more ribs

Charlie and I are going for a bike ride. The bike is all clean and ready to be ridden. I took it out for a little on Friday around town. I always have a route that I like – it’s a big loop down Ponce past Olmstead park, looping back over through 4th Ward and up DeKalb Ave sometimes if there’s a wild hair through the Krog tunnel.


Yesterday, we went to a festival in our neighborhood. We walked up to it with the dogs. It was very hot and both dogs were panting. We stopped in the shade for a water break. There was music and tents and food at the fest and we walked around. One tent was a chiropractor giving free assessments. I went over and told him my problem and he had me lay down on his table.

“Yep, you have a rib out.” 

I don’t know why I didn’t figure that out. That used to happen alot. In ’96 I had a collapsed lung that led to a surgery on my lung. I have a scar that wraps around my entire side to the middle of my back where they cut me open, cranked my ribs apart to staple the top of my lung shut. (It was a congenital condition where I had blips of large cells that leaked air causing my lung to collapse from time to time – very inconvenient) Because of the scar tissue from that it causes some of my ribs to be a little unstable and sometimes one pops out and ends up lodged between the tissue and against a nerve. It’s something that a minor chiro adjustment and rest can fix it’s just getting in to one. All three of the ones I use were out yesterday so I have to wait until Monday morning. It seems like chiros here act like they do you a huge favor in adjusting you and still charge exorbitant fees. It’s kind of maddening. Some act like their car salesmen wanting to see you back in there in a few days and put you on a payment plan. The guy I go to now isn’t like that. He’s a no-nonsense gay guy who’s strong enough to really get the tough areas. I like that and he’s reasonable and I pay him cash. But, still – he was out a seminar yesterday. Mornings and nights really suck – I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since last week. I wake up in considerable pain and have to sleep on my back all night which I hate doing. I haven’t been able to cuddle Charlie for days. I know – waa, waa, waa. I’m going to stop complaining now 😉

Last night we went out for a burger and fries and watched football. We stopped off at the Growler store on the way home and then sat out in the carport listening to music and having some beers. It was such a nice night out. It finally cooled off and felt nice. We later went in a checked off one of the things on my Oct. list 😉 (on the more side of the list) and then watched a True Blood episode.

There’s a bicycle ride around Atlanta today that I really wanted to do but I don’t think my shoulder could take. So, after the bike ride we’re stopping off at bocce to see Ellen play (along with her two admirers. Since Louise left Ellen’s been beating them off with a stick. She’s the eligible bachelorette of Decatur now). We were out and about last weekend with the dogs and stopped by but the people at the restaurant where they hold bocce forbid us to bring the dogs into the area. It was ridiculous because it was an outdoor space that was open on one end with mulch on the ground – really not considered part of the restaurant. We had to stand outside the fence and finish our luke-warm beers. I saw an ex of a friend of ours who I cannot stand. I think I’ve b*tched talked about her before on here. We did the head nod of acknoweledgment but that was it. Then, I went around to the [outside] bar to get beers and ask if we could have the dogs back there and ran into the foreman of the landscaping company I used to work for (those of you that read me when I was Fruit on the Bottom will remember her being “Blower Woman”) She was all like “Hey, Lanie! Good to see you?” 

I had to look behind me to make sure there wasn’t another Lanie standing there because I couldn’t believe the warm reception. I let by-gones be by-gones and said, “Hey, [Blower Woman] how are you?” 

We talked for a minute and I was sure to drop I was still working for the Government but was interviewing at other places. Let her go back to her boss (who let me go for taking on other landscape work on days I didn’t work for her while I was unemployed) and tell her she ran in to me. I wonder if I’ll get another call from her that she’s thinking of me and wants to renew the friendship. I used to get these calls and emails about once a year. Since there was never an apology involved in any of her messages or communication I decided that my life was better off without her.

I came back with the lukewarm beers and Charlie asked what took so long. “Saw Blower Woman. It was weird.” 

I felt like an outsider standing outside the fence drinking beer so I downed mine and said, “are you ready?”

We left after that and went home. Then, little did I know I was going to be packed off to home on Tuesday. I never know the weeks and what’s before us. I only hope that after this next one we see good things. I’m being optomistic.





One thought on “more ribs

  1. Im loving the check off on number 7.. which by the way happens to be my lucky number,,,,you can keep on repeating that number as many times as you like,, love xoxox


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