dear weather,

I am writing this letter to say I’m done with you and am breaking things off with us. I thought we were going to progress after you broke things off with January – and, what a very stormy ending that was – but, now I’m not liking your relationship with February, either. Everyone has been sitting around waiting for you to break things off with her so we can move on. Just when I thought things were over and you were moving on – BAM – things just accumulated more. And, I know you have your eye on March but I’m not sure she’s any better. My experience with her is that she runs hot and cold and is not to be trusted.

Why can’t you like May? She’s a good girl and has a lot going for her. She even has a holiday at the end of her stay. She’s been waiting in the wings for you for quite some time and I think you should give her a chance and if you really want to know June’s kind of interested, too, but I would be careful with her. She tends to pour on the heat like her sister, July. But, if you had to choose one or the other that’s certainly better than August – lets not even go there.

Weather, I wish you all the best in deciding who you’re going to be and finding yourself but, please don’t call me anymore and lose my number.


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