Christmas and beyond

I hope all of you out there had a great Christmas. Charlie and I did. It was really low-key. She had to go in to work late afternoon of Christmas so I went with her to hold some puppies and pet some cats. That’s a perk of having a partner that works at an animal shelter – I get to go in and pet all the puppies and even some adult dogs from time to time. That day I had two little pit bull puppies out of their cages. One was just interested in food and the other just wanted to crawl in my lap.

There’s even roosters and chickens at this place. My favorites are always the tough looking pitties that have their ears cropped (it’s so cruel) that are just big babies that roll over on their backs and let you rub their bellies. Maybe that’s why they were given up – the previous owner didn’t find them mean enough. There’s rows after rows of pit bulls and most of them are very sweet. But, it’s always those small dogs that have the long, muffy hair that get adopted. I don’t get it. A few weeks back there was an Irish wolfhound– he wasn’t there long – someone came in and swooped him up. The shelter does a pretty good job of getting the rescue services in there. The minute a lab come in the door it seems they are swooped away. Puppies and kittens don’t stay there long, either. Right now there’s two litters of puppies that are so cute.

I come home from there and the dogs sniff me up and down. Sadie even looked at me like, “Traitor”!

The Christmas packages that I mailed was a huge fail this year. My sisters never even made it to her. I suppose I have to file a claim now and go through that mess and re-buy and mail everything. Charlie’s son got his card and it was all beat up and it was a miracle that the gift card was still in it but the check was lost. Next year I’m going to get started earlier and I think I will just buy everything from amazon and let them deal with the shipping.

New Years Eve we have Liz and Lina coming down from NC to hang out. We’re very excited about this! We’re going to go to the Brickstore pub, upstairs to the Belgium bar and then on to a women’s party in midtown. I’m stoked to have plans!

In the midst of everything we’re planning a wedding the beginning of October. We’re just starting to call caterers, think about music, invitations, etc. I’m making lists, lists and more lists. We’re looking at three catering companies right now and getting pricing. (However, I’m really leaning towards BBQ) Which, my sister has graciously offered to pay for. I told my step mother yesterday on the phone about it. I wondered at the reception I’d get but she seemed to be fine with it, even said Charlie was a “good girl” only to follow with “I’ll break it to your father.”

I wanted to say, “What-the-F does he care – it’s not like he’s paying for anything.” I get so tired of everyone rallying around my father being afraid of his reactions or crazy rants. The only reason I’m even sending them an invitation is out of courtesy. I told her that I did not expect them to come, that I completely understood if they couldn’t make the trip and that I would not be offended. (Meaning, please don’t come?). The last thing I want to worry about on my wedding day is my step mother winding through Atlanta traffic.

So, that’s what’s on tap for ’14!



4 thoughts on “Christmas and beyond

  1. Lanie, sounds like you’ve got so much excitement coming your way. Great news about the wedding. Totally relate to your father’s mentality, my dad is the same. I wish you and Charlie the best in life.


  2. Good news about setting the date! Sounds like you’ll have an eventful year wedding planning and such. That will be fun! I always feel so bad for all the pit bulls in the shelter. And they are always such sweet dogs. Most landlords don’t allow them due to insurance reasons. At least you get to go and hang with them sometimes!


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