NYE & planning

So, if you want to know how NYE went pop on over to Liz’s blog and check it out. We had a blast bringing in the New Year with them! My only wish is that they could have stayed longer because I had several more places I wanted to take them to. But, next time. When it gets warmer, watch out – Charlie and I are planning on heading to NC to see them.

Charlie and I just had a wonderful three-day weekend. Since she just started a new job back in November she hasn’t had a lot of days off – including having to go in late afternoon Christmas and New Years. But, this past Friday she took off and we went running around. We’re in the stages of planning the ceremony. We made an appointment to look at a place for the event and decided that was what we were going to go with. Here’s a few pictures:


Among other things we’re planning is catering. I thought we’d narrowed it down but we’re really still getting pricing. Music is proving difficult to book in advance. We want Joyscout to play but Emily can’t book her band this early in the year so we’re looking at other options on that as well. In all, I think it will all work out. (just please no guy bleating out songs as he bangs on the keyboard like Charlie’s folks had at her Dad’s 80th birthday party)

I just want the next two months to fly by so we can get to spring. March here comes in like a lamb and leaves like a lion but all the same the azaleas bloom and you get some sense of the impending winter being over. This is my least favorite time of year. The only things to look forward to in these months are American Idol, The Walking Dead and the Winter Olympics. (I love watching anything half pipe – whether it’s skiis or boards).

What do you do to get through the winter?



One thought on “NYE & planning

  1. We don’t really have winter in San Diego. Its more like summer with cool nights, and its actually the best time to visit SD because our summer months (may, june, and part of july) is all grey and gloom. Its known as May Gray, June Gloom.

    Either way, I do a ton of heated power yoga and of course am looking forward to Walking Dead. Also glad that some of my other shows are coming back from hiatus now. Stupid 2 month breaks.


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