down here.”

“Right this way.” Connie.

I went back to the tax office to see Missy and we deducted that we still hadn’t solved the property line issue. She would have to get with her GIS person to see if they could type in the meets and bounds (which, was old – more like chains and iron posts) to see how it overlaid. So, I left and headed for lunch. I got off the highway meaning to hit the outlets but missed my turn, ended up down a country road and coming out at the back end of Ruby Tuesdays which has a great salad bar and realized that it was meant to be, parked and went inside.

So, that was my day yesterday. Just moving on and trying not to get stressed out anymore. I work Saturday but Sunday I’m off the first since mid October. Hopefully, Charlie and I will be able to get out of town for Thanksgiving with the new camper, which, we haven’t even played with yet. Keep your fingers crossed her new work schedule will allow this. I think we both could use a mini vacation and to get out of town for a few days. I envision making Cornish hens on a grill for Thanksgiving.

Happy Halloween, btw! I’ll be drinking a pumpkin beer tonight and way to go RedSox!


Stupido zoppo pizza

Last week some neighbors up the road took Charlie and I out for pizza. They are flying to New Hampshire this week and getting married so we wanted to celebrate a little before they left town. They took us to Sapori di fancy Italian name for shit pizza Napoli

Neither Charlie or I had been there before, the place is relatively new and I had been wanting to try it. I’m always a little suspicious of upscale pizza places. I mean, it doesn’t take a lot to make a good pie and what’s the big deal? We can go to Jack’s pizza and get an excellent slice for $4.99 (and a 40 oz beer….). We walked in and it appeared that you had to order at the counter. Since there were four of us the woman behind the counter said we could be seated and she would come over and take our order. We sat down at a table and she came over to fill water glasses. While she was doing so she splashed water all over the table and on Charlie’s iPhone and didn’t say anything about it until she noticed Charlie rubbing the phone on her jeans to dry it off. She then said, “Oh, I’m sorry did I get your phone?”

I wanted to say, “Is it not obvious?”

“That’s ok, just a little water.” Charlie said.

She left and we went back to talking until it became aparent that she wasn’t returning to take our order. So, we got up to go back up to the counter to do so. None of the pizzas on the menu offered the combination of toppings Charlie and I wanted so we decided to create our own. Melanie placed her order and I asked for a pizza with sausage, mushrooms and eggplant.

“Oh, we’re out of eggplant but you could order this eggplant appetizer and put it on your pizza but it will be more expensive to do so.” From the same woman as before.

This made no sense.

“Ok, how about spinach, mushroom and olives?”

“Spinach.Mushrooms and olives.” She said dryly looking at me like I was an idiot.

 “Yes. Is that so unreasonable?” at the same time thinking, Why is this woman giving me sh*t?

“Hey, can we do a speciality pizza of spinach, mushrooms and olives?” she yelled over her shoulder at the guys behind her.

I couldn’t believe it – you would have thought I was ordering squid in ink and a 100 year old ostridge egg on my pizza.

She got confirmation from the two guys who spoke little english making the pizzas.

“Yes, they can make that but it will be an extra $6 upcharge.”

I started to cop a real attitude but Melanie jumped in and said, “It’s ok Lanie – we got this.”

If someone else hadn’t been paying I would have raised hell but I didn’t want to embarras them. They had asked us to go there with them. We ordered beers and went back to the table. When I asked if they would bring the beers the woman said she’d bring them over. I wasn’t feeling confident about that. When we got back to the table we explained to Charlie and Deb what happened.

“I wouldn’t put it past that woman to leave off the cheese and tomato sauce.” Charlie said.

I jumped up and went back up there because I thought the same. One of the guys saw me coming and asked me if everything was ok. No, I’m going to choke that woman behind the counter, I thought.  I verified with him that my speciality pizza would indeed come with cheese and sauce and he nodded yes. Relieved I went back and sat down.

“It’s coming with cheese and sauce.”

“Whew. Ok.”

Just then we heard a blood curdling scream and then massive banging on one of the tables. The couple across the room had two kids toddler age who were either screaming or banging on the table with their building blocks.

“Would you have let your children do that?” Deb asked Charlie.

“No, we would have gone outside. Plus, I wouldn’t have brought toddlers to this kind of restaurant.”

For once I longed for a smokey bar that didn’t allow kids.

The banging and screaming continued and then our beers were served by one of the guys making the pizza. Half of mine was spilled on me.

“Oh, sorry, sorry” he said in a heavy accent as he mopped it up.

“It’s ok – can you just top this off? You don’t have to serve me a whole new one.”

“This is nuts.” Charlie said as he walked away.

Just then another couple sat down at a tabel next to us with two very cute boys who were very quiet.

“Look at them, they’re being so good UNLIKE OTHER PEOPLES KIDS.” I said, turning around and glaring at the people with the toddlers who were still screaming and banging on the table.

Finally, our pizzas were served without pepper flakes or parmession cheese. We had to ask the couple at the table next to us to pass it over. I picked up a slice of the $25 pizza and it slumped and all the toppings fell off.

This is a pet peeve of mine. When people say, “Oh I love thin crust.” I suspect sometimes they like thin crust because they think they can eat more pizza because it’s thin. I like either normal or thick crust. My favorite is sicilian although it’s very hard to find good sicilian pizza in Atlanta. I like my pizza to be stiff when I pick it up, toppings intact (and this can even be accomplished with good thin crust, too). Not slumping all over dripping grease. I thought back to the pizza that BABs ordered for us at work from Pizza Hut and it rocked compared to this and I bet he paid under $25 for both large pizzas. (one had cheese stuffed crust, too, which I’d never had but wondered how I’d gotten so far in life without ever having it and vowed to have it again before I died.)

Not to complain but other than the company the restaurant in my opinion was a complete bust. Next time we’re taking them out – probably to Pizza Hut or Jack’s pizza and Wings.

CP and a tribute

It was years ago that I started going to this little bar named The Corner Pub (CP). It was in a different location as it is now. It was down in this line of shops that now has a pizza joint on one end, a wonderful Lebanese restaurant on the other (ironically, in the same location as CP was) and a beer growler in the middle.

That CP location was a lot warmer in my vague memory. It was my favorite bar then. I had dinner there almost one night a week – usually, on Monday nights when they had ½ off on their entrees. I usually got the jerk pork chop, grilled sweet potatoes and red beans and rice. (They since took that entree off their menu much to us old timers chagrin).

This was back in the day I was friends with Meagan and Alana and the three of us met out for dinner quite a bit. This was probably the Beverly days. (ex gf.) One night I stole a pint glass that I really wanted (I still have it, too) much to the horror of Meagan and Alana. I think that was the last time I went to the old place because shortly after that it burned down. The dry cleaner next door had a bad fire and it spread to CP.

I was heartbroken. I had to find somewhere else to drink and eat. Then, I moved into a relationship with weird monkey woman (wmw). By this time CP had finally received an insurance settlement and was rebuilding up the street. I was thrilled! When they were in the final stages I would drive by in hopes of seeing a grand opening sign. (This was before FaceBook or I’m sure I would have “liked” it). Finally, it opened and wmw and I went there quite a bit for dinner and drinks. I think it was later I met the parents of the owner – Bob & Nina.  So, every time after that when I went in there I would always say hi to them. Bob looks like a skinny Santa Claus with a long grey and white beard. He’s always coming by and giving me a hug and kiss on the cheek and saying, “Hi, honey you doing ok?”

Normally, I don’t appreciate being touched by old men let alone hugged and kissed but it was different with him. He reminded me of my grandfather (although, I would never tell him that – I don’t want him to feel like he’s an old man). I brought gf’s after wmw in there and some would find it weird that we greeted like that. They would wrinkle their noses and say, “Who’s that?” and I would explain and Hippy Dippy (sans Hannah) refused to go in there with me saying that some of her artwork burned in the old place and she never got compensated. I knew then we weren’t going anywhere (along with her being a stoner, a hippy and a little too much hair for my liking not to mention just plain annoying). I would stop in on my way home from work to grab a beer. Sometimes I texted Opie (who always hangs out there) and we’d meet up there for a drink. When I first took Charlie there she took to the parents and bar right away.

I would always go outside and hug Nina who was always holding court around a large table filled with people. I could never get a chair at that table because it was always full but I was ok with this because I always liked just sitting at the bar that wrapped around almost the entire interior and was polished wood that would hold your body temperature in the winter and keep you warm. (Unlike the stone and metal bars that you cringe putting your arms on in the winter) A good bar has to soak in the body heat and hold you there – keep you warm and cozy in the winter and cool in the summer.

My sister being the food snob she is loved the food there despite it being a bar. She took to Bob and Nina as well. The last time she was here we walked by their house at the lake and popped in and said hi. Nina showed my sister her garden and they talked for a good thirty minutes about plants and flowers. Nina was always transplanting some shrub or flower from somewhere or looking for conifers  which were her passion.

It was the week I was on furlough, Opie was visiting and told me that there was a rumor out that Nina had cancer and that it was advanced and untreatable. It was going around the bar but everyone who knew anything acted hush about it. No one had seen Bob or Nina for weeks. There was talk that she was having trouble walking. The Friday before last when I was on furlough I was walking the dogs around the lake keeping an eye on Bob’s truck parked out in front of their house. I was wondering if they were going down to CP and if so I was going to run up there and give Nina the cookies I’d baked that day and a bird feeder that Charlie had made her months ago and hadn’t had a chance to give it to her.

Opie called and said she was heading there. I said that I was looking at Bob’s truck at that moment and that I didn’t think they were going that night. She said ok that if I wanted to run up there to let her know. Later, Charlie was home and we were sitting in our usual spots in the carport having beers when Opie called and said they’d just gotten to CP. She was in the bathroom crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said that Nina just looked so bad.

“Go to the bar and order a Jameson and we’ll be right there.”

Charlie and I downed the rest of our beers, grabbed the feeder and the cookies and hopped in the truck only to be stopped by the neighborhood police officer at the end of the road. He was working the high school football game and as we were pulling out he asked if we lived there and we very friendly said Yes, and pointed to our house. Somehow he ended up with his arms draped over the window of the truck, one foot on the foot rail talking about motorcycles. (I do have a way of emitting the motorcycle aura) Not wanting to be rude but thinking at that same time, “Is he being nice or is he going to slap a breathalyzer on us and how pathetic that would be?”  

Finally, Charlie’s phone rang and I said, “Sorry that must be our friends looking for us. It was nice meeting you blah, blah, blah….” and finally got out of there. I was relieved they were still there by the time we got there. We pulled up a stool at Nina’s table after hugs and sat down. I spied Opie across the bar, recovered with a smile on her face. Bob came over and we hugged. There was no mention of anything except Nina saying she hated the cane she had in her hand. We gave her the feeder and cookies and moved over to the bar and spoke with Opie. We had a few drinks and then went home to grill out. We’d had chicken marinating that whole time.

“I’m glad we went up there.”

“Me too, it was good seeing them.”

-and, that was the last we saw Nina because Opie called yesterday and said she had passed. I couldn’t believe so soon. That place (and life)  is not going to be the same without her. This adds to my ghost list. Yeah, after Laura died every time I go to the Brick store I see her. I’m sure I will see Nina around at CP, too.



mid week chex mix

Does anyone think The Walking Dead is starting off kind of [yawn] boring? I’m not going to do a spoiler but I will say that the ongoing theme right now is a sleeper.

Things are still the same this week. I had my interview on Monday with the director of the department. I thought it went fairly well. I’m not going to go into blow by blow but I did my homework before it and felt that I hit the high points really well, got good feedback and now I’m waiting – again. They said they’d make a decision this week. Whatever that means. It’s typically been two week gaps between progress with these guys so I’m really not holding my breath that I will hear anything by Friday. It would be nice but yeah, no.

I’m probably working again this weekend. While I’m sick of it I’m also thankful for the work. I’m just trying to hang in, rest up and be ready. BABs moved out of his cube in our office this past week and into an office down the hall with four walls. This is a relief to everyone. Even though he still walks through our office from time to time announcing how his family all has the flu. [Bastard] We follow up spraying all our desks when he leaves. I’m just constantly amazed at how rude he and Noel are but there is a thing called Karma and that gives me a lot of comfort. I already know what I’m going to say if I do get another job and leave. I’m going to wait for him to ask me where I’m going and I’m going to say “Why, I’m going to City of ________ to work for your old boss! Man, did he have a lot to say about you!” Let him follow up and see I’m lying – because I would never tell him where I was going.

But, I’m not holding my breath, counting my chickens, or anything.

I’m just trying to survive. That’s all.


monday chex mix

Friday was so unbelievably horrible at work that I won’t even go in to details. To top it off I went out to my favorite burrito place to have some comfort food for lunch and ended up locking my keys in my car. I had to call a locksmith and wait an hour for him to get there. The guy who showed up looked……exactly like someone who breaks into cars for a living.

At least I got an email asking if I’d come in for another interview on Monday. It’s at 3:00 today so keep your fingers, toes and whatever appendages you have available crossed. I decided to take the day off and prepare for it and not bring any bad office ju-ju into it. I’m going to go pick up my suit at the dry cleaners (and probably drop off my other one) and do a little prepping.

This weekend I taught a class so I needed to rest up today anyway. A friend of ours had gone through a breakup over the weekend and came over to cry in her beer. Charlie did the AIDS walk with Ellen and her new squeeze. We went to the Mexican restaurant on Saturday night and Opie came out and met us. So, it was a weekend of socializing and then some. Charlie starts her new job today! Wish her luck!

So, happy Monday, that’s all I’ve got. Wish me luck!

a whole lot of nothing

It’s Friday.


I know, I should be happy but I’m not. I have to work this weekend anyway because we need the money. My department yesterday got a text from Noel that we were up and running and to get to work as soon as possible. It was 10:15 in the morning and I was still in my pajamas, drinking coffee. I flipped off my iPhone and texted back that I would be in as soon as I could probably by 11:30. My immediate was livid because she had had to quit her childcare because she had no money to pay for it and was staying home with the kids. She had to bring them in with her that day (even though she has hundreds of comp hours she could have used but wasn’t given permission to).

I drove in barely suppressing my rage at the situation. We were told that we probably wouldn’t be getting any back pay for the time we were off. So, let’s see – we’re state employees so we should have been working this whole time. BUT – oh, no we’re federally funded so we were furloughed with the feds. BUT WAIT – the feds are getting their back pay but we aren’t because we’re state employees and state employees don’t get paid for not working. How does that work? F*Ckers – it’s either one or the other – we’re state employees that should have been working or we’re fed’s that get back pay – not both.

I prayed in the car on the way, “Just think the F-bomb, don’t say it. If someone says something to p*ss you off just go on headphones. Play your Angry playlist.”

I was proud, I only dropped it once in front of my immediate (she was able to drop her kids off at a friend’s house) and she said her husband and her had a bet on how many F-bombs would be dropped that day.

People came in and shouted “Welcome back!!” not only obnoxious but just the act alone made me want to shout Shut the F-up!  –especially if they were a federal employee. I had to go on head phones again. Assistant director came in and asked immediate if she would talk to the HR director who she’s chums with and see about only cutting a few days at a time out of our paychecks so we wouldn’t feel the pain so much. Everyone on the hill was meeting about what to do about our pay yesterday. No answers, no direction what-so-ever. There was talk about us using our vacation time plus any sick time but only if we had Dr.’s appmt receipts and those were only worth 4 hours of time – which, is b.s. because we can miss two days without any dr.’s excuses. I got a call into my chiro who I visited while we were out to see if he can write me some.

BAB’s came in and said his son almost died in jump school. Other than that, that was the only thing I cared about coming out of his mouth. His son’s ok but I had had a premonition while we were out that he was in trouble after reading an article in the paper. It was really weird.

Noel wanted to know where we were at in this database we were making edits to before we got let go and I was like, “WTF, I’m still sifting through my email. Plus, the feds that run this sh*t have been out who knows if it’s even up and running. They just got back, too, dude.” Chill-the-f*ck-out.

I drove home in torrential rain, traffic on the highway bad. I got a call from Opie wondering if I had had a chance to go over to her house to plant the blueberry bushes she had. I told her I’d gotten called in shortly after we had spoken that morning and I hadn’t had a chance to go over there. She groaned and said, “Oh, so how was that?” I invited her over for some Jamison and cookies. So, we sat on the porch and drank and ate cookies (which, Sadie wanted really bad) and I told her about my day. Later, Charlie came home with beer and we sat and had a beer and then went to get Chinese takeout and watch True Blood.

So, that was my day -today, more of the same and still no answers. I guess I should be happy we’re at least back and earning $$. I still haven’t heard anything from the other job(s). Nothing. I guess that’s the theme this week is a whole lot of nothing and being in limbo.


same ol’

Same old.

I haven’t written anything because nothings changed. I’m still shutdown and waiting to see if I’m going to get that other job. The last we left it was that I was still going to have a phone interview with the director but after last Tuesday’s second interview I heard nothing. Plus, Monday was a holiday so I doubted I was going to hear anything until Tuesday – if then. I sent the manager an email yesterday morning saying I would be available this week for a phone interview just let me know. By three I decided to just pick up the phone and call him. I wanted to know what was up. For all I knew they could have just gone ahead and hired the guy from Nebraska and been done with it. He answered and apologized again for the wait. He was still trying to get the director to make time in her schedule to interview both me and that guy from Nebraska (apparently, she wasn’t available for him last week, either). I told him that I was pretty much available all week and if she needed me to come down there again, I would be more than happy to. (Thinking a face to face was still going to be better than a phone interview and wanting to get a leg up on Nebraska). So, that’s where it is right now. I don’t imagine it’s going to be this week that I see her. At the same time I’m thinking, What the f*ck, lady?

I managed to pick up a motorcycle class last weekend and while I was happy to have the work/$ it was Pride weekend. Saturday evening after class Charlie and I went out to Pride down at the park and listened to music and walked around. It was fun but later we decided that Sunday night was where it was at that we’d definitely do that next year. Sunday night I came home wanting to go to the Mexican restaurant and watch The Walking Dead premier. So, that’s where we went. I thought it started out very slow this year but I think it will gain momentum and next thing you know it will all be over and we’ll have to wait another year for another season.

Today, I’m going out to the farmers market to get stuff for dinner tonight and Friday night. We have friends coming over for dinner that night that I want to make lasagna for. This weekend I picked up another motorcycle class. Thank Goddess for my part time job(s) that have always gotten me through when working for the man hasn’t.

I’ll keep y’all up to date on the situation but don’t hold your breath anything is going to happen soon.


Today when I woke up my shoulder felt enormously better and I felt optomistic. Charlie brought me coffee in bed and later when we walked the dogs I told her that I was feeling optomistic today. We went for a long walk around the lake, up a block and then home for breakfast.

After breakfast we were both on our computers in our respective offices when she shouted, “I’ve got an offer!” Meaning she got an offer for the job she interviewed for this last Monday. I went in and she downloaded the attachment with the offer. I coached her on her reply and after she sent it off she sat back in the chair and said, “I’m in shock!” 

“I’m not. I knew they’d be stupid not to hire you. Congrats, baby!”

She landed a position as a vet tech at an shelter very close to the house with health benefits – which, is a lot more than we both expected. (It’s rare vet techs get health benefits – in fact, the last job similar she interviewed for didn’t offer them.)

“See, I knew that other vet tech job you interviewed for wasn’t meant to be.” 

She called her current and soon former boss and told him that next Friday would be her last day. She gave him a week and two days notice – which, is amazing considering she may not make any $$ on days she goes to the hospital and do massages and when she does he takes half of what she makes and offers no benefits. I call him her massage pimp because that’s what he is. He took it ok but still told her that this was going to put him out and that he’d have to find someone else there. Yeah, eat it, pimp.

I feel great for her!

Afterwards, I took the dogs down to this fancy salon in the Highlands for Sadie to get her nails drimeled. Since my shoulder has been bad I can’t hold her while Charlie does it so I decided to just suck it up and pay someone to do it. The dogs and I loaded up and rode down there and Bailey and I waited outside while the groomer did Sadie’s nails. Then, we went into their fancy salon store and looked at overpriced toys and dog sweaters. Finally, we took off for Piedmont park (not until after walking through the highlands and everyone on the sidewalk acting like I had two Cujo’s on a leash coming towards them to knaw their faces off. Obviously, the Highlands people arn’t acclimated to canines which is surprising since it’s so close to the park and Midtown.) We parked at Amsterdam Place and took the back path into the park past the dog park (which, both dogs have decided that they are either too good for that place or it’s for babies and they’re not babies anymore – regardless, they’ve turned their noses up at the place) We did the big loop and came back on the Beltline wooded trail. We ran into some pervert guy back there trying to score a hookup and Bailey barked at him. I mean, how tiresome. Go pick up trade somewhere else, dude.

We got back to Amsterdam and decided to go to Amsterdam cafe and have a beer and a big bowl of iced water. Here are some pics.



The dogs are really good posers – I always set them up and tell them to wait and they won’t move. Later, we stopped off to get the ingrediants to make Charlie and celebratory meal. Cheers!

2nd time’s a charm

I had my second interview yesterday for this job that has been courting me since early September. This interview was to be a technical demonstration interview and meeting the director. Well, the director had a conflicting meeting and couldn’t be there but the manager assured me we could still do the technical portion of the interview and that the director would be in touch with a time we could do a phone interview. It was a bit strange but I went with it. After my technical demonstration (I simply sat down at his computer and showed him how to create a geodatabase and import a shapefile into it) he took me around the office and introduced me to his team. He said he wanted me to meet everyone and introduced me by name and as their potential GIS Analyst candidate. That was a little strange, too. I wondered if I didn’t get the job if people would come up and ask, “Hey, where’s that nice lady we met that was the candidate? Did we not hire her?” I mean, if you’re going to commit to introducing someone to the entire team wouldn’t you almost be sure you were going to hire them before you did that? Maybe it’s just me.


We went through and I met everyone except one gentleman who was on the phone who he really wanted me to meet. We went back into his office to wait and talk a bit. I asked him how soon he was looking to get someone in and he said by the end of the month. That he had one more interview on Thursday with a guy who was in Nebraska via Skype. I wondered how much that guy had over me via Skype. How were they going to see him do the technical portion of the interview? He wasn’t going to be able to meet the team. I wondered if it was just their procedure to pick three for the final. I told him that I could potentially be available sooner than the allotted two weeks because I was on a furlough. (I’m still trying to find out if you can actually resign during a furlough) He said he was surprised because he didn’t think I was affected and I said it was surprising to us, too. Here we thought we were state government but our money is 100% federally funded. We talked about the shutdown and it seemed that both our opinions on it coincided. The guy who was on the phone finally stuck his head in and introduce himself. After that he walked me out and I told him that if he were looking for someone to hit the ground running then I would probably be available. He said that was good because he had just gotten the proposal approved to do the project that I would start on.

I left feeling good about it but I’ve felt good about the last three and I have yet to get a new job. I know I will find out by the end of the week if I get this one. That is, if we can ever schedule the director lady to speak to me. It’s all a bit maddening. I’m just dying for a reason to quit – especially, since yesterday I found out that they are only partially paying us for this furlough and there’s no end in sight. I got an email forwarded from my immediate from the Human Resources Director (whose salary is 100% state funded) that said “Please keep your questions to a minimum, Sally is swamped working during this furlough” I thought “Oh, poor Sally at least she’s working!”


more ribs

Charlie and I are going for a bike ride. The bike is all clean and ready to be ridden. I took it out for a little on Friday around town. I always have a route that I like – it’s a big loop down Ponce past Olmstead park, looping back over through 4th Ward and up DeKalb Ave sometimes if there’s a wild hair through the Krog tunnel.


Yesterday, we went to a festival in our neighborhood. We walked up to it with the dogs. It was very hot and both dogs were panting. We stopped in the shade for a water break. There was music and tents and food at the fest and we walked around. One tent was a chiropractor giving free assessments. I went over and told him my problem and he had me lay down on his table.

“Yep, you have a rib out.” 

I don’t know why I didn’t figure that out. That used to happen alot. In ’96 I had a collapsed lung that led to a surgery on my lung. I have a scar that wraps around my entire side to the middle of my back where they cut me open, cranked my ribs apart to staple the top of my lung shut. (It was a congenital condition where I had blips of large cells that leaked air causing my lung to collapse from time to time – very inconvenient) Because of the scar tissue from that it causes some of my ribs to be a little unstable and sometimes one pops out and ends up lodged between the tissue and against a nerve. It’s something that a minor chiro adjustment and rest can fix it’s just getting in to one. All three of the ones I use were out yesterday so I have to wait until Monday morning. It seems like chiros here act like they do you a huge favor in adjusting you and still charge exorbitant fees. It’s kind of maddening. Some act like their car salesmen wanting to see you back in there in a few days and put you on a payment plan. The guy I go to now isn’t like that. He’s a no-nonsense gay guy who’s strong enough to really get the tough areas. I like that and he’s reasonable and I pay him cash. But, still – he was out a seminar yesterday. Mornings and nights really suck – I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since last week. I wake up in considerable pain and have to sleep on my back all night which I hate doing. I haven’t been able to cuddle Charlie for days. I know – waa, waa, waa. I’m going to stop complaining now 😉

Last night we went out for a burger and fries and watched football. We stopped off at the Growler store on the way home and then sat out in the carport listening to music and having some beers. It was such a nice night out. It finally cooled off and felt nice. We later went in a checked off one of the things on my Oct. list 😉 (on the more side of the list) and then watched a True Blood episode.

There’s a bicycle ride around Atlanta today that I really wanted to do but I don’t think my shoulder could take. So, after the bike ride we’re stopping off at bocce to see Ellen play (along with her two admirers. Since Louise left Ellen’s been beating them off with a stick. She’s the eligible bachelorette of Decatur now). We were out and about last weekend with the dogs and stopped by but the people at the restaurant where they hold bocce forbid us to bring the dogs into the area. It was ridiculous because it was an outdoor space that was open on one end with mulch on the ground – really not considered part of the restaurant. We had to stand outside the fence and finish our luke-warm beers. I saw an ex of a friend of ours who I cannot stand. I think I’ve b*tched talked about her before on here. We did the head nod of acknoweledgment but that was it. Then, I went around to the [outside] bar to get beers and ask if we could have the dogs back there and ran into the foreman of the landscaping company I used to work for (those of you that read me when I was Fruit on the Bottom will remember her being “Blower Woman”) She was all like “Hey, Lanie! Good to see you?” 

I had to look behind me to make sure there wasn’t another Lanie standing there because I couldn’t believe the warm reception. I let by-gones be by-gones and said, “Hey, [Blower Woman] how are you?” 

We talked for a minute and I was sure to drop I was still working for the Government but was interviewing at other places. Let her go back to her boss (who let me go for taking on other landscape work on days I didn’t work for her while I was unemployed) and tell her she ran in to me. I wonder if I’ll get another call from her that she’s thinking of me and wants to renew the friendship. I used to get these calls and emails about once a year. Since there was never an apology involved in any of her messages or communication I decided that my life was better off without her.

I came back with the lukewarm beers and Charlie asked what took so long. “Saw Blower Woman. It was weird.” 

I felt like an outsider standing outside the fence drinking beer so I downed mine and said, “are you ready?”

We left after that and went home. Then, little did I know I was going to be packed off to home on Tuesday. I never know the weeks and what’s before us. I only hope that after this next one we see good things. I’m being optomistic.