2013, bye bye

I know, It’s New Years Eve and you all are expecting a post about the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014. Memories, expectations, hopes, dreams, plans, trips, you name it!

2013 (cracking fingers):

Proposal: Charlie proposed to me shortly in the new year (Feb 23rd) and (of course) I accepted. This year will be busy with making plans for that. I feel like we’re just scratching the surface on what it takes to plan out one of these things but we’re getting started early.


Work: Still s*cks but is getting better. I just found out today that BAB has indeed gotten another job in another division. What is very ironic about this is that he is going to be the person in charge of leases his new division and since I’m the real estate person for our division we will have to be working together. I have no problem with this – I can work with the man just not for him. He will no longer be in a supervisory role. Also, the upside is since Noel is losing his comrade in arms he will no longer have any power. The downside is that he will continue to be an @sshat. I have decided that I’m letting the GIS thing go and focusing on real estate since it seems like the stars and the universe wants me to do it. Heck, maybe I’ll even be good at it, who knows. I’m still in my real estate class – it seems like it’s never-ending. But, my goal is to have it completed the end of January. I’m not giving up on looking and interviewing.

Charlie work: I helped Charlie write several cover letters, resumes and applications for a new job. Her massage job wasn’t as dependable in hours. She went on several interviews and got continuously turned down. Finally, a place nearby hired her and she’s now a vet tech. I think she likes it. It’s close by, she can come home for lunch and let the dogs out and she gets to help all kinds of furry friends. Unlike my own, it’s meaningful work.

Travel: We didn’t travel as much last year as we hoped. When we did we got rained on and ended up putting our tent out at the street and vowing not to camp until we could afford a new camper. In September we bought one only to find out after that I was going to be furloughed for 18 days.


If we could have detected the future then we should have taken that thing straight to Jekyll Island with the dogs and ate oysters. But, we didn’t. Charlie started her new job shortly after that and so there were no more vaca days for awhile. This year we are chomping at the bit to take that thing out and we will.

New hobbies: We bought a gun this year and started joining friends at the shooting range. I was surprised that I was a decent shot. I got a carry permit and know much more about guns now (you would hope, right?). This year I want to take a conceal carry class.

Friends: We made new friends (who are coming to see us for NYE and we cannot wait!) and met them for the first time on our camping trip to NC.


Other friends we made are work friends, the boys – who, sadly moved to Texas. Old friends – hmm, some became flakey, some just are flakey, and some are just what they are – old friends. We lost some friends to death this year – may they rest in peace – and it made us realize how lucky we are each day to be walking 6 foot (5’-3” to be exact) above ground. Hopefully, make new friends, we are always looking to add to our friend repertoire.

Personal growth: I’m always hoping to have, do but sometimes it seems like it just gets pushed under the wheels of work and life. I’m still going to pursue working out – running more, riding more – both bicycles and motorcycle. Writing more, of course, and kicking myself to start that new writing project I’ve been talking about for so long.

So, that’s 2013 in a nutshell. All in all I have no complaints and I only hope that 2014 is even better. I will leave you with this hilarious article I read -and I especially liked what he said about “Stop pretending cupcakes are brilliant: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2012/jan/08/charlie-brooker-new-year



3 thoughts on “2013, bye bye

  1. Can’t really agree with Beyoncé not being fascinating because she is a person I actually look up to and take inspiration from. Other than that, yes.

    Hope you have a good new year!


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