Day 3

Day 3 – I threw the bike in the back of the truck and went to air up the tires, pick up some yummy bread and desert at the farmers market and mail my Netflix discs. I came home and sated carrots, celery, garlic and chicken and put them into the lentil soup that was already in the crock pot. I changed into my biking shorts and left the house and headed for the bike trail that leaves from the town close by. I parked by the trail and pulled the bike out and rode from there. I went all the way down to Candlier park (This is the Stone Mountain trail although I was riding away from Stone Mtn.) and further down to Moreland Avenue before turning around. I stopped at a sculpture that I personally titled The Vagina or Labia. I laid down on the pavement and popped my back. My shoulder has been killing me lately. The only relief I’ve been getting is icing it, Charlie rubbing it and taking Aleve.

photo 2

I rode back and decided to ride over to the Kroger and pick up a RedBox movie. I wanted to see The Great Gatsby. (it was good) when I was riding back to my car this car passed me inches from my leg. I was p*ssed. I rode up to it at a stoplight and shouted “HEY!” (I scared the sh*t out of this man and woman in the car – they were probably totally clueless they almost hit me) They jumped and I shouted, “YOU ALMOST HIT ME!” and, then I calmly turned down the street and headed for my truck. I hoped that I’d scared them as much as they scared me. F*ckers….I should really consider getting a bike helmet.

I went home after that and took a shower and waited for Charlie to get home. Once she was home we went for a walk with the dogs and then ate and watched the movie. I did write in my journal and I avoided FaceBook like the plaque. I have no desire to sit around and read stuff about this and I only allowed myself to talk to Charlie and Ellen all day because they were the only two people I felt like talking to.

Day 4 – Filing for Unemployment – Again! To be contined…..


2 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. My friend rides his bike with a camera on his helmet at all times now. Motorists are ass hats, however, some cyclists are as well. Especially in San Diego where they don’t think that street signs apply to them.


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