the anticlimatic event

Yesterday, I finally got an official offer and an acceptance letter from the agency I interviewed with in December (and, applied for in October). I had to leave the office to blow off some steam and to let out some pent up elation. I was so relieved. This new job is still at a state agency (where I currently am) so I will be able to take all my benefits, vacation/sick leave, 401 with me. It’s also much closer to the house and just off the Marta line so I can take the train in to work every day. In fact, I will need to because paying for parking would be similar to the $60 per week I currently spend in gas getting to and from work.  

I already had my letter(s) of resignation written. The first being to the HR woman (who, I might add knew how miserable I was because of the complaints I filed on BAB and the grievances I threatened to file on Noel. Honestly, if I thought it would have done one bit of good I would have done it but seeing how they did nothing with my complaint of BAB I decided that it wouldn’t be worth the hassle and more abuse I would receive from Noel – but, he will get his. I do believe in Karma).

When I walked into HR’s office she already knew where I was going. I immediately was suspicious that my immediate whom she’s good friends with told her. But, alas she’s friends with the director of HR where I’m going who had called her and asked her about me which she said she gave me a glowing reference. Unfortunately, she briefed me on the need to talk to Noel and resign to him. I inwardly gagged. I asked her why and she said, “He is the interim director of your department.”

That made me want to throw up in my mouth even more and I was even more relieved that I was leaving. I nodded and said that I’d write him a letter too and talk to him (but, only after I resigned to everyone else). Just the fact that they have given him some b.s. unofficial title means that he will always be the power hungry abuser. Nothing will ever change with that despite whomever they bring in to fill BAB’s old position.

After my meeting with her I went back to my office and when my immediate was in the break room getting ice I gave her the letter I’d written her. I wanted her to know before I had to tell the VP and Noel. She wasn’t surprised as she had been on the phone with them two weeks ago giving me a reference. I told her that I was sorry to be leaving her in this mess but that she was too talented for this place. She’s one of those “I’ll stick it out until all the bad people are gone.” types. Me, I know there will be more Noels and BABs where I’m going but at least I’ll be making more money and be closer to home.

I sent an email off to VP since he was in a class and not in his office and then went and talked to Noel. He seemed surprised when I handed him my letter but was like Ok, just keep doing what you’re doing until you leave type of deal. Yeah, you know what that is? Filing. Going through files and throwing out duplicates. That’s my job despite being hired to do GIS and real estate.


It was very anticlimactic with him but I wonder as the time when I’m leaving get closer if he will become a bigger d*ck. I’m just going to flow with it. Nothing he can say or do will get me to react because I know where I’m going is better and I don’t ever have to see him again after February 14th.  Yeah, not only Valentines Day with my love but also LOVING the fact that I will never have to see him again!!!

Lov-ing IT!!!!


Noel will have his work cut out for him after I’m gone, too. Last summer we got a new server and all he did was bitch at order us to put everything on the server – everything.

“There should be no files on your computers you need to put it all on the server.”

So, we did and you know what happened? The server WENT DOWN! We lost everything and –

-it’s his fault and hiiiiiiiiis problem. Millions of files, millions of scanned documents gone –all his problem because HE WAS THE ONE WHO ORDERED THIS.

Fortunately, I was lazy and didn’t do this. I burned all my real estate files onto a CD which I’m giving my immediate so she will have them. But, when Noel asks me for files the day I have to turn over my computer and CAC card to him I’m going to blankly look at him and say, “Oh, they were on the server.” And grab my box of sh*t that I packed up and walk out the door.

See ya!



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