mid week chex mix

Does anyone think The Walking Dead is starting off kind of [yawn] boring? I’m not going to do a spoiler but I will say that the ongoing theme right now is a sleeper.

Things are still the same this week. I had my interview on Monday with the director of the department. I thought it went fairly well. I’m not going to go into blow by blow but I did my homework before it and felt that I hit the high points really well, got good feedback and now I’m waiting – again. They said they’d make a decision this week. Whatever that means. It’s typically been two week gaps between progress with these guys so I’m really not holding my breath that I will hear anything by Friday. It would be nice but yeah, no.

I’m probably working again this weekend. While I’m sick of it I’m also thankful for the work. I’m just trying to hang in, rest up and be ready. BABs moved out of his cube in our office this past week and into an office down the hall with four walls. This is a relief to everyone. Even though he still walks through our office from time to time announcing how his family all has the flu. [Bastard] We follow up spraying all our desks when he leaves. I’m just constantly amazed at how rude he and Noel are but there is a thing called Karma and that gives me a lot of comfort. I already know what I’m going to say if I do get another job and leave. I’m going to wait for him to ask me where I’m going and I’m going to say “Why, I’m going to City of ________ to work for your old boss! Man, did he have a lot to say about you!” Let him follow up and see I’m lying – because I would never tell him where I was going.

But, I’m not holding my breath, counting my chickens, or anything.

I’m just trying to survive. That’s all.



2 thoughts on “mid week chex mix

  1. Aren’t we all just trying to survive.

    I don’t really believe in Karma anymore. Its nice to think that someday these ass hats will get theirs, but it never really seems to pan out.


  2. Oh, but I do like the way TWD is starting. I think that it can get so crazy, and to see how things are… mutating.. for lack of a better word without spoiling things is kinda cool!


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