same ol’

Same old.

I haven’t written anything because nothings changed. I’m still shutdown and waiting to see if I’m going to get that other job. The last we left it was that I was still going to have a phone interview with the director but after last Tuesday’s second interview I heard nothing. Plus, Monday was a holiday so I doubted I was going to hear anything until Tuesday – if then. I sent the manager an email yesterday morning saying I would be available this week for a phone interview just let me know. By three I decided to just pick up the phone and call him. I wanted to know what was up. For all I knew they could have just gone ahead and hired the guy from Nebraska and been done with it. He answered and apologized again for the wait. He was still trying to get the director to make time in her schedule to interview both me and that guy from Nebraska (apparently, she wasn’t available for him last week, either). I told him that I was pretty much available all week and if she needed me to come down there again, I would be more than happy to. (Thinking a face to face was still going to be better than a phone interview and wanting to get a leg up on Nebraska). So, that’s where it is right now. I don’t imagine it’s going to be this week that I see her. At the same time I’m thinking, What the f*ck, lady?

I managed to pick up a motorcycle class last weekend and while I was happy to have the work/$ it was Pride weekend. Saturday evening after class Charlie and I went out to Pride down at the park and listened to music and walked around. It was fun but later we decided that Sunday night was where it was at that we’d definitely do that next year. Sunday night I came home wanting to go to the Mexican restaurant and watch The Walking Dead premier. So, that’s where we went. I thought it started out very slow this year but I think it will gain momentum and next thing you know it will all be over and we’ll have to wait another year for another season.

Today, I’m going out to the farmers market to get stuff for dinner tonight and Friday night. We have friends coming over for dinner that night that I want to make lasagna for. This weekend I picked up another motorcycle class. Thank Goddess for my part time job(s) that have always gotten me through when working for the man hasn’t.

I’ll keep y’all up to date on the situation but don’t hold your breath anything is going to happen soon.


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