a whole lot of nothing

It’s Friday.


I know, I should be happy but I’m not. I have to work this weekend anyway because we need the money. My department yesterday got a text from Noel that we were up and running and to get to work as soon as possible. It was 10:15 in the morning and I was still in my pajamas, drinking coffee. I flipped off my iPhone and texted back that I would be in as soon as I could probably by 11:30. My immediate was livid because she had had to quit her childcare because she had no money to pay for it and was staying home with the kids. She had to bring them in with her that day (even though she has hundreds of comp hours she could have used but wasn’t given permission to).

I drove in barely suppressing my rage at the situation. We were told that we probably wouldn’t be getting any back pay for the time we were off. So, let’s see – we’re state employees so we should have been working this whole time. BUT – oh, no we’re federally funded so we were furloughed with the feds. BUT WAIT – the feds are getting their back pay but we aren’t because we’re state employees and state employees don’t get paid for not working. How does that work? F*Ckers – it’s either one or the other – we’re state employees that should have been working or we’re fed’s that get back pay – not both.

I prayed in the car on the way, “Just think the F-bomb, don’t say it. If someone says something to p*ss you off just go on headphones. Play your Angry playlist.”

I was proud, I only dropped it once in front of my immediate (she was able to drop her kids off at a friend’s house) and she said her husband and her had a bet on how many F-bombs would be dropped that day.

People came in and shouted “Welcome back!!” not only obnoxious but just the act alone made me want to shout Shut the F-up!  –especially if they were a federal employee. I had to go on head phones again. Assistant director came in and asked immediate if she would talk to the HR director who she’s chums with and see about only cutting a few days at a time out of our paychecks so we wouldn’t feel the pain so much. Everyone on the hill was meeting about what to do about our pay yesterday. No answers, no direction what-so-ever. There was talk about us using our vacation time plus any sick time but only if we had Dr.’s appmt receipts and those were only worth 4 hours of time – which, is b.s. because we can miss two days without any dr.’s excuses. I got a call into my chiro who I visited while we were out to see if he can write me some.

BAB’s came in and said his son almost died in jump school. Other than that, that was the only thing I cared about coming out of his mouth. His son’s ok but I had had a premonition while we were out that he was in trouble after reading an article in the paper. It was really weird.

Noel wanted to know where we were at in this database we were making edits to before we got let go and I was like, “WTF, I’m still sifting through my email. Plus, the feds that run this sh*t have been out who knows if it’s even up and running. They just got back, too, dude.” Chill-the-f*ck-out.

I drove home in torrential rain, traffic on the highway bad. I got a call from Opie wondering if I had had a chance to go over to her house to plant the blueberry bushes she had. I told her I’d gotten called in shortly after we had spoken that morning and I hadn’t had a chance to go over there. She groaned and said, “Oh, so how was that?” I invited her over for some Jamison and cookies. So, we sat on the porch and drank and ate cookies (which, Sadie wanted really bad) and I told her about my day. Later, Charlie came home with beer and we sat and had a beer and then went to get Chinese takeout and watch True Blood.

So, that was my day -today, more of the same and still no answers. I guess I should be happy we’re at least back and earning $$. I still haven’t heard anything from the other job(s). Nothing. I guess that’s the theme this week is a whole lot of nothing and being in limbo.



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