Monday [sux] chex mix

I have a severe case of Monday-itis and just to warn you there’s going to be some venting in this post further down. It’s practically the tenth day in a row of rain and cold weather. I know for a fact it’s the second Monday of this sh*t. It’s so hard to get out of bed at 4:30 a.m. when it’s like this. I managed to make it through the first week of working out at my bootcamp without missing a day and even working out on my off day (Wed) from the camp. Friday and this past weekend I had off from working out. I plan on continuing to do this but I still need to tighten up on my diet – meaning, cutting back on beer and alcohol which is the hardest – especially, during the holiday season.

We watched the final season of Dexter this past weekend. It was probably the most depressing finale I’d ever watched next to the NYPD Blue’s death of Simone. There were so many ways they could have wrapped it up on a better level. Being an avid viewer since the beginning I felt gypped at the end. I was like, Seriously? Is this how you want to end such a wonderful series?  So, sh*tty ending – BOO. Honestly, it’s kind of gone downhill since Trinity. I don’t know if anyone could have topped that season.

Sometimes it’s hard to remain positive when there are so many people around you being negative or just doing sh*tty things. Either because they are jealous or just don’t have anything better to do than hassle people. Then, there’s the post I’d been wanting to write for quite some time about why bad people always get ahead and bad things happen to good people.

I would hate to say that this is always true as it’s not but sometimes I just get tired of waiting around for Karma to happen and bad people just running rug shot in the meantime.

There’s this woman I [used] to work with that got put into an impossibly bad situation because of a mistake she made. Not to get into any details because I respect her privacy but she’s in a really terrible place right now. It was a mistake any of us could have made under the right circumstances.  She is someone who used to run one of the departments, has fought in two wars and served her country and risked her life and this terrible thing happens. In contrast, we have others who have shirked their duties even stolen blatantly and get raises and promotions. It makes me so ill to think about.

Then, I have little f-ing weasels like Noel harassing me when I walk into work on this  morning after getting up at 4:30 a.m., making a 30 minute commute in the pouring rain, working out and slogging in and I have to listen to this sh*t before my first cup of coffee? Seriously? F-you weasel boy. I told him that EVERYONE knew he took two-hour lunches with BAB. (Just so he’d freak out about it later to himself wondering who all knew he took 2 hour lunches) It’s all because he was p*ssed because I managed to get permission above his head to telecommute on Fridays and no one told him about it. F-him, F-him, F-him – I’m done.

Speaking of Christmas. I’m going to send my sister the calendar I made of the dogs, which, I’d planned as a gift for quite some time. (I only had three of these things made – Charlie got one, she gets one and Charlie’s folks get one) a jar of cranberry/jalapeno jam and a $25 gift certificate to DSW shoe warehouse (since, the last time I gave her shoes for Christmas she sent them back to me because she didn’t like them. WHO DOES THAT?)And, I’m not going to feel guilty about it! I’m NOT! Even if she gets me a $100 Roku I want.

And, the next time BAB asks if I’m going to his stupid-lame-@ss Christmas party I’m going to tell him No.

I hope this week looks up.

One thought on “Monday [sux] chex mix

  1. I just asked you about the weather in my reply to your comment on my post…I should have read this first! Keep warm and chin up!


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