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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, I know I did. Wednesday night, Charlie and I went out to have Thai food to celebrate kicking off the holiday 4-day weekend. Thanksgiving Day we had a reservation at 10th & Piedmont for an early dinner and before that we decided to take in a movie [Catching Fire]. We arrived a bit early for dinner and sat at the bar and had drinks. It was a very festive atmosphere as it was in the gayborhood and despite the deserted streets there was a great crowd inside.


Friday, we took the dogs out to Sweetwater Creek State Park for a hike, celebrated Charlie’s birthday and picked up a Christmas tree. We spend a lot of time hanging out, watching football, relaxing and trying to put up Christmas lights (I don’t recommend trying to do this inebriated).

tacomac tacomac2

When I got home from work yesterday I discovered the tree skirt bunched up under the dining room table. When Charlie got home I showed her the evidence and we made a mutual decision to keep ornaments off the tree this year so the two reindeers wouldn’t be snacking on them throughout the day. Probably a good thing as I don’t relish my birch balls and birdhouses to be eaten.

We also decided to start planning a ceremony in the fall and we asked a good friend to officiate the wedding. She said yes and we’re very excited about it. More to come on that in the future, I’m sure. I will leave you with pictures of the ring-bearers.

dogsparktavern dogsweetwater



One thought on “chex mix TG

  1. Sounds like a good Thanksgiving! I liked Catching Fire a lot more than the first movie!! The last time I had a tree, my roommates cats knocked off all the ornaments, which were those metal glass ones. So, shards were in the carpet, just waiting to destroy your feet. Cats are jerks.


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