2013, bye bye

I know, It’s New Years Eve and you all are expecting a post about the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014. Memories, expectations, hopes, dreams, plans, trips, you name it!

2013 (cracking fingers):

Proposal: Charlie proposed to me shortly in the new year (Feb 23rd) and (of course) I accepted. This year will be busy with making plans for that. I feel like we’re just scratching the surface on what it takes to plan out one of these things but we’re getting started early.


Work: Still s*cks but is getting better. I just found out today that BAB has indeed gotten another job in another division. What is very ironic about this is that he is going to be the person in charge of leases his new division and since I’m the real estate person for our division we will have to be working together. I have no problem with this – I can work with the man just not for him. He will no longer be in a supervisory role. Also, the upside is since Noel is losing his comrade in arms he will no longer have any power. The downside is that he will continue to be an @sshat. I have decided that I’m letting the GIS thing go and focusing on real estate since it seems like the stars and the universe wants me to do it. Heck, maybe I’ll even be good at it, who knows. I’m still in my real estate class – it seems like it’s never-ending. But, my goal is to have it completed the end of January. I’m not giving up on looking and interviewing.

Charlie work: I helped Charlie write several cover letters, resumes and applications for a new job. Her massage job wasn’t as dependable in hours. She went on several interviews and got continuously turned down. Finally, a place nearby hired her and she’s now a vet tech. I think she likes it. It’s close by, she can come home for lunch and let the dogs out and she gets to help all kinds of furry friends. Unlike my own, it’s meaningful work.

Travel: We didn’t travel as much last year as we hoped. When we did we got rained on and ended up putting our tent out at the street and vowing not to camp until we could afford a new camper. In September we bought one only to find out after that I was going to be furloughed for 18 days.


If we could have detected the future then we should have taken that thing straight to Jekyll Island with the dogs and ate oysters. But, we didn’t. Charlie started her new job shortly after that and so there were no more vaca days for awhile. This year we are chomping at the bit to take that thing out and we will.

New hobbies: We bought a gun this year and started joining friends at the shooting range. I was surprised that I was a decent shot. I got a carry permit and know much more about guns now (you would hope, right?). This year I want to take a conceal carry class.

Friends: We made new friends (who are coming to see us for NYE and we cannot wait!) and met them for the first time on our camping trip to NC.


Other friends we made are work friends, the boys – who, sadly moved to Texas. Old friends – hmm, some became flakey, some just are flakey, and some are just what they are – old friends. We lost some friends to death this year – may they rest in peace – and it made us realize how lucky we are each day to be walking 6 foot (5’-3” to be exact) above ground. Hopefully, make new friends, we are always looking to add to our friend repertoire.

Personal growth: I’m always hoping to have, do but sometimes it seems like it just gets pushed under the wheels of work and life. I’m still going to pursue working out – running more, riding more – both bicycles and motorcycle. Writing more, of course, and kicking myself to start that new writing project I’ve been talking about for so long.

So, that’s 2013 in a nutshell. All in all I have no complaints and I only hope that 2014 is even better. I will leave you with this hilarious article I read -and I especially liked what he said about “Stop pretending cupcakes are brilliant: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2012/jan/08/charlie-brooker-new-year



Christmas and beyond

I hope all of you out there had a great Christmas. Charlie and I did. It was really low-key. She had to go in to work late afternoon of Christmas so I went with her to hold some puppies and pet some cats. That’s a perk of having a partner that works at an animal shelter – I get to go in and pet all the puppies and even some adult dogs from time to time. That day I had two little pit bull puppies out of their cages. One was just interested in food and the other just wanted to crawl in my lap.

There’s even roosters and chickens at this place. My favorites are always the tough looking pitties that have their ears cropped (it’s so cruel) that are just big babies that roll over on their backs and let you rub their bellies. Maybe that’s why they were given up – the previous owner didn’t find them mean enough. There’s rows after rows of pit bulls and most of them are very sweet. But, it’s always those small dogs that have the long, muffy hair that get adopted. I don’t get it. A few weeks back there was an Irish wolfhound– he wasn’t there long – someone came in and swooped him up. The shelter does a pretty good job of getting the rescue services in there. The minute a lab come in the door it seems they are swooped away. Puppies and kittens don’t stay there long, either. Right now there’s two litters of puppies that are so cute.

I come home from there and the dogs sniff me up and down. Sadie even looked at me like, “Traitor”!

The Christmas packages that I mailed was a huge fail this year. My sisters never even made it to her. I suppose I have to file a claim now and go through that mess and re-buy and mail everything. Charlie’s son got his card and it was all beat up and it was a miracle that the gift card was still in it but the check was lost. Next year I’m going to get started earlier and I think I will just buy everything from amazon and let them deal with the shipping.

New Years Eve we have Liz and Lina coming down from NC to hang out. We’re very excited about this! We’re going to go to the Brickstore pub, upstairs to the Belgium bar and then on to a women’s party in midtown. I’m stoked to have plans!

In the midst of everything we’re planning a wedding the beginning of October. We’re just starting to call caterers, think about music, invitations, etc. I’m making lists, lists and more lists. We’re looking at three catering companies right now and getting pricing. (However, I’m really leaning towards BBQ) Which, my sister has graciously offered to pay for. I told my step mother yesterday on the phone about it. I wondered at the reception I’d get but she seemed to be fine with it, even said Charlie was a “good girl” only to follow with “I’ll break it to your father.”

I wanted to say, “What-the-F does he care – it’s not like he’s paying for anything.” I get so tired of everyone rallying around my father being afraid of his reactions or crazy rants. The only reason I’m even sending them an invitation is out of courtesy. I told her that I did not expect them to come, that I completely understood if they couldn’t make the trip and that I would not be offended. (Meaning, please don’t come?). The last thing I want to worry about on my wedding day is my step mother winding through Atlanta traffic.

So, that’s what’s on tap for ’14!


keep calm….

After that last post (last Thursday) I rolled into Friday of working at home and then a weekend off. My class didn’t make and even though I could have used the money the weather turned out to be so abysmal that I was glad I didn’t work it. Over the weekend, Charlie and I finished our Christmas jamming (jars of cranberry/jalapeno) and homemade dog biscuits. We ran out to the store several times to pick up remaining items for the canning and Christmas presents we’re mailing out. Sunday, we ran some more errands and went by Taco Mac for a beer and some football.

Yesterday, I was off to attend a training thing for my motorcycle job. There were only 6 of us there thrown into a new employee orientation (even though all of us have worked for them in ranges of a year to 20 years). It made for a very long, boring day but it was still better than being at my regular job.

Today, we woke up at 4:30 a.m. to dog (itching butts) distress and having to go outside. We had gotten both dogs new bones to chew on and they had gone a bit crazy with them. I think Sadie ate her entire bone yesterday while we were at work meaning the reason she is chewing her butt is because of all the tiny shards coming out her @ss. It just figures we try to mix it up and get them new bones and it all goes to sh*t – literally. I had to be up anyway to go workout and then pick up desert for our office Christmas party. BAB apologized for not being able to be there for it as he has to go do something only important people such as himself has to do – we’re all relieved. I think we only have one more day with him in the office and that’s it until after New Years.

What do I want for Christmas?


and, little things such as:

 A bag of Starbucks coffee (just something stronger than brown water)

A pumpkin pie since I didn’t get enough of it at Thanksgiving

The dogs to quit itching their @sses – particularly in the middle of the night

A holiday beer in my big Taco Mac glass that I earned by drinking 125 beers

A relaxing time with my baby

I will leave you with a message from the [itchy-@ssed] dogs:





Monday [sux] chex mix

I have a severe case of Monday-itis and just to warn you there’s going to be some venting in this post further down. It’s practically the tenth day in a row of rain and cold weather. I know for a fact it’s the second Monday of this sh*t. It’s so hard to get out of bed at 4:30 a.m. when it’s like this. I managed to make it through the first week of working out at my bootcamp without missing a day and even working out on my off day (Wed) from the camp. Friday and this past weekend I had off from working out. I plan on continuing to do this but I still need to tighten up on my diet – meaning, cutting back on beer and alcohol which is the hardest – especially, during the holiday season.

We watched the final season of Dexter this past weekend. It was probably the most depressing finale I’d ever watched next to the NYPD Blue’s death of Simone. There were so many ways they could have wrapped it up on a better level. Being an avid viewer since the beginning I felt gypped at the end. I was like, Seriously? Is this how you want to end such a wonderful series?  So, sh*tty ending – BOO. Honestly, it’s kind of gone downhill since Trinity. I don’t know if anyone could have topped that season.

Sometimes it’s hard to remain positive when there are so many people around you being negative or just doing sh*tty things. Either because they are jealous or just don’t have anything better to do than hassle people. Then, there’s the post I’d been wanting to write for quite some time about why bad people always get ahead and bad things happen to good people.

I would hate to say that this is always true as it’s not but sometimes I just get tired of waiting around for Karma to happen and bad people just running rug shot in the meantime.

There’s this woman I [used] to work with that got put into an impossibly bad situation because of a mistake she made. Not to get into any details because I respect her privacy but she’s in a really terrible place right now. It was a mistake any of us could have made under the right circumstances.  She is someone who used to run one of the departments, has fought in two wars and served her country and risked her life and this terrible thing happens. In contrast, we have others who have shirked their duties even stolen blatantly and get raises and promotions. It makes me so ill to think about.

Then, I have little f-ing weasels like Noel harassing me when I walk into work on this  morning after getting up at 4:30 a.m., making a 30 minute commute in the pouring rain, working out and slogging in and I have to listen to this sh*t before my first cup of coffee? Seriously? F-you weasel boy. I told him that EVERYONE knew he took two-hour lunches with BAB. (Just so he’d freak out about it later to himself wondering who all knew he took 2 hour lunches) It’s all because he was p*ssed because I managed to get permission above his head to telecommute on Fridays and no one told him about it. F-him, F-him, F-him – I’m done.

Speaking of Christmas. I’m going to send my sister the calendar I made of the dogs, which, I’d planned as a gift for quite some time. (I only had three of these things made – Charlie got one, she gets one and Charlie’s folks get one) a jar of cranberry/jalapeno jam and a $25 gift certificate to DSW shoe warehouse (since, the last time I gave her shoes for Christmas she sent them back to me because she didn’t like them. WHO DOES THAT?)And, I’m not going to feel guilty about it! I’m NOT! Even if she gets me a $100 Roku I want.

And, the next time BAB asks if I’m going to his stupid-lame-@ss Christmas party I’m going to tell him No.

I hope this week looks up.

bootcamp and feeling stupid

Monday, I started an Amazon local coupon for a month-long bootcamp/crossfit. I finally found a place that works out with my schedule and is close to work but I have to get up at the obscene time of 4:30 as it starts at 5:30. After the workout I go shower on base and somehow manage to walk through the door of work by 7:00.  Thankfully, it’s only 3 mornings a week or else I know I couldn’t do it. Today, is only my second day and I feel much more soreness than I did yesterday – which, was my first day and my body was probably in shock. I’m trying not to compare this place to the bootcamp I used to do but I can’t help it. I find myself thinking back to those times as I’m grunting out sit-ups and push-ups. I have to remind myself that I started out much the same way in that bootcamp as I am now starting out– the only difference is about five years. This class is way smaller – there’s only six women – including myself. There’s two token workout-a-holics – you know, the skinny women who are buff that water down their fat-free salad dressing that’s been doing the camp for over a year now. There’s two women who constantly complain and say they ti-red or that hurts. My thoughts keep going to, “You paid for this sh*t, b*tch so shut the f*ck up he jus doing his job!” Probably good I keep my mouth shut this early in the morning -there’s one other women who is quiet like me.

I realize that much of starting a bootcamp is feeling stupid and very unattractive. The first morning I wore shorts under my workout pants and the [young, buff male] instructor made us do, like, 30 minutes of burpees and squats. Not only does it feel virtually impossible to throw yourself on the floor and pop your legs out and then doing a squat so low you think you’re going it fall over it’s also hard keeping your pants up and keeping your butt-crack from showing. I had a lot to worry about that first morning. I felt like the instructor was thinking, pull your pants up, fatso! Yes, feeling stupid and unattractive really does go hand-in-hand when doing a bootcamp for the first time. They should put that in the waiver beside “we take no responsibility for you having heart failure while doing this and feeling stupid and unattractive.”

I remember my old bootcamp class and I probably only went three days a week even though I paid for the entire month. I had to go look them up just now to see if they still run those camps. I would never go back to them even though I was an instructor for them for several years. Mainly, because the owner is a b*tch. I remember writing about her on my old blog about how she would email all the instructors but me about doing dress up days and I would be the only one showing up with no costume on. Later, when I would ask her about it she would be, “Oh, you didn’t get the email?” I knew she did it on purpose because I think she was jealous of me. Jealous because she was a closet dyke at the time and I was out and proud. What I really couldn’t believe is how long I worked for her and took her abuse. I finally quit and when I went back as a student I did an entirely different camp in another area of town. The people that ran that camp were way nicer. Later, I ran into two other instructors and I asked them if they were still with that camp and they shook their heads, No. I got the impression she wasn’t so nice to them, either. I always got the impression she was faking being nice to your face but stabbing you in the back the minute you walked away.

Anyway, I’m hoping for results and that it’s going to keep me for a while. Today, I wore tights that don’t slip down and show my crack. I’m getting smarter and hopefully stronger but still feeling stupid.



chex mix TG

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, I know I did. Wednesday night, Charlie and I went out to have Thai food to celebrate kicking off the holiday 4-day weekend. Thanksgiving Day we had a reservation at 10th & Piedmont for an early dinner and before that we decided to take in a movie [Catching Fire]. We arrived a bit early for dinner and sat at the bar and had drinks. It was a very festive atmosphere as it was in the gayborhood and despite the deserted streets there was a great crowd inside.


Friday, we took the dogs out to Sweetwater Creek State Park for a hike, celebrated Charlie’s birthday and picked up a Christmas tree. We spend a lot of time hanging out, watching football, relaxing and trying to put up Christmas lights (I don’t recommend trying to do this inebriated).

tacomac tacomac2

When I got home from work yesterday I discovered the tree skirt bunched up under the dining room table. When Charlie got home I showed her the evidence and we made a mutual decision to keep ornaments off the tree this year so the two reindeers wouldn’t be snacking on them throughout the day. Probably a good thing as I don’t relish my birch balls and birdhouses to be eaten.

We also decided to start planning a ceremony in the fall and we asked a good friend to officiate the wedding. She said yes and we’re very excited about it. More to come on that in the future, I’m sure. I will leave you with pictures of the ring-bearers.

dogsparktavern dogsweetwater