train(ing) dilemma’s

Ever since my escalator incident I have steered clear of them at the train station. I need the exercise taking the stairs, anyway.

I found that most people just want to get from point A to point B with very little drama. MOST. But, some find it a time to be an exhibitionist.

I was at Five points waiting for my east connection when across the platform was a man yelling indecipherably. He was holding up a book I assumed was a Bible. But, hey, it could have been a book on economics that saved him a lot of money on his taxes and he wanted the world to translate know.  I moved down the platform away thinking I didn’t want to be in the same train car as him. In fact, I got on the last car.

One day I was waiting on the south train to Five points when I saw a woman walking along casually throwing Skittles across the platform hitting people on the other side. One woman walking by suddenly got dinged by a Skittle, stopped and looked around wondering what hit her. The woman throwing them just casually walked on like nothing happened. Some guy walked by and a Skittle bounced off the wall above his head and he ducked.  The next day I had read in the paper that there was a “Day of Outrage” at the Five points Marta station that day for Trayvon Martin who had been fatally shot two years ago in Sanford, Fla. Martin had been carrying Skittles and Sweet Tea when he was shot. Coincidence?  


Last Friday the east train was late. The platform on both sides of the tracks filled up with people. By the time it pulled up everyone jammed on and it was standing room only. We sat there and waited for the doors to shut. We waited and waited and finally they shut but we didn’t move. We sat there for another ten minutes. I was about ready to call Charlie and tell her to come get me but the doors were shut and I couldn’t get off. We finally started moving. The same thing happened at Georgia State. Then, at MLK they made everyone on the back 12 cars get off the train and get back on in the front cars of the train. They couldn’t get the doors closed in the back cars. As we crammed into the front cars some guy acting like the greeting committee for MARTA said, “Come on in here, little lady, we can squeeze you in.” and grabbed my arm. At this point the doors closed and we started moving and I had no choice than to be squeezed in next to this total stranger who obviously from the fumes coming from his breath had gotten started a lot earlier than the rest of us that evening. Finally, after a few stops I was able to extract myself from him and move to the other side of the car and breathe. I texted Charlie to pick me up at the Decatur station. I didn’t think I could take another stop.

Yesterday morning it was 60° and I had on my raincoat because there was a light drizzle. By the time I walked out of my building at 5 o’clock the temperature had dropped about 20°. I was freezing in the station waiting on the trains.

Let’s all say this together now, “Winter go away!”

Maybe it will happen. How many more days until Spring? Fifteen? GAAAAAH!

This morning I went to a spin class at the gym across the street. I had decided to drive because who knows how early I’d have to get up to make the 6 o’clock class if I took the train. (4:30 a.m. I refuse. I do. The only time I’m going to see that time is if Charlie and I go on vacation and we get up that early to drive) I drove in and had fifteen minutes to spare when I pulled into the daily parking lot. I went to the machine to put in my money and get a ticket and the machine didn’t work. There was another machine across the way so I walked over there. It wouldn’t take my parking spot number. Apparently, they were two different lots. I got back in the car and drove over a pavement separation and parked in that lot. Paid and jogged down the street to the corporate building where the gym was located. And – all the doors were locked. I couldn’t get in. I had to walk all the way around the building until I found a security guy who let me in. I ran upstairs to the gym, plopped my stuff down in the locker room and headed for the spin room. They were already going but I didn’t miss much. After class I did a bicep/ab workout and hit the showers. I forgot my flip-flops and I had just assumed the gym had shampoo. Even though it’s fancy they did not. I had to wash my hair with foaming hand soap.

Afterwards, I went up to my office early because I didn’t think I could want to walk all the way to the car to drop off my gym bag. I grabbed a green smoothie drink and went upstairs to my office. I happened to check my bank balance and realized that my biz account was overdrawn – from the smoothie I’d just purchased downstairs. I left my office, took the elevator downstairs to the bank across the street  – thankfully, it’s the bank I bank with. When I went to make a deposit it said that it couldn’t take deposits at that machine.


I ran inside and up the steps to another machine where I was finally able to make a deposit.

I’m still trying to figure out if I’m going to bite the bullet and join the gym or just pay to go one morning a week to take the spin class. I really feel like if I’m going to pay that much money for a membership that I should use it at least three or four times a week but I’m not sure I can make it 3-4 times a week in the a.m. It’s a lot to figure out. If I can get my lazy @ss to ride my bicycle to the train station then I wouldn’t NEED a freaking spin class.

But, if the mornings are all going to be like this one then forget it.




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