hatchets (lions), axes (tigers) & papers (bears) – OH NO!

K and I taught a class together last weekend. He talked me into teaching it with him as the person who was supposed to work with him had accidentally been double booked. I really didn’t want it but fortunately, I was able to give my class with Dick next weekend to Jane. This is what we call the disastrous couple.

Here’s a couple who has been on and off for three years. Dick is still married and Jane constantly threatens to dump him if he doesn’t have papers in hand. The two of them are motorcycle instructors and teach where K and I teach. Each fine to work with on an individual basis but when they’re together they’re a big pain in the @ss. It’s either they’re panting all over each other or Jane’s crying over Dick leaving her and that he’d better have papers in hand before she’ll see him again.

Whatever, and I thought only lesbians had this kind of drama but I’ve realized that drama is not gender specific, it’s straight, gay, married, divorced, young, old and –

Both K and I have heard from both sides and we agreed this past weekend that we’re worn out on the Dick and Jane drama. I don’t want to know because the last time I got involved with other people’s relationships this happened.

Speaking of which, Charlie and I were out at our favorite joint on Saturday and I ran right into Nancy coming out of the bathroom. She took me by surprise slapping both my arms very roughly (she was drunk) and shouting, “Lanie Belluz so great to see you!!!” very sarcastically. I just stood there and her friends dragged her off someone said, “Come on.”

It was obvious she was looking for a fight. I went back to the bar and slid onto the barstool and said, “Nancy slapped me coming out of the bathroom”


It was a good thing she left because I think my woman would have torn her limbs off and fed them to her. The whole thing is just stupid. Nancy has always had an axe hatchet to grind because I called her out to Creed. (When Creed was seeing her I told her that Nancy and I needed to bury the hatchet if she was going to be seeing one of my best friends and Nancy took the phrase “bury the hatchet” as me wanting to attack her with a hatchet.)

 “You’re never going to the bathroom by yourself here again!”

“Mmm, if you say so.”, Taking a drink of my Blue Tarp Toasted Lager.

Although, I couldn’t help but text Creed saying that I’d ran into her stupid ex gf who was drunk and wanted to get into a fight. Hey, I should be the one who thinks Nancy’s coming after me with a hatchet not the other way around. I defend my friend’s honor and for what? (Creed you’d better be reading this – remember the dates Oct 18 & 19 you owe me for being threatened with a hatchet every time I go to my favorite joint)

Goddess, Charlie and I are running out of cool joints to hang out in. Guess we’re going back to the Imperial, Charlie. Don’t forget your sunglasses.

Speaking of October 18 & 19th – this is the weekend Charlie and I decided to have our reception at the house. We’ve having family and friends and throwing a big party. We decided to elope to New York in September to tie the knot and take a mini vaca. I want to stay near West Village. Even though I’ve been to New York in the past I’ve never been to this particular neighborhood. Charlie and I both want authentic New York pizza so if anyone has any suggestions of places in the vicinity I would appreciate it.


friday chex mix

Yesterday, I took a personal day off to go sit for my real estate salesperson practice exam. It’s a requirement of the school I attended to pass one of their practice tests before they graduate me and alert the state I’m eligible to sit for the state exam. I have been studying since my cram session and I felt good about most of the questions, however, the math questions kind of threw me. Not because I didn’t know how to do them but that they were specific problems I hadn’t studied. So, we’ll see what happens. I hate to think I have to take off another day to go back there and sit for that thing again. I should have my results in the mail in the next day or two.

After that I went to lunch at one of my favorite diners because I knew after that I had to go to the tag office to get a plate for the camper and pay the taxes on the Ducati because we want to sell it. It was a good thing, too, because I had to wait about 30 minutes to be seen. I think the longest part of going there is waiting your turn to go to the counter because once you’re there it’s a race to finish quickly. The people who work there don’t mess around because there’s 50 people behind you. They fire off the questions so fast you barely have time to answer before they’re typing in the info on their computer.  

When I got out of there I took the dogs on a ride to the grocery so I could get some chicken for us to grill out when Charlie got home. Later, I rode the Ducati to the gas station to put some premium in it. We listed it on Craigslist today. I was hoping to ride it this weekend but it looks like it’s going to rain all day tomorrow. It was great being off a day that was nice outside. Well, off from work but not from errands. It seems like you get one day that’s nice out of six that are crappy but I’m not complaining! I’m just ready for warm weather – bring it on!

I got into the Peachtree Road race and I also signed up for the Sweetwater 420 race (hey, you get a beer afterwards and I can’t think of a better incentive to run a race!) I just ordered some new running shoes today!

fruit n death

The roller derby was great on Saturday – except – we should have gotten there a lot earlier to do more tailgating. We did do a little bit of tailgating before the first match and between matches and we got to say hi to Morgue N Donor (who we later learned is the head official) so Charlie and I would definitely go back.

Sunday was low key. I did both me and Charlie’s taxes, which, I’m so relieved to have finished. Mine wasn’t as bad as I initially thought they were going to be. I think they should have the deduction section before the income section in Turbo Tax to save you from almost having a massive coronary. I also think that they should require a quick online health assessment complete with a blood pressure monitor that hooks onto your computer before letting you into the tax preparation program. I could be on to something….

All winter my motorcycle classes were getting canceled left and right and now when I want the time off everyone is calling me to work. It’s either feast or famine around here.

I think it’s time to cut off the old work folks and move on. It’s kind of like keeping in touch with an ex. [why? There is no reason for it] Last week, Charlie put on Facebook how proud she was about my new job and the projects I’m managing now and you know not one person from my former job liked it or commented. (And, I know they saw it) I was emailing my former immediate about my old position coming up on the job board and I asked if they had hired someone to replace BAB and she said replied no. [and, I know I shouldn’t even care what the h*ll goes on there] She asked “so do you have any interesting projects or are they all just road projects?” I thought that was an implied dig as she saw the FB post. I think it’s apparent now that she’s a bit envious. I just decided to let it ride and not reply. I’m too busy running my 15 million dollar projects now, anyway.

My new office is a cube farm, however, it’s not as loud as one would expect with so many people in one place. My cube is in a row of three – myself being in the middle cube. I’m across from three other cubes. Each person tends to talk to the person in the cube across from them. Kathe is across from me and we talk from time to time. Behind us Krystal and Jeremy who talk as well. We joke they have coffee hour because they share a layout table between them and will sit at it and talk. They go to lunch together all the time and appear to be good friends.  In front of us is Jeff and Carlton who don’t talk to each other that much – but will occasionally (Although, they would never go to lunch together. Carlton tends to hang with another guy named Xavier who appears to be the same [young] age]. Jeff can work quietly all day and never say a word or can get on the phone and talk about some tragic death that happened or about his weekly purchase of fruit from the fruit truck downstairs – he talks a lot about fruit and death to be honest. (I go on headphones when he does this) That is about the only annoying thing – not nearly sh*t I had to listen to on a daily basis at my old job.  People come and go all day – to meetings, back from meetings, and work quietly and sometimes go around and talk to other PM’s. We don’t get in trouble for talking to each other here because it’s encouraged. Project managers are never going to learn unless they talk to each other and share information. They encourage talking here because 90% of the time it’s about work.  They even encourage getting up and going to another department if you need to speak with someone who is on your project team. Last week I drove to Winder for a meeting about an interchange (that won’t be built until 2020) and I sat down at the table with the mayor and a bunch of developers. The current PM is handing the project off to me and I needed to be there. It was nice that after he announced that someone had asked what the total budget was and he replied 15 million. I’m not letting it go to my head, though – I just don’t have time for bullsh*t anymore.




Happy first day of Spring! The birds are at the feeder, tulips are pushing up out of the ground and pretty soon we’re going to be wishing for these cool mornings we’ve been having. I’m dying to get outside and into it!

Work is going well. I finally got some projects to work on – around ten and a typical budget for one of these is $2 million. I just want to say to my old place, “I’m managing 2 million dollar projects, bitches, and you never even let me do GIS. Eat this!”

I love it!

Last weekend I had a real estate cram session all weekend and was fried afterwards. This is part of a class I took that my former job paid for and I’m bound and determined to see it through and get every last cent out of it and hopefully sit for my licensing exam in May. I have to sit for and pass a practice exam with the school before they will graduate me and I’m eligible to sit for the state exam. I’m going to take it next week.

Theo the cat has been doing well and is practically settled in now. He runs around like a banshee and lies on the bed at night and watches TV with us. Charlie and I took the dogs out to a street party in Decatur last weekend and we had a great time! They did, too. All kinds of people were coming up and petting them and complimenting them. They had on their St. Paddy’s day bandanas and were looking the part.


This weekend we’re going to the women’s roller derby with Ellen and her [fairly new] squeeze, Laura. We haven’t done anything with them for a long time but hopefully the weather will be good and we can do a little tailgating before the first bout. None of us have ever been to one of these things so it should be a trip. If you look on the site and go here one of the officials, “Morgue N Donor”, was in one of my motorcycle classes.

I’m just looking forward to being off this weekend and next -although, I can’t remember what it was we had planned for next weekend but maybe that’s a good thing – not having any plans.


We had a great weekend and first part of the week with temperatures in the 70’s. Spring has sprung about ten days early here and I’m so ready! Last weekend we rode bikes on the beltline but unfortunately it was similar to 285 during rush hour only instead of cars it was walkers, kids on bicycles and skateboards. On the way back from the park we veered off through Inman park and hit the Abby for a beer before going home to grill out.

The past two nights I’ve ran after work. Monday I took it easy on only did about 2 miles but last night I took my regular 3 mile loop. About ¾ of the way home I decided to take another route and run along the main drag of my neighborhood that was relatively flat. I knew I should have stuck to the road but I ran on the sidewalk. My toe caught an uneven piece and I went flying. I tried to head for the manicured lawn next to me but I hit the pavement hard. My hat and glasses came off and I sat on the pavement for a minute. A guy across the street saw me fall and I heard him ask if I was ok and I nodded. I felt so stupid. Again, I should have stuck to the road and not gone that way. I hate running on sidewalks, anyway.  The Peachtree Race application is going to be in the paper on Saturday and I plan on signing up.

I got asked to teach this weekend twice yesterday.  I said, No can-do to both. This weekend is the long awaited cram session for my real estate class that I cannot miss. Despite my previous job signing me up for this class I plan on seeing it through. I’m not sure what I will do with my license once I get it but it will just be one more thing to throw on my resume. I’m still in training at work and chomping at the bit to get some projects. It’s still waaaay better than my old job. Some of my old co-workers have been emailing me that they miss me. I read it and think, I bet. Less a cool person and the @sshole ratio just went up even more. I don’t really miss them as much as I thought I was going to and that’s a little sad. I think it’s mostly because I just felt like everyone held me back there, the people, the organization, everyone. It’s so great to have a fresh start. I try to walk during lunch every day at work (but sadly, today it’s raining so I probably won’t get out at all and walk). I love walking around town and looking at all the restaurants, bars (that I can’t drink at at lunch) and shops. I do a loop up West Peachtree past the Biltmore and to 10th street and turn around sometimes heading down Spring Street. I want to make it farther and farther during lunch. I wore my workout shoes and ran at every street crossing. There’s a salad place I want to try on Friday – I’m hoping the weather cooperates.

The kitten is doing great and settling in nicely. He’s used to the dogs now and manages not to get trampled by them. Sadie has been having some weird stomach issues that I’m thinking is allergies. She’s been turning her nose up at her regular chow. Maybe she’s just holding out for moist food and rice. Does anyone’s dog have these symptoms during this time of year?

That’s all I got – I know it sounds dullsville but things are great! How’s your week going?



train(ing) dilemma’s

Ever since my escalator incident I have steered clear of them at the train station. I need the exercise taking the stairs, anyway.

I found that most people just want to get from point A to point B with very little drama. MOST. But, some find it a time to be an exhibitionist.

I was at Five points waiting for my east connection when across the platform was a man yelling indecipherably. He was holding up a book I assumed was a Bible. But, hey, it could have been a book on economics that saved him a lot of money on his taxes and he wanted the world to translate know.  I moved down the platform away thinking I didn’t want to be in the same train car as him. In fact, I got on the last car.

One day I was waiting on the south train to Five points when I saw a woman walking along casually throwing Skittles across the platform hitting people on the other side. One woman walking by suddenly got dinged by a Skittle, stopped and looked around wondering what hit her. The woman throwing them just casually walked on like nothing happened. Some guy walked by and a Skittle bounced off the wall above his head and he ducked.  The next day I had read in the paper that there was a “Day of Outrage” at the Five points Marta station that day for Trayvon Martin who had been fatally shot two years ago in Sanford, Fla. Martin had been carrying Skittles and Sweet Tea when he was shot. Coincidence?  


Last Friday the east train was late. The platform on both sides of the tracks filled up with people. By the time it pulled up everyone jammed on and it was standing room only. We sat there and waited for the doors to shut. We waited and waited and finally they shut but we didn’t move. We sat there for another ten minutes. I was about ready to call Charlie and tell her to come get me but the doors were shut and I couldn’t get off. We finally started moving. The same thing happened at Georgia State. Then, at MLK they made everyone on the back 12 cars get off the train and get back on in the front cars of the train. They couldn’t get the doors closed in the back cars. As we crammed into the front cars some guy acting like the greeting committee for MARTA said, “Come on in here, little lady, we can squeeze you in.” and grabbed my arm. At this point the doors closed and we started moving and I had no choice than to be squeezed in next to this total stranger who obviously from the fumes coming from his breath had gotten started a lot earlier than the rest of us that evening. Finally, after a few stops I was able to extract myself from him and move to the other side of the car and breathe. I texted Charlie to pick me up at the Decatur station. I didn’t think I could take another stop.

Yesterday morning it was 60° and I had on my raincoat because there was a light drizzle. By the time I walked out of my building at 5 o’clock the temperature had dropped about 20°. I was freezing in the station waiting on the trains.

Let’s all say this together now, “Winter go away!”

Maybe it will happen. How many more days until Spring? Fifteen? GAAAAAH!

This morning I went to a spin class at the gym across the street. I had decided to drive because who knows how early I’d have to get up to make the 6 o’clock class if I took the train. (4:30 a.m. I refuse. I do. The only time I’m going to see that time is if Charlie and I go on vacation and we get up that early to drive) I drove in and had fifteen minutes to spare when I pulled into the daily parking lot. I went to the machine to put in my money and get a ticket and the machine didn’t work. There was another machine across the way so I walked over there. It wouldn’t take my parking spot number. Apparently, they were two different lots. I got back in the car and drove over a pavement separation and parked in that lot. Paid and jogged down the street to the corporate building where the gym was located. And – all the doors were locked. I couldn’t get in. I had to walk all the way around the building until I found a security guy who let me in. I ran upstairs to the gym, plopped my stuff down in the locker room and headed for the spin room. They were already going but I didn’t miss much. After class I did a bicep/ab workout and hit the showers. I forgot my flip-flops and I had just assumed the gym had shampoo. Even though it’s fancy they did not. I had to wash my hair with foaming hand soap.

Afterwards, I went up to my office early because I didn’t think I could want to walk all the way to the car to drop off my gym bag. I grabbed a green smoothie drink and went upstairs to my office. I happened to check my bank balance and realized that my biz account was overdrawn – from the smoothie I’d just purchased downstairs. I left my office, took the elevator downstairs to the bank across the street  – thankfully, it’s the bank I bank with. When I went to make a deposit it said that it couldn’t take deposits at that machine.


I ran inside and up the steps to another machine where I was finally able to make a deposit.

I’m still trying to figure out if I’m going to bite the bullet and join the gym or just pay to go one morning a week to take the spin class. I really feel like if I’m going to pay that much money for a membership that I should use it at least three or four times a week but I’m not sure I can make it 3-4 times a week in the a.m. It’s a lot to figure out. If I can get my lazy @ss to ride my bicycle to the train station then I wouldn’t NEED a freaking spin class.

But, if the mornings are all going to be like this one then forget it.



Work, work, work

“I feel like one big tired muscle.”

I said this to Charlie Sunday when I came home from teaching the third weekend in a row.

“I just can’t do it anymore.”

I sent an email saying I couldn’t make my next class and to give it to someone else if it made. I told Charlie that I could have just waited to see if it made but then if it did and I had to work a fourth weekend in a row that I would be so pissed. Plus, I don’t think my attitude would be beneficial to the students in my class. This past weekend I had one of the most high maintenance classes I’ve had in a long time. You know how some people always relay on being told what to do because they cannot make decisions on their own? Well, this was the group – unless it was being told to be back on time from lunch – then, they showed up late. There was this one guy in the class that I was ready to kick out simply for the fact of him being late two days in a row both in the morning and back from lunch. I was tired going in to the class and by Sunday I thought it was never going to end.

I’m sick of working all the time and not getting to do things on the weekends like go to concerts, run a race, walk the dogs and at least spend Saturday’s with Charlie. This past week we decided to get tickets to two shows we wanted to see and the end of this month we’re going to the women’s roller derby. Last week, I asked my new boss for a day off in May to take the camper to Jekyll over the holiday weekend and a day off for Labor day weekend. We’re definitely going camping this year. I had a student ask me this weekend if I had ever ridden this stretch of road in North Georgia and I said nope. They were shocked and asked why. I said it was because I was always working on the weekends and that I hoped to change that soon.

So, other than feeling like I’m working all the time, things are good. The new kitten and the dogs are getting along. Last night we left him out to roam the house and he did ok. [knock on wood] I’m still getting used to him being underfoot and watching where I step all the time. This morning he was sitting beside the bed when I got up. I noticed a darker than dark spot on the floor and realized it was him and scooped him up. I put him on the bed but he bounded off to follow me into the kitchen. Having only three legs has not slowed him down a bit. In fact, he could run faster than most of the students could ride this past weekend. (Seriously, I’ve never seen anyone ride a CBR so slowly without falling over -I wanted to call the Guinness book of world records….)


I’m ready for Spring to get here and jazz in April.