I’m still getting into the groove at my new job. I’ve been tagging along to meetings with various PM’s to get the feel for things. I keep running into
people I know from a previous firm I worked for in the private sector (the firm I got laid off from in ’09) before I went stateside – because it’s in the same  industry. It’s funny how the tables are turned. When I worked for them I was always submitting to the agency I work for now. Now they’ll be submitting plans to me. The other day I was crossing the lobby and heard my name and turned around and it was the president’s  daughter who now runs the firm (he was practically 100 years old when I worked there I can’t imagine how old he is now).

She was gushing how are you? do you work here? do you have any of our projects? blah, blah, blah. This woman was a viper when I worked there. I always tried to stay as far away from her as possible because she would be friendly to your face one minute and stab you in the back the next. Yesterday, I walked into a meeting with a guy who I used to work with over there. He was a total queen and the apple of the boss’s eye at the time. He made scads more money than I did and he’s half my age.

I realize that this business is all one big incestuous family –we all worked together or at the same firms at one point. The guy across the hall, Sam, that left my old job right before me – we’ve worked at a total of 4 of the same firms including the one we’re working for now.  Personally, I hope I’m done with my job search for awhile. If anything, I will change to a different department within the organization before I’d leave and at this junction the private sector is out until I’ve put in a minimum ten years and decide to sell the house, move to Florida, live by the beach and sell real estate.

Sam and I decided to rally up the old job troupes who now work here (there are 4 of us altogether including myself) and go out to lunch. We walked downstairs to meet one of them who was heading out for a coffee break. (People take their coffee breaks seriously around here) As we were coming out of the café’ downstairs he ran into a friend of his who he worked with at another firm (I didn’t know the guy but apparently Sam and him worked together years ago at yet another firm in this same industry). The guy immediately asked Sam if there were any jobs here. He shrugged his shoulders and told him to go to the website and check. I wouldn’t have been so polite – I would have said, What do I look like Indeed dot com?

I know I was on the other side of that not long ago but I worked at it every week, every day sometimes to find something else. I interviewed, redid my resume hundreds of times, emailed, printed new resumes, made portfolios, answered emails – you name it. I applied to hundreds of jobs – several to state and local governments. It took forever to land a new job and for someone to just walk up and ask just strikes me as very lazy. Knowing what I went through I would never do that, either. The most I would probably say is that I applied for said job at the organization and leave it at that. I would not grill the person who worked at that organization about my application, resume, the job opening, the hiring manager, etc.

I was getting tired of the conversation so I told Sam I was going back upstairs and that I would catch him later. When I got upstairs I went over to another lady that is in the department who has been helping me with various administrative things. The administrative things unfortunately included signing on to her computer under my username and password (because initially I didn’t have a computer). Unfortunate because the first time I came over to her desk she was eating crackers and peanut butter over her keyboard.

I am completely grossed out by food, crumbs or any amount of anything wedged in a keyboard. I’m very anal about keeping my own keyboard clean and free of debris and NEVER eat over it.

This was a bad sign.

Have a seat and sign on, she said.

Her keyboard was worse than you can imagine. I won’t even go there. Then, her mouse was caked with dirt and grime from years of use. I reluctantly typed in my name and password and clicked her mouse with one finger. (I’m sure she thinks I can’t type) Afterwards, I ran into the restroom and soaped my hands. I’ve had to do this three times now – and, I HAVE a computer now. A brand new laptop with a keyboard that’s CLEAN.

I decided for that reason to bring in bleach wipes to wipe all around my desk area and hand sanitizer. Later, in the afternoon I felt ill and blamed it on having to touch her keyboard and mouse. It reminded me of last year about this time ending up in the hospital with a horrible stomach virus. I went home that night and Charlie had run me a hot bath. Afterwards, got into my pajamas, ate soup in bed watching
Suits and holding the kitten.


2 thoughts on “grooves

  1. Lanie, I like you a whole lot more for having an ocd moment at work; you totally kick ass lady! Love it washed your hands 3 times. Amazing. I had a similar but much worse moment on Tuesday. I’ll blog about it later. Love the bleach wipes too. You rock!


  2. So excited for your new job and hoping that it is something that is a positive change from what you left behind. It’s so funny how many stories we can come away with from our work places, isn’t it?! Haha. All my love to you and Charlie!! xx


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