I know y’all probably think I either died or went to work for the CIA or something since I haven’t been in touch. It’s been a really crazy two weeks. I had my uneventful last day at the old job and left without a backwards glance. (Seriously, I will not miss that place) I taught a class the following weekend and then started the new job on Monday. Last week was two days of orientation (which, I was fried to be honest) and the rest of the week just getting acclimated with the place.

The new office environment is vastly different from the old. First, it’s located in a high rise in the southernmost edge of Midtown. My office is on the 25th floor and depending on what side of the building you’re on you can either see downtown or further north to central Midtown. My particular view is downtown. I can even see that Ferris wheel from my cubicle.

I am in cubicle-land but unlike my former office, people talk low and try not to disturb their peers with their conversations. I’ve noticed that people do stop in and say hi and ask each other about projects or ask for guidance or help but it’s still not invading your space like BAB used to do.

I’m in a pod with 5 other people – 3 on one side and 3 on the other. I’m in the middle of the pod so my cubicle isn’t right up against the windows like the more senior PM’s. The atmosphere is way more business-like and respectful. However, there are certain things that are more relaxed. In my old job I had to have some level of security clearance and there were steps ingrained into you and if you need to step out or go to lunch you just get up and go. You don’t have to alert anyone, check in or even say where you’re going. If people stop by while you’re gone then they just send you an email or leave you a message.  I got a desk phone on Friday but I noticed that when I told my co-workers that I got a phone they kept thinking I got my mobile phone instead. Apparently, everyone just uses their company cell phones and email to communicate instead of the arcane desk phone.

The public transit station is right across the street from the office so I’m able to ride the train to and from work every day. It’s been nice not having to deal with traffic and putting $60 worth of gas in the car every week. (Although, the MARTA pass is twice as much than paying to park but I keep telling myself it’s worth not putting anymore wear and tear on the car and contributing to the carbon footprint)  I do drive to the station near the house to park and ride. It’s been a little surreal riding the train and last Friday I was a bit frazzled on the way home. The mornings aren’t so crowded because I get on early and miss the rush but at 5 when I get off it’s a zoo in there. Last Friday I didn’t walk out of the building until after 5. I crossed the street and walked down to the tunnel and noticed a guy on crutches – he was an amputee. (Which, reminds me – Charlie and I adopted a tripod kitten – more on that later.)

Later as I was changing trains I had to go up the escalator to get to my east rail. As I stepped on I noticed the guy with the crutches getting on, too. I had a fleeting thought of  it must be hard riding an escalator on crutches when suddenly he lost his balance, a crutch went flying and as he was falling backwards he reached out and grabbed my arm taking me with him. I flung out my other arm and grabbed the rail for dear life. Fortunately, the man behind him braced him and set him back up on the step and gave him his other crutch that he caught before it tumbled down and took out the people below us.  My heart was pounding from almost falling backwards down the escalator on top of him and after he finally let go of me we were at the top and I took off down the platform getting as far away from him as possible. I mean I get that it was an accident but they put elevators in the train station is for that reason. I made sure I was 5 cars away when the train pulled up and I got on and sat down. This was the longest stretch of my ride. After the second stop a guy got on and sat down in a seat just cattycorner from me. I mean, I try not to judge on appearance but when he walked on I thought, This guy could be BAB’s ex-military father, marine, Vietnam war vet, hippie, smoke weed and talk about the old days.

And, guess what?

I was right on the money. As he sat down next to this lady he started going on and on and on about Vietnam and he was in town because his wife just died of lung cancer. Ok, why is he just getting in to town if his wife just died of cancer? Regardless, when I hear anything remotely PTSD related or the big C I’m going on headphones – and, fast. The woman next to me and I were having a race on who could plug in the fastest. I won because she had to rummage in her purse. I even opened my newspaper and put it in front of my face so he couldn’t see me the whole time thinking This guy could be BAB’s father!

I noticed the poor woman next to him just nodding absently, probably thinking, “Just my luck.” He even gestured to woman across the way that was already listening to headphones and said something to her to the point where she took hers out and yelled, “What choo want?!” I decided then it was a good time to just get up and walk to the back of the car and just hold on to the pole the rest of the ride.

I can’t wait to get home and have a beer.

That night Charlie had brought Theodore home from work. He was a stray that hung out at the water treatment plant with a bunch of other feral kittens that no one could seem to catch. He apparently wasn’t feral and catchable so they brought him in. He had a crushed paw that was unsalvageable (I think it was even showing signs of gangrene) so they amputated it last Monday. By Friday he was pretty stable so Charlie brought him home. He’s a long haired solid black cat. Very sweet and laid back, loves to lie in your lap. He moves around remarkably well for being a tripod. Last night he was out with the dogs when I came home from class. The dogs are very curious but they keep their respective distance. It’s still very new with him so we’re slowly getting him acclimated. Plus, he still has an incision that’s healing so we don’t want to set him loose to roam the entire house.  


I worked the last two weekends and then I work the next two. The weekend after that I have a real estate cram course to take. Charlie started working Sundays so there’s only one day now that we have together – that is if I’m not working. So, it’s been a transition with our schedules, a new cat, etc. We’re still getting in the groove of it.

We decided Thursday nights are going to be date night.
Tonight: TWD, relaxing with Charlie, the dogs and kitteth.


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