hectic weekend & punky monday

Despite having yesterday off it was hectic. I worked all weekend and Sunday Gwen and Cathy came into town. Cathy was dropping Gwen off for me to take her to the airport the next morning. I came home from work on Sunday in enough time to visit over a beer with Cathy. After she left we took Gwen out to our favorite Mexican place. We caught up over dinner and drinks.

The next morning I took Gwen to the airport very early. Later, that morning I had an interview with a company down by the airport. (it so happens it worked out) I changed into my suit in the airport thinking I was over this quick change in bathrooms. I headed over to the place and again, it was a panel interview. When asked how it went I replied, “It went as well as all of them have. The only difference is the people and the company.”

This time I am determined as ever to find another job even if this drags on forever. I walked out thinking, “Next.”  I’ve already applied to several and what’s very strange is the guy who interviewed me three times for that last job – well, his job came up on the job board yesterday. I wonder if that’s why I never got a call or if he quit before they could hire someone for the job he interviewed me for. I went ahead and applied for his job, which, would be an interesting twist if I got an interview. I’d be like, “Yeah, I know all of you already!”  I mean, three interviews, 5 hours of my time, a $35 parking ticket and $25 paid in parking for not even a letter in the mail saying, “Thanks but no thanks.”


At least the one yesterday I didn’t have to pay to park. If I don’t get this job, I’m going to buy a new suit and start taking SQL classes.

After the interview I met Charlie at home for lunch and then took the dogs to the vet. They were supposed to get their Lymes shots but Bailey has been feeling punky the past few days. They checked her vitals and they seemed ok and the vet said if she didn’t act like herself by the next evening to bring her in for some tests. I think she’s going to feel better today as I think it’s just something she ate that we don’t know about.

Last night, Charlie and I grilled, had salads and watched The Walking Dead in bed. It was so nice to fall asleep in the warmth. Tonight, we’re grabbing dinner with Ellen and her new gf, Laura. This is the first time we all have hung out together since the fireworks that one time. So, for now – that’s all I got. I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week. More later!

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