counting it down

I’ve been staring at a blank page for two days now trying to figure out what I wanted to write about. I started a post on the topic of “friends” but I didn’t like where that was going.

As I eat my salad (and, wish for a cheesy, bacon burger) I realize that I feel like I have the winter doldrums. There’s a whole thing on WebMD about it but all they recommend is either getting more sunlight, taking anti-depressants –in conjunction with light therapy or getting on a plane and flying to Florida – wow, really? THAT would help?! Well, sh*t what am I still doing here munching my salad? If I would have known that was all it took then I would have packed up Charlie and the dogs and we’d say goodbye to our jobs for the months of December – March.

“We’ll be back in the Spring!”

Why do people even live in cold places if they hate the winters there?

Charlie and I have been watching A LOT of The Killing (thanks to Liz and Lina). It’s set in Seattle, Washington. Also every 5 minutes it shows them running from the car to a building in the pouring rain or vice versa. Then, there’s moments of no rain and it’s clear and then, again, torrential downpour. I don’t see how anyone could live in that. Seriously. How do people do it? No one has an umbrella in that show, either.

We did have one decent day last Sunday. It was so nice that we took the dogs out to the park to play Frisbee and had drinks on the patio of Joe’s. That’s the bad thing about living here. We can have one good day and a little hope of more and then, bam, rain, sleet, ice, snow and the good day is gone.

At least we have one more day until American Idol

3 more days until this week is over

26 more days until The Walking Dead

65 more days until the first day of Spring

Let’s count it down! 



3 thoughts on “counting it down

  1. Too far away from Walking Dead. I don’t want to think about it. I watched the Killing, it got really slow during the second season. However, I loved the third season, and Netflix is making the fourth and final season, so I’m pretty stoked on that.

    You guys should watch American Horror Story if you haven’t already! The first 2 seasons are on Netflix and the season now, Coven is so amazing! Its getting me through Walking Dead withdrawals or as I like to call “WDW”. Maybe you are suffering from WDW and not SAD?


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