2nd time’s a charm

I had my second interview yesterday for this job that has been courting me since early September. This interview was to be a technical demonstration interview and meeting the director. Well, the director had a conflicting meeting and couldn’t be there but the manager assured me we could still do the technical portion of the interview and that the director would be in touch with a time we could do a phone interview. It was a bit strange but I went with it. After my technical demonstration (I simply sat down at his computer and showed him how to create a geodatabase and import a shapefile into it) he took me around the office and introduced me to his team. He said he wanted me to meet everyone and introduced me by name and as their potential GIS Analyst candidate. That was a little strange, too. I wondered if I didn’t get the job if people would come up and ask, “Hey, where’s that nice lady we met that was the candidate? Did we not hire her?” I mean, if you’re going to commit to introducing someone to the entire team wouldn’t you almost be sure you were going to hire them before you did that? Maybe it’s just me.


We went through and I met everyone except one gentleman who was on the phone who he really wanted me to meet. We went back into his office to wait and talk a bit. I asked him how soon he was looking to get someone in and he said by the end of the month. That he had one more interview on Thursday with a guy who was in Nebraska via Skype. I wondered how much that guy had over me via Skype. How were they going to see him do the technical portion of the interview? He wasn’t going to be able to meet the team. I wondered if it was just their procedure to pick three for the final. I told him that I could potentially be available sooner than the allotted two weeks because I was on a furlough. (I’m still trying to find out if you can actually resign during a furlough) He said he was surprised because he didn’t think I was affected and I said it was surprising to us, too. Here we thought we were state government but our money is 100% federally funded. We talked about the shutdown and it seemed that both our opinions on it coincided. The guy who was on the phone finally stuck his head in and introduce himself. After that he walked me out and I told him that if he were looking for someone to hit the ground running then I would probably be available. He said that was good because he had just gotten the proposal approved to do the project that I would start on.

I left feeling good about it but I’ve felt good about the last three and I have yet to get a new job. I know I will find out by the end of the week if I get this one. That is, if we can ever schedule the director lady to speak to me. It’s all a bit maddening. I’m just dying for a reason to quit – especially, since yesterday I found out that they are only partially paying us for this furlough and there’s no end in sight. I got an email forwarded from my immediate from the Human Resources Director (whose salary is 100% state funded) that said “Please keep your questions to a minimum, Sally is swamped working during this furlough” I thought “Oh, poor Sally at least she’s working!”



3 thoughts on “2nd time’s a charm

  1. I don’t see why he would introduce you to anyone and not be seriously considering hiring you, and as far as the Skype interview, ugh, whatever. I hope that one bombs, I mean the guy would have to have time to move out there and get a place, whereas you are already set up. Hopefully they go with the better candidate!


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