I get tired of always talking about [what I feel] are the same old things – such as work, working the weekends, interviewing, blah, blah, blah. I know people like to know what’s going on – I always like to know what’s going on with you but to me I’m so bored hearing it come out of my own mouth. So-

-I’m going to write about other things. Things I’m a little obsessed with lately. For one – big, goofy glasses. Yes, the Ray Bans and large hipster glasses have a grip on me. I’ve always wanted to look good in these types of glasses but I fear I don’t. But, it doesn’t stop me from attempting to do so. I recently sent off some Kenneth Cole vintage frames to have prescription lenses put in them (they’re in the mail in route right now). In the meantime I bought this huge pair of Ray Ban knock-off reading glasses and started wearing them around Charlie. At first it was like, “Oh, hon…..” kind of the same tone she’d use if she found my pants unzipped and knew I’d just been at a job interview with them undone the whole time. (which, happened one time – and, no, I didn’t get the job) But, see – I’m just priming her for when the real glasses come in she’ll be “OH HON!” Like the take me in the bathroom, sexy mamma, type of tone.


I’m also obsessed with nice pens, moleskin notebooks and fur lined moccasins – well, anything fur lined (not real fur, I might add). I think that means you’re getting old when you look at fur lined shoes, sweatshirts and jackets with new interest. Jackets are another obsession. I have many. Sweatshirts, leahter jackets, biker jackets, you name it – I have them.

sweatshirt shoeF804MY4GI0TJCS0_LARGE

I’m a little obsessed with iTunes radio. Specifically, the ALT+Indie station. Wow, check it out if you haven’t already. Which, leads me to trying to find a used amplifier so we can plug in speakers and the ipod – which, in turn leads to thrift stores. I rarely buy anything full price now.

I’m obsessed with vintage motorcycles. BSA, Triumph, old Honda CB’s. I have a Triumph Bonneville and I want to make even more vintage looking. (even, though it only looks vintage – it’s a 2001). I like the café’ bikes, the customized ones. I’m even starting to have an obsession (and, I never thought I’d say it in a million years) with a Harley Davidson 48. I would love to buy Charlie one of these for her birthday. Yeah, I guess I need to keep buying the lottery tickets.

bonnie (man, I wish mine looked this good!)


What are your obsessions?



6 thoughts on “sidenotes

  1. Love your obsessions! When I am not obsessing over a research topic (currently the impact of food insecurity on child development), I obsess over quilting, exploring rivers, and designing imaginary houses… 🙂


  2. Great post! I am currently obsessed with books, recipes that have spinach in them (getting tired of using it just in salad), Homeland, and football. I might have to steal this idea for a post of my own…


  3. Thanks, J! I’m reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt – I read her first book, The Secret History and it was excellent! I devoured Homeland. Last night we had baked chicken on top of fresh spinach pasta with blanched spinach mixed in and tomato sauce with baby bella mushrooms – it was amazing. We try to eat as much spinach as possible, too.


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