The weekend and stuff

Just a quick little update of the past week and weekend (that may turn into a longer post). Saturday I taught an experienced rider course with a guy I had never taught with before. It went well and he was pretty cool to work with – no problems, no issues, just pretty straightforward and he rode all the demos, too.

Charlie and I had decided that night we were going out on a date to play pool. After pulling up on my bike and walking into the house – helmet, heated gear and all she was just finishing up getting ready. She kissed me and said to go hit the shower that she’d bring me a beer. Music to ears. We went out to a place nearby and shot a couple of games watching the UGA/UF game. I love going to this place and as her son later told me on the phone – “I always wonder why I don’t do this more often” refering to playing pool (he had taken his date out on Sunday to play pool) Charlie checked us in on FB that we were there shooting and the comments started blowing up – one from our whiny friend, Cindy, wanting to know why she wasn’t invited and another from high-maintenance friend Angella saying she was right next door and should have ran over. No thanks, we had reached our friend quota for the week and was just looking forward to spending one-on-one time together.

Honestly, sometimes I get full up on people being around especially when I work a lot – which, I have been lately.

After pool, I threw the cue in the car and we set off walking to downtown Decatur to find a quiet place for another drink and dinner. After passing a Mexican restaurant that had practically a day-care of kids out front jumping around and a crowded overated restaurant we settled in at Parkers at the bar. The piano player was playing jazz and it was just right. We ordered bacon wrapped blue cheese stuffed dates (my mouth is watering just writing this) and cocktails. Charlie had a 90 degrees in the shade which was a frozen lemon ball sunk in a glass of her choice of bourbon (it was excellent) I had a Georgia Cherry & Spice Bourbon Manhattan – it was good but I felt my teeth were going to fall out of my mouth it was so sweet. Later, we split a medium rare hamburger and fries and headed out. It was such a nice date – we need more of those. The next place I want us to go is The Pinewood in Decatur – it’s a relatively new restaurant and they have an extensive rye, bourbon and scotch menu and I’m dying to try their fried brussel sprouts.

Speaking of brussel sprouts –

We went over to Ellen’s the other night for Halloween and to have dinner. 90% of the reason I wanted to go was to get to know her new gf a little more. But, new gf didn’t show that night because she’d had a very stressful week. Charlie had been feeling worn out and like she was coming down with something and we could have skipped it easily but we sucked it up and went. Earlier that night I walked the dogs and saw all the early trick or treaters. It was a wonderful fall night and we decided to walk on up to Avondale Pizza for a beer and have Charlie meet us there. She did and we hung out and had a beer talking to the vet tech from the vet we go to saying she’d make an appointment for Sadie to get her shots on Sunday. I smelled pizza and just felt like sitting there and bagging going over to Ellen’s. Charlie and I had already started off a good evening and I just didn’t really feel like going over there. But we did. Another couple was there – Cindy (not whiny Cindy from above) and Erin and her guy friend, Will. Who all I enjoy – except Ellen kept wanting to talk about her trainer bitch Kate and having me tell this story of us having one lousy date and me making her eat bacon (She’s fixated with both her and this story – if you so desire you can read more about it here) It became uncomfortable after awhile because Ellen kept steering the conversation all around Kate, who all she dated, everything. Charlie left the room because she was uncomfortable after awhile. I mean, she doesn’t want to hear every.time.we.get.together about Kate which seems to be the going thing these days. I really hope that the next time we see her her new squeeze is around and she won’t be talking about her incessantly because I’m sick of it.

I realized that I’m never going to win the workout fight of doing it on my own time and gave in to working out in the mornings again. This way I can take my time getting in to work and throughout my workout (since I have an hour of PT in the mornings). I still have to listen to BABs big mouth all the time and I’m trying to hang in there. I had to turn down an interview this week – which, is a long story why that I won’t get into – let’s just say there was a conflict of interest. But, I have a phone interview today. Let it keep going, I guess.

I’ve been making soups lately. One of our favorites right now is this Tom Yum base broth with thick chinese rice noodles (which, I buy at the chinese market) with chicken, celery, carrots and baby bella mushrooms and as a garnish, bean sprouts and cilantro. It makes a great, cozy soup for cold days. Great for lunch, too. I also picked up a large bottle of Sriracha even though the factory won’t be shut down.

Happy Tuesday and more later! I will leave you with the dogs Halloween picture.


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