Work, work, work

“I feel like one big tired muscle.”

I said this to Charlie Sunday when I came home from teaching the third weekend in a row.

“I just can’t do it anymore.”

I sent an email saying I couldn’t make my next class and to give it to someone else if it made. I told Charlie that I could have just waited to see if it made but then if it did and I had to work a fourth weekend in a row that I would be so pissed. Plus, I don’t think my attitude would be beneficial to the students in my class. This past weekend I had one of the most high maintenance classes I’ve had in a long time. You know how some people always relay on being told what to do because they cannot make decisions on their own? Well, this was the group – unless it was being told to be back on time from lunch – then, they showed up late. There was this one guy in the class that I was ready to kick out simply for the fact of him being late two days in a row both in the morning and back from lunch. I was tired going in to the class and by Sunday I thought it was never going to end.

I’m sick of working all the time and not getting to do things on the weekends like go to concerts, run a race, walk the dogs and at least spend Saturday’s with Charlie. This past week we decided to get tickets to two shows we wanted to see and the end of this month we’re going to the women’s roller derby. Last week, I asked my new boss for a day off in May to take the camper to Jekyll over the holiday weekend and a day off for Labor day weekend. We’re definitely going camping this year. I had a student ask me this weekend if I had ever ridden this stretch of road in North Georgia and I said nope. They were shocked and asked why. I said it was because I was always working on the weekends and that I hoped to change that soon.

So, other than feeling like I’m working all the time, things are good. The new kitten and the dogs are getting along. Last night we left him out to roam the house and he did ok. [knock on wood] I’m still getting used to him being underfoot and watching where I step all the time. This morning he was sitting beside the bed when I got up. I noticed a darker than dark spot on the floor and realized it was him and scooped him up. I put him on the bed but he bounded off to follow me into the kitchen. Having only three legs has not slowed him down a bit. In fact, he could run faster than most of the students could ride this past weekend. (Seriously, I’ve never seen anyone ride a CBR so slowly without falling over -I wanted to call the Guinness book of world records….)


I’m ready for Spring to get here and jazz in April.

One thought on “Work, work, work

  1. Camping!!! Yes! And hopefully you’ll get some weekends off to make it up this way for a camping weekend too. Love you ladies! xx


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